Thursday, July 31, 2008

finally. august is less than 24 hours away.

is it just me or has july seemed eternally long? i've been wanting to change my calendar for at least 7 work days now.

this weekend is shaping up... i have plans for sat during the day, and sat during the night. then sunday i will drive down and celebrate my dads 60th b-day at the campground where everyone has gathered for the week.

this next week will be glorious!! i will have the house to myself... roommate free for 6-7 days! ahhhhh. the joy! i can't wait.

we have this group that goes door to door soliciting money called NYPIRG. cath gave them money one year so they have her number and come each summer without fail. cath has been dodging this cute hippy kid that keeps coming to the door for years now. yesterday it was especially bad. i was at my desk, like usual... and saw a kid on a bike in a purple shirt across the street and didn't put two and two together till he knocked on the door and the dogs went nuts. this was also caths cue to JUMP up off the couch (in plain sight of this guy mind you) and scream to me from the living room "I'm not here!". so i had to go to the door and tell him that cath was not interested.. if anyone wonders where i get the "door knocking/bell ringing phobia" take this as exhibit A. i wish i had it on tape though. it was high comedy, i've never seen cath move so fast... i don't know why she wouldn't just tell this kid she wasn't interested herself.

right before bed i saw that jason mulgrew has ended his blog silence and posted like 6 entries. this is the one that i found most amusing.. i'm delighted he's back. i love his writing.