Tuesday, September 25, 2007

late night.

i had a late night last night for 2 reasons..

new blogs to read!
i have a great appreciation for people that can do things i can't. writing well is one of them.. great blog writing is a guilty pleasure of mine. if i'm reading a stranger's blog it should have at least 2 of the following characteristics... it should be updated with some frequency, it should make me laugh, and it should be well written. this new blog that i spent more than two hours reading last night has all those things and more! i love too that it reads more like a diary than a collection of statements on various topics.. i love the feeling i get reading his oh so personal entries, it's like i've found a copy of my sisters diary and at any minute she will bust in and catch me reading her innermost thoughts. and coincidentally he went to BC, so he mentions boston frequently. i highly recommend you add this to your feedreader, i did.. Everything is Wrong with Me

AF also sent along a funny blog.. it's written by a mother of 6. i didn't read a whole lot of it, but the few entries i did read made me think that this is where my blog will end up going when i have kids of my own.. but in the meantime since children are slowly but surely becoming more and more a part of my life i've been trying to read all i can about what it's like to have little ones running around. this looks like a funny peek into what it's like...Because I Said So.

mr long legs
so in the middle of furiously back reading some of jason mulgrew's posts in bed i see something out of the corner of my eye, it's a daddy long leg creepily crawling up between my bedpost and my mattress into one of my pillows. i jump up into a kneeling position immediately and i try to slow down my breathing and come up with a plan to put the spider in the garbage can on the other side of the room, or in the hallway...

moving the pillow startles the spider so he crawls back down the crevice. at this point it's pretty late already and i'm very wrapped up in the diary i am reading so i say a quick prayer that the spider goes back underneath my bed..

30-40 minutes later i see the spider crawling across the wall towards my mouth painting above my dresser, and i briefly weigh crushing it with my water bottle.. too much effort and i really wasn't comfortable killing it.

but.. just as i am shutting off the tv and computer i see inch down the wall behind my headboard again.. it's about 1am...

i'm very tired, otherwise i would have kept reading the 3-4 years worth of entries that i've just stumbled upon, but now i am getting paranoid that the spider will crawl on me while i am sleeping..

somewhere in the middle of the night i must have passed out from sheer exhaustion because it was a surprise to me when my alarm went off this morning..

who knows, the spider might have even come back and lay spider babies in my ears.