Saturday, February 09, 2008

i've arrived

hi.. it's saturday.. i have not been able/had time to post until now..

this little write up is from wednesday in the cancun airport....

i've arrived, it's 2pm cancun time. (not sure of the time difference) my plane landed in cancun at 130 and there was really nowhere for me to go but outside to wait for TC. had i known that i would have to wait outside for over a hour i would have stayed in the luggage retrieval area, at least that was air conditioned. i am glad that i decided to wear my flip flops and palazzo pants, the breeze feels nice.

there are about 50-75 people here trying to pick people up. they flank the exit to the airport and are all holding up signs. i see two bar areas. one is coconuts welcome bar, and it's a walk up hut. the other is behind me and its an indoor place, but had outdoor seating next to a fountain. i want to sit down there.. everyone i see over there though has badges around their necks, i think they are staff of some sort.

maybe i should go back in and see if there is some sort of information desk...i'm going to watch people going into this security area and see if i can get in..oooh, i just saw two guys with luggage walk in and sit down. i'm going to try.

phew.. i got in.. i ordered a corona cause i didn't brush up on my mexican beers ahead of time and couldn't quite pick out what she was rattling off as the beers they have. i also ordered a beef enchilada.. it said it has tomatilla sauce.. yum.... it costs about 90 pesos... the obnoxious southern guy behind me keeps going on and on about how there are 10.5 pesos in an american dollar.

the weather is a little muggy, but the breeze is nice and its sunny, and every so often it gets sunnier.. so bright that i wish i brought my sunglasses..

almost all the men i am seeing look like jimmy kimmels friend guillermo.

the obnoxious southern guy behind me won't stop singing "she wore a raspberry barret". and that is all he knows of the song. now he's on the phone real loud. he's giving americans a bad name. :)

i just tried to take a picture of myself with him in the bkg and i realize how horrible i look. my body was not meant for humidity.

the enchilladas are average.. i do like the tomatilla sauce though. when you pay by credit card here they bring a little machine out to your table and run it right there. i remember that happening in europe.. i don't know why they don't do that in the states.. i wonder if its because of a tipping thing.. oh no, i don't think i read anywhere about if you should tip in mexico.. since the whole menu was in english, i would imagine they expect the floods of americans that come through here to tip.

hmm. i'm trying to call theresa to tell here that i am here, but i am getting some woman speaking spanish when i press send.. hmm. i'll just go back into the terminal and try to dodge the timeshare people.

ugh, the obnoxious man behind me is "rating" this woman that sat down at the table in front of me. he said, she's a four... if she's a four, he's a -400.

alright, one more corona and then i will go try to find TC.

oh god, now they are talking about 2 girls and a cup... oh no, they are asking the waiter how to say "cocksucker" in spanish. i need to get out of here.