Tuesday, February 05, 2008

voting day....

today is get out and vote day.. i have really not paid any attention to the candidates or their debates. i did two online surveys last night hoping it would reveal to me which candidate to stand behind. the more intensive questionnaire told me to vote for bill richardson. hmm. not good. he withdrew from the running after iowa and NH. :)

i need to get some afrin and airborne at the store cause i am feeling some congestion coming on, and after reading jason mulgrews blog i am afraid i will get a "hot whopper".

i watch the sarah silverman show with cath pretty religiously when there isn't a writers strike, and one of the main characters is sarah silvermans real sister, and guess what, she plays her sister.. well, i just realized today that she is "laura" the receptionist from one of my favorite teenage (maybe even college) television show, Dr Katz. crazyiness!!