Monday, February 28, 2005

oscars and heartburn

ugh, too many pretzels at the oscar "party" made me have pretty bad heartburn last night. i was up off an on from 145-330 am. yay! i love that. i was even doing jumping jacks and dancing around my room at one point in the hopes that it would speed up the digestion process. =)

i had a weird dream last night again in the 37 minutes that i was actually asleep.. damn, i can't remember it now.. i remembered it in the car on the way to work..... grrrr.

well, needless to say its a redbull kind of day for me..

the oscars this year were kind of boring in my opinion. i liked them better when billy crystal would sing and dance. i did like hillary swanks dress. i would have liked them better if colin farell was there.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

aaaaah, waking up at 430

hee hee hee. its almosst 430 adn i'm still in bed. lovely!

i have technically been awake since 1230, but i have not gotten out of bed yet. =)

this book i am reading is soooo good. its called the time traveller's wife. it reads almost like a diary. only since the main character time travels, its all out of order. i love it.. highly recommend it. i'm about halfway through, and i need to finish this for book club by the 7th... i like book club, it puts on the pressure to finish something, as if i were in school. maybe there is an "art club" out there or something that i can join, and then i can be "pushed" to create more. maybe i can find some people that want to get together periodically for a critique...

hmmmm... that is a good idea... maybe i'll post something on craigslist, and meet some new strangers, cause a quick scan of my boston friends turns up VERY few artists... hmmmmm. this could be something very exciting!

so i'm meeting jen in a little under two hours in harvard square so we can go into town and see ron white. he's one of the blue collar comedians, i hope he's as funny as i remember.. hope and dan are coming on my recommendation, and i have to admit i am surprised that they said yes to the $45 tickets. they are usually very frugal. so i would feel bad if he is not that funny. but i don't see how he can't be...

Friday, February 25, 2005

coolest website.

this site ate an hour of my workday today, at least.

waiting and waiting....

so. i've been in the virtual waiitng room for almost an hour now. i am thinking that i am never going to get in to buy sox/cubs tix, and then when i do, there won't be any tickets left, and if there are tix, they will be for the $250 dugout seats or something ridiculous....

on a much more exciting note... extreme makeover home edition is going to be taping a show/building a house in JP this next week. how exciting! i am going to ahve to go there and find it. they work round the clock..

we just got our seating assignments here at work. we're all moving. it'll be sweet. i'm getting a tall cube with the rest of the creative team.

didn't sleep well...

so i was up most of last night worrying about whether or not i kept my receipt for the television i bought back in june and whether or not bestbuy is going to require it. i had dreams that i was at the counter looking all through all my stuff for the receipt. and my mom was with me and we were shopping for the new tv. she picked one out that was like over a thousand dollars..

in case you were unaware, the tv i just bought in june is f'd. its going green. i am beyond annoyed.

today at 10 the sox/cubs tickets go on sale. i can't wait! woot! anyone that wants to help me get them (luanne) is more than welcome.

first posting

hey there,

this is my first ever posting. i am so addicted to tom greens blog, i've decided to start my own..

so.. i bought this hello kitty mp3 player for my bday. its "final sale only" and i can only install it on windows 95 or 98. of which i have neither.. so i find a computer with 98 on craigslist for $35, and talk him down to $25. so i get the computer home tonight and fix it up, turn off the internet junk "ed" had running at startup, and now it runs fine, and i install the hello kitty program so can put mp3's on the damn player. now i think the cord for the mp3 player is bad. grrrrrr.

the computer is a gateway. with a pentium 2 chip, and 64 Mb of ram, and 5 GB of hard drive. but it does not have a network card, only a modem. i might need to get one and install it. wooo who! or maybe a wireless card... i'll ask around and see if anyone i know has one.