Wednesday, September 26, 2007

impromptu barbecue.

grilling season is not over! last night SLI had a few people over to his front yard for a barbecue.. patty and i attended. she was very well behaved, even with another dog present. i picked up some NYStyle potato salad at the P&C. i was not too keen on their selection of potato or mac salad. both were "ny style", and that means salad dressing/sweet-ish. it wasn't horrible, but i prefer handmade salads. actually, i think my absolute favorite was when cath tried to make the dinosaur mac salad recipe out of the book and made it so garlicy that it made your eyelashes curl.. i love garlic!!! last night noone seemed to hate P&Cs salad, so i guess it was fine. actually, in my experiences, boys will eat anything. :)

at the end of the night SLI was putting the grill away and a mouse was running around in the hedges and squeaking away.. patty didn't even bat an eye.. not a very good guard dog.

i read a whole lot more of that jason mulgrew blog and wanted to point out a couple of my favorite excerpts...

this first one is a little graphic, so if you are not keen to rated R material skip this. (that means you MV)

he has a post interjecting his take on an article that ran in cosmo where the writer polled a bunch of guys and asked them their sex tips... they're all pretty funny, but here's one that made me laugh out loud..

“Run your tongue around the perimeter of my belly button. The fact that you’re just inches from my most sensitive spot has me drooling with anticipation.”
- I’m not “drooling with anticipation” when a woman does this. I’m thinking, “This poor girl. God, she is really fucked up. How many cosmos did she have?”

he also has a great post on flowers that i nodded through entirely.. i never used to care about flowers till i worked somewhere where a girl would get them for every holiday, birthday, you name it, she got them MULTIPLE times a year. sadly i've never gotten flowers at work, someday i will. i havent' given up all hope.. he does have a great point, it takes little to no effort to send someone flowers. what is wrong with guys?