Saturday, December 30, 2006

i saw the holiday, and i love cash cab.

my roommates and i went and saw "the holiday" tonight. i am generally not a fan of jude law, but i liked him in this movie. he wasn't as slimey as he usually is. (read: blonde). he he.. i just don't like him blonde. emily said that it was slow, but i didn't think so. i really liked, it was touching. mike cried the whole movie. :)

i am almost done with the book lee let me borrow. i'll have a full review when i am done. i anticipate finishing it up tonight.

to my surprise i had a package when i got home last night, it was a lovely book called "the book of bunny suicides" from my friend KT in england. how did she know i love that kind of shit? well, maybe everybody knows... and that's why somebody used to call me "rebecca autopsy" at my job a few jobs ago..

has anyone see the tv show "cash cab" on discovery channel? if you have not seen it, i highly recommend you dvr it and watch it. if you haven't heard about it, its a trivia gameshow that takes place in a NYC cab. think millionaire meets candid camera, in a cab. the host is this comedian, some of the people are so stupid, but some of the people are insanely smart. plus it usually 2-3 people collaboratively answering the questions. its really good.. i HIGHLY recommend it..

Thursday, December 28, 2006

my 500th post!!!

I should celebrate!!

hope sent me this site where you can make yourself an elf and even record a message that the elf will say. its pretty awesome..

check mine out..

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

this year has been a great year, check out my photo album..

i've had the most fun looking back at the year through my pictures and remembering all the great times i've had. i put together this photo album so that you all can remember and enjoy the last year with me. basically, if i saw you or hung out with you at all last year you are in this album.

on other random notes, danny bonaduce is joining the adam carolla show after the first of the year. i'm not really sure how that is going to be, but i kind of like danny bonaduce, and i love adam carolla, so we'll see. god knows i've watched all the breaking bonaduces. i can't get enough of VH1.

i am pretty angry that i can't go see "the children of men". i have been waiting almost a year for that movie. grrrrrr.. i hope it comes out this weekend.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

christmas eve

i'm here in portville and emily just called me and ryan a-holes for buying too much egg nog, i asked her very nicely not to call me an a-hole on xmas eve and she barked back that she was going to take a dump on my pillow! merry christmas brown style...

all kidding aside (i'm actually not really even kidding that conversation really did happen). this trip has been jam packed. we've been busy making cheese balls, watching national lampoons christmas vacation, breaking up dog arguments, washing off my boots cause lucy decided my boots made a good toilet. we went light looking in portville. i've been reading "a long way down", we ate a turkey dinner (minus the stuffing), we've had some bloody marys and beers. we went to the casino in salamenca, i lost $50. :( i kinda wish xmas would just get here already, i have a feeling tomorrow will be pretty rushed.

i've been invited to the eD xmas party in january. i think it would super convenient if LK celebrated her bday that same weekend. :) i have had to dip into my saving almost 100% this xmas so from now until london i need to go into savings mode and cut down on my trips to boston.

i am kind of loving emily's new car. its the '07 rav-4. very roomy and powerful for a 4 cylinder. i've been thinking a lot lately about trading my car in for a more weather resistant one.

we're gearing up to play poker here, so i am going to need to move out of my new "office".

merry christmas everyone!

Friday, December 22, 2006

my last travel weekend!!

apres work, we trudge out to olean/portville and join the ladies in their ryan's birthday celebrating efforts.

last night i finished up all my wrapping and watched cath santa do hers.

today at work has been some gift exchanging! i got a couple of movie tix, some lotion and some birdseed. we are having a "bon voyage" party in about a half an hour here for brother bilo.. buffalo chicken pizza. yum.....

finally last night i slept through the night. it was a first this week. woo who.

i am going to put one of my new movie tickets to good use next weekend when i go see "children of men" rrrrrrrrrr. clive owen!!

now that the holidays are almost over i can start to obsess about my trip to england! getting so excited!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

it's crazy what you can accomplish with a night away from the computer

great strides were made last night in my mounting tasks... i purposely left my laptop in my bed, so i could get done something last night. and boy did i ever! i made one project, and was able to start AND finish the painting... wooo who!! i have a couple of spots to touch up, but its essentially done..

today we are going to a goodbye lunch for my coworker.

the bulk of what i have left to do is wrapping. i'm so excited!! such a relief that the painting is done!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

why do granola bars make your jaw sore?

maybe its the peanuts in the granola bar, but omg, my jaw is out of commission.

i am starting to stress out about not having time to do anything. it was very poor planning on my part for booking away all my december weekends. i feel like i haven't had a day off in months. i might need to do my painting in portville on saturday or sunday. i have shopping still to do, and all my wrapping. :(

adding to the stress is the constant heartburn i am experiencing.. yesterday i had it from 10am straight through till 4am, which is compromising my sleep... and then yesterday cath tells me that there are going to be some 21 people at christmas.. wtf? i think i am going to drive myself and leave early. this is all too much for me. i'm cracking.

Monday, December 18, 2006

home again finnigan

we're back.. it was a much shorter drive back then there.

for now i am just going to post my pictures. i wrote a lot about the weekend in there, and i will write a highlights post tomorrow... i'm too tired from commenting on all those pics.

pics here.

Friday, December 15, 2006

another weekend another city...

i am about to take off for NYC, my roommate mike has decided to stay behind. tsk tsk.. cath and i will surely have fun! i'll take lots of pics, and remember all the stories.

have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

partly done.

i got done part of what i was supposed to. i started the painting, just the layout. i am so mad, i went to grab a blank canvas from my stock and there is a huge tear in it. i had to use a much smaller canvas. :(

i downloaded the fray album for 1.98. wooo who! now i'll have something to put on my mp3 player when i get it for xmas..

i spoke to my cousin and my friend it sounds like things are coming together for meeting up in the early evening for dinner in tribecca saturday..

i also booked a flight to england for my internet challenged friend MK. we're going over for my bday. i am sooo excited i could pee.

here is the video i shot last weekend of HEK singing rob bases It takes 2.

ps.. i am 8 posts away from my 500th post to the RB News.

Monday, December 11, 2006

back to reality

oh, there goes rabbit, he....

anyway... my stint in boston was actually 25 hours instead of 24. but i managed to do most of what i set out to do..

i left my home at 8am saturday to meet with MK for breakfast in schenectady. we went to a classy little diner near missy's house. and by classy i mean the kind where you walk from your car and pass by a SEA of vomit... i'm just glad it wasn't mine. i almost added to it though as studied it trying to figure out what it was. i vowed to photograph it on our way out, but the waitstaff had hosed it down by the time we left. :(

MK is looking into coming with me to london. :) cross your fingers.

then i went on my way to waltham. i forgot to call lk ahead of time, but figured she'd be back from the grocery store she was going to at noon. i guess 3 hours wasn't enough time, so i happily sucked internet off a neighbor and caught up on some of my internet browsing till she returned.

we chit chatted and then went to the party. i love the improvements rich and angela have made to their house. its really quite awesome, and to think that they have done the entirety of it by themselves... what an accomplishment.

sunday was another jam packed day.. bright and early we headed out to a fancy brunch. it was more eclectic than it was fancy. see my photos of the place in the photo album. after a lazy brunch we made our way over to the ICA. the line was BLOCKS long and after standing in line to get the free tickets, there was a waiting corral. but the ambiance was very conducive to taking some artsy photos.. which are also in the album.

because we forwent the ICA, i was able to leave town about 430.. but because i am retarded and was a few miles from dedham before i realized i was going the wrong way i really didn't start getting out of town till more like 5, i missed amazing race. thank god for DVR...

so. this week seems like its going to be just as jam packed as the last one. possibly a free movie tonight, beer club tomorrow, drawing wednesday, and friday i am hoping to leave work early so we can get to nyc at a decent time. plus somewhere in there i need to get my xmas shopping started, and an xmas painting started. ugh. not enough hours in the day!

Friday, December 08, 2006


i decided to make my trip to boston a 24 hour event.. i need another recovery day from the xmas party so i am driving out tomorrow morning..

as for my sad news, my coworker has decided to leave our company and go to a new company. seeing as i sit so close to him, i hope his replacement is as worthy..

here are the rest of my pics from the work party in case you want to see some of my new coworkers...

my roommates got new phones. they are copy-cats and got the same ones as me.

we are getting feedback on our new site... its kind of exciting...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

such a slacker...

i've been a blog slacker lately.. everyone else's blog laziness must be rubbing off on me..

i was so hungover at work today i threw up in the bathroom. that was a first. i have never thrown up at work (i don't think)... it was about 2pm before i felt better.

this weekend i am going to boston for a housewarming party and some friend visits. i'm really looking forward to it.

it snowed here and my car slipped all over the road. i really should look into getting an element before i get in a car accident and my car is worth nothing.

i am beyond tired, i should go to bed and watch survivor from my bed.

i am afraid that i am going to have some sad news to report tomorrow. but i'll wait till i know for sure.

here are a couple of pics from last night.

wfischer throwing the fisticuffs

i'm drunk, and someones wearing a yellow tie.

happy birthday to me...

*** note...i started this last night when i was drunk. ****

so... always thinking of myself and my date of birth, i booked my flight to england this morning. i am going on the 17th and coming back on the 26th. i hope we can meet up with RS at some point.

moving on to real tactical things... i had my "annual" exam today. i have not needed a urine exam in YEARS... apparently today was the day. i peed before i met the nurse, so i had to wait and pee after the exam.. i didn't really have to pee, so i tried real hard...and then i dropped the cup into the toilet. :( i was worried the nurse would be so mad, but she really didn't care..

tonight was my xmas party. bfischer gave me a ride home despite his living right next to where we were. i have hella pictures, i'll upload them...

***this was about the time i passed out i think, cause this is all i had ***

Monday, December 04, 2006

god damn black ice...

after working late today i headed over to the store i should have my paycheck forwarded to, kohls. i should mention that i had to scrape the ice and snow off my car... so i jump out of the car, head towards the store and i get to the end up the car by the trunk and fall on my face. i had to lay down on the ground to make sure i was okay. my knee is all scraped up, and my right palm is going to have a killer bruise. :(

tonight there were 6 deer in the backyard. it looked like 2 adult females and 4 babies. i am kind of shocked at how much their tails were like dogs tails. they are long and they wag them like dogs. so strange...

i can't find red tights anywhere... god damn it!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

beer party is on tap...

mrs fischer and i are going to a 12 beers of xmas party that someone from the beer club is putting on. i'm sure it will be a good time. last night i went to the fischers house to sample the fat angel they have on tap on their new keg-a-rator. it was niiiice... we then played some yahtzee. good times were had by all.

cath and i went shopping again today to use our free kohls dollars. i got a new shirt for our xmas party coming up this week, some new bras and a couple stocking stuffers..

this next coming week is the beginning of a very busy month for me. next week i have my holiday party, then next weekend i have a party to attend in boston. the following week is the final beer club meeting of the year, then my roommates and i are going to NYC, then christmas is upon us. i have a feeling this month is going to fly by..

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

new drawing materials...

i bought some new paper and some soft pastels in an effort to make some colorful drawings. i am very nervous though, i have little confidence that my drawings will come out nice with an infinite amt of colors at my disposal. even when i paint i use a limited palette, we'll see how the drawring goes. check the art blog tomorrow for the results.

this week is kind of flying by. i signed up with "meetup" dot com to see if there were any people locally that were interested in some of the same things i am, and a random girl wrote me saying she was also new to town and doesn't know anyone besides her boyfriend. so i think we might have a drink tomorrow night. woo who. a new friend!

i'm kind of at a loss for what to do lately, all the tv shows are ending for the season. i've even started reading. i should probably get my money out of my netflix membership and start watching some of the movies i have piled up.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


last night i drove out to rochester.. i kinda like that town. its way more city-like than syracuse.. i'll be excited when all the hunts move there.

we had dinner and a BUNCH of drinks (i know, shocking) at "the old toad", a british pub... i had the artichoke bake, it was pretty great.

we went to another bar after that. we couldn't figure out the name of that bar, but the bartender was drunk and gave me the wrong change twice, in my favor. hee hee...

we woke up sunday morning and headed to nick tahous for one of their infamous garbage plates. yum!!

i've put together a comprehensive album of pics from the holiday here. enjoy!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

onward to christmas.

it's saturday evening and my sisters and all their animals have left. my roommates went to get new phones and i am all packed to head out to my 2nd adventure of the thanksgiving weekend. i'm driving out to rochester, ny to meet up with lee and tammy. they are passing through on their way back home from MI. i've never really been out to hang out in rochester. i'm looking forward to it.

thanksgiving was fun. i took many pics. here are a few of the highlights.

we finally stopped at the hornets nest for one. we found out that they ignore the no smoking rule there. you can tell by the look on em's face.

the feast... i even had a little bit of turkey this year.

we showed up to take pics at our usual place and the photographer wasn't there. we had to do them ourselves in the backyard.

then we made some engagement photos for sb and jr.

this weekend has seemed really really long. :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

tomorrow thanksgiving is here....

and in celebration i am posting my random nov pics like everyone else, so i can have a clean slate of a camera card for the weekends festivities..

we've been cleaning here all week in preparation for the guests arrival. the hardest part is the waiting.. i am not usually on the "waiting" end of things.. i wonder if i am going to get out of work early tomorrow...

i'm watching the american music awards.. jimmy kimmel is so funny.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

no painting today..

i had on my agenda to paint today. but, i didn't get to it. i woke up late, i was out pretty late last night, on a date.. the best part about this guy is that he's my height. :)

i was able to log a bunch of hours of work, i got my laundry done, and i took a walk. but i am still extremely tired, and looking forward to bed after amazing race.

Friday, November 17, 2006

omg.. check out the comment on the "nutcracker" post..

so my roommates and i get home from the nutcracker...and i'm checking my mail... i have an anonymous comment on that post from a stranger. i do a little investigating and see that whoever left that comment found my blog by doing a google search for "flirtman4fun".. now in case you don't remember the post that i referred to that email address, it was this one. from what i can deduce, "flirtman4fun" googled himself, saw that i posted his solicitation for sex on my site and is pissed off. omg.. this is too funny. maybe he'll come back.. he's been on my site for a total of 45 minutes from what i can tell. fingers crossed.

nutcracker tonight.

i got some free tix to the moscow ballet's nutcracker tonight.. my roommates and i are going. i think it will be fun, i saw the nutcracker for the first time last year, actually i saw my first ballet ever last year too. now my parents can go to their first ballet.. they are going to be so cultured when i am down with them. :) they are so lucky that i don't have a lot of friends here in syracuse.

last night the cable went out at 7:30, so the three of us piled onto the new couch and hovered around the business card sized portable color TV aunt theresa gave me for xmas years ago to watch survivor.. then in the middle of the episode, we lost power. good thing we have that tv.. :) it was sad actually the lengths we were going to to watch our shows. :) when you find yourself squeezed onto the couch, in the pitch black squinting at a minuscule handheld battery operated television, cursing the cable company you know you have a problem.

i had wicked heartburn last night. i woke up choking, feeling like the back of my throat was burning out the back of my body. i couldn't get it to stop either.. i ended up having to get up, go downstairs, eat about 27 TUMS and pace around trying to relax and not cough so it would subside and go away.. finally i was able to fall asleep for a little while on the couch... needless to say, this morning was a red bull kind of wake-up.

this weekend i feel free. i don't have a million website edits hanging over my head.. maybe i'll do some more painting. or earn some extra cash working freelance.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

pics, pics and more pics...

while i was downloading my figure drawings i realized i took a few candid from around the house here that i meant to put up...

this is typical fatty pose. she would actually make a good figure drawring model. she holds these bizarre poses for great lengths of time.. she's loco...

the other day cath finally cooked up the rotting apples we had leftover from the apple picking season. i walk into the kitchen and she has this strange contraption.. its sooo cool, it peels, slices and cores the apples lickitty split! it makes eating apples fun again, and it looks like it was created in the 1700s.

click on the image below to see my latest figure drawrings on my art blog..

ps... if you can't login to comment for some reason its because i switched over to blogger beta... just leave an anonymous one and leave your name if you want..

figure drawring tonight..

tonight i return to figure drawring.. i took last week off since i was at work so late election night (and it was the season finale of LOST) and i didn't go the week before cause it was the show opening in armory square.. soo.. tonight should be good. i didn't go into the basement though adn look for my pastels, so it'll be just charcoal again. plus, i am kind of scared to make the jump from black and white to color!! the potential for the drawrings to get muddy real fast is HUGE!!! i think that watercolor could be cool, i am more apt to go there before i venture into the pastels. but the passtels look sooooo good. ughh, such a dilemma...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

beer club...

tonights beer club meeting was the best one yet. i met a couple, they were very nice. he brewed, she consumed. annnnnd, i got the coveted personal invitation to the presidents christmas party. he said i should definitely plan on getting cab for that night. sooo... cath, would you be able to pick me up and give the fischers a ride home too if i can convince them to come?

i've also decided that i want to become a card carrying 'beer judge' there is a 2-3 hour written exam plus a 30 minute tasting exam to the national beer judge test. one of the members of our club is a master or grand master judge. you have to score a certain grade on the exam, and then earn a certain number of points in judging to earn the title of grand master judge. its the highest and there are only a handful in the nation. so... i might need to switch my xmas wishlist from artwork to beermaking materials. :)

how cool would that be to be a certified beer judge? the people in the club that are judges or have taken the exam say its really hard. :) i'm up for the challenge.

i met a guy too tonight at the bar. he was nice and kinda cute, but he was 38. that is a little old for me. :) we'll see if i run into him again. ;)

as i type this, i periodically hear a phone dialing ontop of a cowboy movie. its mike dialing in voting for emmit smith on dancing with the stars. :) such a geek.

i've also decided that i need to go back to nyc. its been a couple of years since i've been and i was talking to cath about it yesterday and she begged me to let her come, so i talked to breed tonight and me and both my roommates are invited to go down. cath was last there when she was pregnant with sarah, and mike has never been. wtf... so we'll go down and do the touristy stuff, see rockafeller center, maybe ice skate, empire state building, ground zero (how awful is that that it s tourist attraction now.. ) maybe even get a ferry out to ellis island. i've been by the statue of liberty, but never to the island itself.. i'd like to see a broadway show if possible, i'm sure they want to see times square... it'll be a good time, with a free place to stay... and i know how they love the subway!! :)

beer club tonight..

hopefully this month is the "12 Beers of Christmas" party announcement.. the president of the club is a brewer over at Saranac and he makes 12 different beers at his home for this party. i think last year he made actually 18. anyway, last time he had a party i was too new to go, this time i am not so new and i actually know a couple people in the club (no thanks to my cousin who was the one that got me to join). plus its nice to drink beer just once a month. ;)

i am still in disbelief that next wednesday starts thanksgiving.. are we going out that night brown sisters and hunt brothers? i think we should. what thanksgiving is complete without a hangover?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

creative weekend.

i've done a bunch of art projects this weekend... i painted, i mail arted, and i designed in illustrator. shiiiiiit, some of them are on the art blog. some of them are secret till may. fatty jumped up right on my paints as i was painting last night, getting her fat furry paws all covered in paint. luckily she is slow and i was able to grab her and cath was able to wipe the paint off of them. i would have just put her outside and let her walk it off.

it's been a rainy rainy weekend. i watched transamerica yesterday, it was a pretty good movie, i see why felicity huffman got so many accolades for it. next up from netflix is 'ask the dust' and 'the lady killers'. one is colin farrell and one is tom hanks.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

a list...

while i am in this negative state of mind, i might as well make a list of bad things afflicting me right now.

1. my coworkers hate me.
2. i spent 3 hours last night, and 3 hours today recording and erasing da ali g show to dvd from the dvr i just went to "finalize" the dvd so that it will be able to read on any dvd player and i get a "disc cannot be recorded on" error. 6 hours of my life i can't get back, and a wasted dvd, and 6 more hours of taping i'll have to do to get those shows back. i think it'd be easier to just buy the dvd set from the store.
3. i downloaded and signed up for "secondlife" and my graphics card won't support it. it keeps crashing and shutting down the program on me. secondlife sounds like free online SIMS. :(
3. i haven't found anyone to go to europe with yet.
4. uhm, that is all i can think of right now, people are reading and writing inspiring things to me on my blog, so its dissipating the negativeness. thanks guys.

am i in the wrong?

where i work, there are people of all ages.... and the younger people seem to hang out outside of work, pretty often. i've never been invited to hang out with them. how do i know they are hanging out, you ask, i have a coworker who is invited to hang out or go to parties 3 times a week it seems, and he lets me know that these events are going on... i'd like to think i am unintentionally not invited... but the people that seem to be hanging out makes me think of the 'popular' clique in high school, and insecurity sets in, and the negative tapes start to play over and over in my mind...

when i don't go anywhere on the weekends it amplifies my feelings of aloneness. for example, this weekend, i'm in town and have nothing to do... i get word that there is a work gathering going on at a bar downtown. my invitation never comes, not from the coordinators, not from the coworker that is apparently in the 'cool club'. i get the feeling that my coworker is not going to go, he has plans, plus i feel awkward asking if i can go... but how come he's not extending an invitation to me? who likes to be knowingly excluded? i ended up getting wine and tried to make cath go with me to mulligans, when she refused i settled for countless episodes of the 'dog whisperer' and 'da ali g show', putting this non-invitation behind me.

this morning said coworker tells me he went afterall. hurt and jealousy wash over me. is he intentionally trying to hurt my feelings by rubbing it in my face that i was excluded? i am starting to feel rather resentful of said coworker, and the 'popular' kids.

i haven't felt this much like i don't have any friends since the first few months i moved to boston. i know "things take time", but i am a rather impatient person. does anyone have any ideas to share with me about meeting someone(anyone) that likes to be spontaneous and do things and go places? i wish LK would move to syracuse. :)

i'm feeling like i need to start seeing a therapist again.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

i love wine!

cath and i stacked two tons of pellets in the shed tonight when i got home from work. it went pretty quickly, i'd say 3o minutes tops.

then i taped two episodes of dog whisperer. i was so productive today. now i'm having a relaxing two glasses of wine. don't worry, i took a prilosec. i know i love wine, but i can't remember the last time i had it, its been giving me some serious acid reflux.

tomorrow i am having lunch with mrs fischer, i taped nip tuck for them while they wait for their cable to be installed in their phat new house, so we are making a transfer. i'm glad the weekend is here.

i can't believe there are only 2 weeks till thanksgiving. insane..

i can't think of any plans i have this weekend. i think i am on call, but i'm not really sure, there is no official schedule right now, but its surely my turn.

i hope to acomplish taping all the shows (ali g, dog whisperer, greys..) off the dvr this weekend, then i want to get my cousins website edits off my plate, then i want to start and think about my sisters wedding invitations/save the dates. all while enjoying myself this weekend. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

election day...

since its election day and i work for a news organization, i'm here at work still at 10pm. the polls closed here in NY at 9pm, and now all the interns are scrambling around entering data into our systems. it was kind of nice though coming into work a little later. i got a bunch of stuff done before work.

it kind of amazes me the voting process.. apparently i have been registered to vote at my parents polling place since college. i haven't voted there in at least 12 years, in fact, i've registered at 2 or 3 other places since then. mike and i went over to the polls after my morning walk and there were about six 90 year old women behind the books. i pulled out my license and they looked at it like i was a freak. no ID required to vote. i bet i could have gone back and voted again at night claiming i was SB. then they asked me if this was my first time voting. i've decided that old people are a really bad judge of age. getting carded or asked how old you are by a senior citizen has lost its thrill, they are too out of touch. next time i get carded by someone in their 20's will be an accomplishment...

besides needing no proof that you are of age or actually a registered voter, another thing that amazes me is how they tally the votes so quickly, esp when the people thre are well into their 90's. we didn't have fancy electronic voting machines, they were the typical booths, walk in, pull the handle that shuts the curtain, flick the little knobby things, and push the handle back to register the votes. how the hell does that ancient machine count the votes?

Monday, November 06, 2006


Here are some pics of the new couch.. it comes tomorrow. cath had to put it to the "brown test", of course. here are some more pics of the shopping trip to raymore and flannigan.

here is the pic of my busted camera, it is pretty f'd up. now its going to be my back-up...

and here is a pic from jenny p's taco night/girl dinner.. it was hidden on the internal memory card of my old camera. i never posted it did i?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

i got some new things!!

my camera came in the mail!! wooooot! it seems to take fantastic pictures.. i got all the accoutrements for it too! i didn't have to buy them separately! hahah.. the coolest thing so far is that when i take a pic vertically no matter which way (turning the camera left or right) it rights the picture in the viewer. so neat! since its the same camera almost, my memory card easily fits right into it! i'm so excited!

another thing that i am so excited about is i got the dvd recorder working. i've taped 2.5 episodes of dog whisperer now. and i can add titles to the shows. wooot!

my roommates and i went out to the movies tonight with my fisching friends, and their friend beer. after seeing borat we went to dinner with my halloween gift certificate. it was great. borat was pretty funny. i still am a little partial to 'da ali g show', but the movie was a lot funnier than i expected.

we cleaned out the shed today in preparation for the 2 tons of pellets that are coming for this winter. now i am afraid to go into the basement, my roommates moved a bunch of stuff from the shed into the basement. :(

tomorrow i have a bunch of things to do!
- i will continue to tape the rest of the crap off cath's dvr. i love this new dvd recorder!!
- i will go to target and buy myself a camera case.
- i will get my prescription and various other items at eckerds
- i will go couch shopping with my roommates. (very excited about this)
- i will go and see the fischers new house! wooot!
- laundry.

Friday, November 03, 2006

i was on tv...

i'm on tv... i was in a little skit yesterday on our tv show here called "bridge street". its kind of like regis and kelly. b*ll and i played "fans" of julies for a day in the life of skit. it brought me back to the day when the brown sisters would put on all sorts of productions with our video camera. i felt like i was reporting and in the background "the bandit" was going to run through the shot and then i could run over and maybe get an exclusive interview.

my camera is on its way!

my ebay friend says that my new camera is on its way! wooot! i can't wait! then i can take some pics of my poor broken camera. i better buy myself a case stat!

last night i went to this outlet of sorts with mike. he had already been there earlier in the day and scouted out a dvd recorder for $51. (cause the one he doesn't use in his room can't be transferred to the front room tv). we tried it out in the store cause the store is not really a new merchandise kinda place. its more like, come see what fell off our truck, kinda place. the packages have all been opened at some point, serial numbers are filed off things, etc. but the prices are pretty dirt cheap. i've bought a couple of old skool label makers in the past few months for my mail art, and i saw the same one there for 99 cents. :( i should have bought it just to have so when i break the new one i bought i'm not stuck..

tonight is cath goes to bingo and mike and rebecca eat pizza and chinese food respectively. however, cath is NOT going to bingo tonight, so she's partaking in take-out night. i think i might set up my painting studio in the living room next to my office and paint a little tonight while cath catches up on her shows.

tomorrow is the big borat viewing. i can't wait!! anyone else planning on seeing this?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i couldn't resist..

You paid attention during 80% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you've read. You were a child that wasn't left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Make a Quiz

woo who ebay!

this weekend my camera started acting really strange and taking fuzzy pictures. (you might not have noticed in the photo album.. i might have deleted all the REALLY crappy fuzzy ones.) at one point last weekend my camera even stopped taking pics, just black screens. i had to throw it on the ground (thus cracking the viewer even more) to get it to work again.

nipping that camera disaster in the bud i am the proud winner of another ebay auction. its a nikon s5 (my old one was the nikon s1, for those of you keeping track). they are making the s10 now. so, don't fret nay-sayers, i didn't get the most expensive one i could have. the one thing that made me consider buying the s9 was the wifi picture transfer, how sweet does that sound? this s5 has a pretty sweet "curve" design to it. that was one of the main selling points for me.

the next ebay purchase i make will be a beer bottle resistant case.

in other random news, i got a haircut, i won "1st place most original" for my candy corn costume in an office contest. i got a $25 gift certificate to an area restaurant for that. i was on our morning show called "bridge street" dancing to the monster mash in my costume yesterday. this morning i was part of a skit they did about one of the cohosts, i played the part of an autograph seeking fan. i'll let you know if it becomes available as an internet clip. tonight i am going out to dinner with my roommates and then we are going to an art opening for the figure drawing group i have been going to. i'll be in the next show don't you worry. then i get to watch LOST in real time, not on thursday.

this weekend a cath and i and a few friends are going to see 'borat'. i have some pretty high expectations, so i hope i am not disappointed.

Monday, October 30, 2006

add pears to the list.

i guess pears (or maybe just store bought and chemically treated pears) need to be added to my list of allergy foods. i just ate a big fat pear for lunch and noticed it first in my tongue, it started feeling itchy and prickly, then i thought about it more and my gums are itchy too, and now that completely unreachable place in between my ears and in the back of my throat itches like the dickens! i'm being forced to make un-natural sounds. now the nose is running. :( damn pears! actually, its probably more like, stupid grocery stores! i should research what it is on these foods (red apples, cherries... now pears) that give me this allergic reaction. i wonder if my insurance company would pay for that "scratch test" that i was recommended to take as a child where they scratch up my back all over and expose it to different known allergens to see what exactly i am allergic too. i bet i would be allergic to everything.

another fun fact... i brought my favorite black bra out of retirement for this weekend because it matched my costume, and as i was unpacking last night i couldn't remember why it was in retirement in the first place, so i wore it to work today.. about an hour ago i remembered why.. its horribly uncomfortable right now with a broken underwire that is poking into my side, and in the front middle where the wires come together, i bet i will have an open sore by the end of the work day. i think this 'favorite' bra will be retired to the trash can tonight. shiiiiiiiit.

whirlwind weekend in review.

i feel very productive after this weekend. i successfully saw everyone i set out to see, i was able to walk away from saturday night without a black eye or even a hang over. my costume idea won 3rd place in the costume contest of approx 20-25 people. i was able to experience what it was like to sleep in one of my dresses, (sooo much fun, they should make nightgowns more like tight dresses). i got to see JGs wicked cute place, and meet her "husband", i had some burnt jiffy pop popcorn, watched a movie that i really didn't want to see with mandy moore in it, and it made me cry. grrrrr.

very very fun weekend. and i'm looking very very forward to not traveling for the next two weekends. i am on call this weekend and next. woooot!

its 11am, and i already want to go back to bed. :( i'll have to speak with my friend sugar free red bull.

i think its pretty funny how i am asked by pretty much everyone over and over again if and when i am going to move back to MA (its coming dangerously close to being asked of me more often than, "do they have another brother?") ... as much as i love boston, and the people i know there, i wouldn't have sold off all my stuff and packed up my life 6 months ago if i had any reservations about moving back to NY. staying there would have been the easier path of least resistance. but despite not having a core group of "good time" friends, i'm back where i belong, and i have no doubt that i'll eventually fall into a groove and meet the people in the next chapter of my life. at the same time, i'm also very grateful to be able to thumb back and relive the last chapter as often as i want. :)

halloween pics here

Friday, October 27, 2006

quick note before i am off.

i am about to leave for albany, where missy the great will be waiting for me with "jiffy pop". i told her that i like the kind of popcorn you make on the stove top the best, and apparently she took that to mean jiffy pop.. i meant the homemade kind made in a big pot with oil etc, but i am still excited about the jiffy pop. i haven't had it in years.

it seems like everyone is getting in the spirit for halloween. i know i am. i brought many "outfits" that i will need HEKs help in deciding which one to wear.

i am very grateful to a certain work colleague that is covering my on call this weekend. he's solid!

i have so many plans and people to see in MA this weekend that i really don't have time for a black eye coupled with a massive hangover, so everyone please think good thoughts and pray that i don't have a repeat of last halloween.

oohh. i wanted to mention too that i rushed home so i could watch LOST before all my thursday night shows.. and sure enough all the fuckers were repeats. well. survivor was a rehash of the first half of the season so far, but wtf!! sooo pissed.. so i had plenty of time to pack and make the final touches to my costume..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

afternoon randomness

here are a couple of things i have been meaning to write on the blog-o. i find myself walking around, or driving around and wishing i had some sort of hand held typing device i could use to "write this stuff down".

1. i was delighted to see a candy corn card on the dining room table from LK when i got home wicked late from figure drawing last night. :) then i cried on the inside when she wrote "becky". :(

2. i need to buy a pair of those suede/soft scrunchy looking tall brown boots. i have a skirt that i have been wearing my tall black boots with, but it would look better with soft brown ones. maybe the ladies will want to pit stop at DSW after brunch on saturday. i could use some new shoes in general, the shoes i have now are kinda crappy.

3. friday i'm going to visit "missy the great" after work on my way to boston. we are going to watch a movie (transamerica) and she told me that i better hurry up and get there cause she has to go to bed at 930. :( i don't get out of work till 6, even if i drive like a bat out of hell i will still get there at about 830. i hope transamerica is only 1 hour long and missy doesn't want to chit chat or catch up.

4. i have an ebay update. the product they sent me does not work. i returned it, it took a week for them to receive, they tested it and gave me a full refund minus shipping. grrrr. now i'm back at square one.

tonight is tv catch up night for me. LOST, survivor, CSI and then i'll watch the dvr of the Office. last week jim called pam accidently and they chatted.

flu shot day!

i have been vaccinated from the flu this year. this is the first time i have been vaccinated against the flu. i am hoping that i don't get sick like i've heard you can get.

tonight was figure drawing. the model was suzette, she's 5 months pregnant with a boy. i was excited to draw a pregnant woman, but she would not sit still during the 1 hour pose. grrrrr.

driving down E. genesee street brings back 4 memories for me.

1. wade, i had a friend in college named wade, he had a brother wes and a sister whitney. they went to nottingham, and i drive right by that high school each wednesday and think of him.

2. my broken foot. i broke my foot in college and the local hospital looked at the x-rays and said it was a sprain, wrapped it in an ace bandage and told me to come back in two weeks if it still hurt. i went to an orthopedic surgeon on E genesee st and he gave me a purple walking cast. strong enough to do a bridge street run back in the day.

3. diego, juan and felipe. i was with the three of them visiting a friend of felipes when my dream car (1989 dodge shadow) caught on fire and had to be junked. :(

4. jeoff falling asleep during my tour of syracuse. he was visiting the first and only time. he fell asleep about 15 min into my tour. most noticeably during the SU portion.

i decided i need to make new memories on that drive.

also. check out my art blog for the new figure drawing pics.

i have watched the tom green show now three nights in a row. i kinda love it. tonight playboy jeremy klein is on tonight. hes kinda hot, but hes a total bastard. tom is pretty funny.

Monday, October 23, 2006

the weekend in review...

this weekend felt long. i think its because it was so jam packed with fun!

friday JK came into town and we went to one of my coworkers halloween party. it was fun, more fun than i expected. everyone was dressed up it was neat.

saturday we went to portville and out to dinner with all the hunts to the beef and barrel. yummmmm beef! then it was a party at aunt anns house. JK and i ended up in the championship game of the beer pong tournament against em and ryan. they won. bastards. we pretty much kidnapped em and went to grannies. that is where JK and SB brought sexy back.

sunday was the game. it rained and was pretty cold, JK got kicked out, only EH had a cell phone, and noone knew anyones phone numbers... but we had a great time still. the best was asking random strangers to take pics of us with their phones and email the pics to us. :) hahahaha.

here are the comprehensive pics of the weekend.

Friday, October 20, 2006

so much time...

now that i go to work at 9am, i find i have so much time in the mornings. :( i should probably go back to bed after the gym. cause i generally spend that time sitting here at my computer in a zombie like state wishing someone had updated their blog, or emailed me. i've even signed up for 3 different daily candy's so i can kill about 10 minutes reading through those. :)

usually on fridays cath and i swim. its the best day of the week to swim. monday is the worst. the other day i counted 14 people in 6 or 7 lanes. shiiiiit. so anyway, fridays gym day is a complete waste of time. we literally float down and back like 6 or 7 times, then today we sat in the hotttub. :) but for some weird reason i lost 2.5 lbs between leaving for the gym, and coming home. that just doesn't seem right. but i'll take it.

tonight i am going to a coworkers party. i have absolutely no idea what to expect. i would guess that the average age there is going to be 44, 44 and all married people. yay! JK and i will be the youngest by far. luckily it's within a half a mile from my house, so we can drink our faces off and walk home if we need to. i'm glad JK is coming with me, i don't know who i'd talk to.

i kind of want chinese food for lunch today.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

drawing ava

so i am back from figure drawing.. it was cool, the guy that runs it seems really nice, he made a point to talk to me.. i'm def going back next week.

i talked to a married guy there name momo. like "hot-su-momo" hahahhahaha.. does anyone get that one? he just moved to syracuse around the same time i did. he moved from st louis. i was pretty amazed to see so many people using pencils or colored pencils. wtf. why bother, pencil drawing takes waaaaaay too long in my opinion.. a lot of people left before he end of the night. tsk tsk.. there was one guy there that really impressed me. he worked in pastels, i aspire to work in pastels someday. i have never done it before. :) i forgot how taxing drawing is. you wouldn't think it was, but my body is cracking like crazy! and its sore from standing still for 3 hours.

another thing i forgot was how messy drawing with charcoal makes my hands... but it feels so great to get so messy!!

and this is after i washed them! shiiiiiiiit

i have uploaded the three longer poses to my art blog.

i think the crisis has passed, so i can write about it.. something happened earlier this week and it affected my oct 28th weekend. i was almost not able to go to boston that weekend. but... the coast looks clear. say a prayer it stays that way. i am so committed to my halloween costume that i would be heartbroken if i couldn't go.

ebay.... :(

i decided a couple of weekends ago that i needed a dvd recorder. so naturally i went right to ebay and won an auction for $51. about a full week later i received my purchase. last friday i hooked it all up and found the remote control not working, rendering the purchase pretty much useless as the remote has all the recording functions on it.... so i ran out to the p&c and bought a new battery. still nothing! highly disappointed i went to the companies website and put into motion the return plan. i got a note last night saying that once i return it, they will look at it, deem it broken or not, then either charge me a restocking fee of 25% and they will keep my shipping, or resend me a new one. wtf. i am hating ebay right now.

in an effort to make some danged friends around here i am going to figure drawing tonight. i'm pretty excited. i am wondering if it will be a bunch of SU kids though.. prob not.. plus i am just as good if not better then any college kid anyway! :) actually i kinda hope there is someone there from oswego that i might know.

tomorrow night i must make chili... for the game. soo exciting! pray for good weather!

Monday, October 16, 2006

some pics.

here are a couple of pics i took this weekend.

AR and hunter.. so cute!

this is for LK. it was the trash bin at wendy's in the mall.

boston folk... listen up...

someone (or two or three of you) should go to this...

If you really want to understand all of the complexity, flavor and passion that is in every Samuel Adams® beer you should attend your first Samuel Adams® beer dinner. A Samuel Adams® beer dinner is the perfect display of the flavor and versatility of our beers. A four-course dinner, each course paired with a Samuel Adams® beer.

The cost is a bargain at $40. Space is limited so please contact Ned Devine's at 617-746-1223 to make a reservation. You can also find out more details about the event and menu at This is the essence of Samuel Adams®, make your reservations soon.
What: Samuel Adams® Beer Dinner
When: November 1st - 6pm reception - 7pm dinner
Where: Ned Devine's in Parris Lounge 1 Quincy Market in Fanuiel Hall, Boston, MA 02109

$40 really is cheap... i wish i could find something like this around here... but then i'd have to find someone to go with me, so maybe its better that they don't have them. :(

the office...

come on.. someone that reads this must watch 'the office'. i find it hard to believe that in this day and age of dvr and tivo that i am the only one tuning into this show. its in its 3rd season for godsakes. if noone watches it then i guess i am not spoiling anything by saying how shocked and saddened/excited i am to have finished the 2nd season (on dvd) this weekend. the unspoken stifled romance that goes on between "jim" and "pam" comes to a head. he's been in love with her (and her with him i would have to argue) for at least these first two seasons. the caveat is that she is engaged to "roy" that works in the warehouse. they've been engaged for years now, but in season 2 roy finally decides to set a date at a drunken office party. jim has been speaking to his bosses manager to see about transferring offices and sure enough there is a promotion available to him in CT (the show takes place in PA) and we see jim talking about it with jan from corporate. in the finale jim tells pam that he is in love with her.. she doesn't know what to say except that she can't and jims friendship 'means the world to her'. he wants to be more then friends and just wanted to let her know that. in the VERY last scene we see pam talking on the phone with her mom and jim comes into the office and kisses her.. ugh.. sooooo good. :)

i bought the first two episodes of season 3 from itunes, so i can't wait to go home and watch it tonight.

i received my pates (cath calls them the 'pates') shirt on saturday. wooot! I'll be stylin' this weekend.

i saw my friend AR (formerly Mcfall) this weekend. we had a day at the mall with her son Hunter. i'll post some pics tonight. it was so nice to catch up, and Hunter is a little darling! very vocal! i have a feeling i'll be seeing a lot more of the Rollins'.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

blast from the past!

as i look for a piece to my halloween costume, i came across some pics of LK with her blonde hair. its so shockingly different then it is now i thought i'd post it..

so i went back in my files and found the first pic i have of LK and i.. it was our xmas party night at the first job we had together (FC). we looked sooo hot!

in the same folder i had another pic from one of the most bizarre drunken nights i've had. i should have taken more pics of some of the other crap going on that night. that whole evening was so insanely f'd....ohhh memories...

i think by the end of the year, i am going to put together a slideshow of the "year in pictures".. i saw it on someones myspace. i think its a great idea, and since i take photos of any and everything, i have more then enough photos. :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

its been three days!! aaaaaahhhhh

did anyone else get a sick panicked feeling when they saw the coverage of todays tragedy? i caught the headlines as i was walking in from lunch today at work. i should have know that something serious was happening because there was a buzz in the office and people were running around. literally running. ugh, i hate seeing that kind of stuff.

last night was brew club at a german bar. there was all sorts of german appetizers, it was fun. i met a married guy that grew up in boston. it seems that most people have some sort of ties to boston...

JK confirmed he is definitely coming to the game with me. phew! I bought a pats shirt today. i don't have one, i only have a leftover baseball hat from one of my old roommates orgies back in brighton... not enough! I was tempted to get a "brown" jersey as recommended, but they were $75. too much for just one game. esp since i will prob not go to another pats game ever again. the t-shirt is a much more versatile piece of clothing.

at lunch today i picked up a couple of key items for my halloween costume. i'd say i'm 75% done.

i wish today was friday! this week has been long.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

some pics...

well, the puppies are gone.. :) they really were no trouble, and even made me laugh quite a bit. for example, this morning, i let them out to go to the bathroom. Linny goes running out to the edge of the yard inches away from the sidewalk to the end of her leash. i didn't realize it, but there was a boy riding his bike by at exactly the same time, and big ferocious linus made the boy fall off his bike. hee hee.. the dogs also go nuts when stacey (neighbor) come out of her house. i bet she really liked putting her daughter into the car with the two dogs barking her ears off and scraping at the edge of her driveway.

here's one of the girls on their walk saturday.

here's how i like them best.

and here is one from the other night.

click here for the rest of the dog pics.

i'm finally finished resetting my parents computer. if they get another virus they will need to just buy a new computer. shiiiit. i've spent too many weekends on this.

ya know, i didn't think that butter could go bad. all my life my parents leave the butter out of the fridge so it is soft. well, after their camping excursion they came home with something called "olivio" i think, its in a cute dish, and touts that its part olive oil, etc. so i just made some rings and opened up the butter and smelled something like blue cheese. so i start scooping some butter on my rings all the while noticing there are dark spots in the butter. crumbs i think... then as the blue cheese smell really hits me i look closer and see the fuzzy green spots all over the butter, and the "dark crumbs" are like serious mold, cause i didn't realize that noone here eats toast anymore, we don't even have any bread in the house. yeah, that was dumpsterized. hopefully i don't get sick...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

hmmm... side-effects?

for a couple of days now i have been feeling kinda lightheaded maybe... the kind of feeling you get if you are upside down for a while and you sit up real fast. but not exactly like that... i have to wonder if it is not side effects from the paxil... i'm hoping some white wine will drown it out.

i just got sooo scared... i'm watching the office season 2 and in this one episode there is a sound that sounds like the storm door on our house opening... i hear it an automatically think someone is here. ugh, so scary. the dogs even came running and barking... i locked all the doors. phew!!!

i love 'the office'... so funny..


i have been reformatting cath and mikes computer again.. *somehow* they got a virus... i am installing anti-virus this time! this shit takes all night to do. grrrrrrr....

i'm also burning all the episodes of lost and prison break that i have here on my computer to disk. it takes 16 disks. shiiiiiiit. the dogs are sleeping like babies. walking them really makes them happier and more importantly QUIETER...

i bought a dvd recorder on ebay, so now i can burn to dvd all the shows that cath tapes on her dvr. most especially "the dog whisperer" i should even be able to make copies of the dvd's i make since there will be 2 dvd players on that tv. shiiiit.

i think tomorrow i am going to try to clean out either the coat closet, or the front closet with the flag and the iron. especially since i've seen all the new movies out there. :)

the weekend so far

i was blown off on friday night, so i walked the dogs, and went to see 'employee of the month' with probably the same teenagers i saw jackass with last weekend.

these dogs could not be more different from each other. they are from the same breeders and most likely have some of the same blood, but boy are they different. they LOVE to go on walks. they know the word too, so you have to spell it out as if they were children or they will go nuts...

they line right up at the door when you grab the chokers. patty is like a model dog, i really think she could probably be shown. she walks perfectly, she stops when i stop, she walks within the length of the leash and stays on the sidewalk. Linny on the other hand chokes herself the whole way, bulldozes through the wet grass and leaves, meanders all over the place, and stops to watch leaves fall off the trees.

employee of the month was okay. there were a lot of familiar faces in it. my favorite being "perdro" from napolean dynomite. jessica simpson wasn't that bad.

today i woke up late (9am) and surprisingly the dogs weren't barking.. nor did they wake me up in the middle of the night with any barking.. i showered, started some laundry cleaned up a little and headed out to see 'the departed'. i have to admit it was a pretty great movie, and not just because it was filmed in boston... at first the boston accents were a little much and either i got used to them, or the actors lost them by the end of the movie. leonardo dicaprio was great! this is the first role i've loved him in since 'this boys life'. i would highly suggest that everyone see this. i might even see it again.. and oh, the crowd at the theater this morning was far different then the crowd last night. the crowd consisted of about 25 whiteheads..

in social life news...i have not, and doubt i am going to, hear from that girl i knew in college about going out tonight. i'm 2 for 2 as far as blowing off goes this weekend... woo who! go me! too bad my parents don't live closer to boston. :(

Thursday, October 05, 2006

the babies are coming...

tonight em and ryan come to town with their baby Pomeranian dogs. i am not qualified enough to babysit the lab i guess, they are leaving s-murphy with yvonne. i have been given strict orders that i am to walk them twice a day. shiiiiiit. i don't even walk myself twice a day. the best part about babysitting them though is that when they are bad (and i'm sure that blonde one will be bad) i can put them in their cages and they behave. :)

i'll take some pics of them.

em and ryan are going to nicoles wedding.. i'll be interested to hear all about the hangovers when they come back on sunday to pick up the babies.

if i get my way this weekend i will see a movie on friday with debbie, and go out for drinks on saturday with kristen and kate in armory square... but.... as it seems harder to lock down plans with either of these ladies than to cure AIDS, i will probably end up hanging out watching the movie by myself on friday night and watching netflix by myself on saturday night.... and walking the poms, of course.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

pics are working again...

it was brought to my attention this morning that the link to my pictures was not working.. well, i fixed it.. here it is again..

also.. for those of you keeping 2 of using the Vo5 hair mousse and it came out of the can just as nicely today as it did yesterday. :)

i'm meeting up with Mrs Monks tonight for dinner. she is in town for budget meetings.. i've been ordered to go to Clarks. should be a good time as Clarks always is. i'm hoping we can hop over to one or more of the cute places in armory square too.

Monday, October 02, 2006

so productive

after i dropped breeD off at her next destination i was so productive. i cleaned up after the "after hours" that went on at chez brown. including cleaning the vomit off the floor of my bedroom. i returned bottles and cans. i ran the diswasher and put away the dishes when they were done. i did 5 loads of laundry and folded them and put my own away. i also gathered all the laundry in the house including towels. i gathered and disposed of the upstairs trash. i rearranged my closet to accommodate the cold weather. i dug my boots out of the basement. i re-did the where can you find us page of website. i did a couple hours of work for FC. i watched SNL that i had taped. i deleted and scheduled more shows on the DVD for my parents. i went grocery shopping and planned out and entered into my spreadsheet my meals for this week. i watched episode after episode of Celebrity fit club and Flavor of Love. i put away the artwork from my artshow and rehung the borrowed stuff. i also refolded all the towels in the upstairs hallway.god i'm a good houseguest. :)

on the recommendation of SB i am trying out a new hair mousse. its Vo5 curvaceous curls! it doesn't smell as nice as the garnier fructis curl construct, but it holds pretty much the same, maybe better even.. i do like how it comes out of the bottle too. although it could just be a "first time" use thing. the garnier fructis comes out of the bottle best the first time and the very last time.. we'll see. its a solid standby if you curly haired friends are in a pinch. but product smell for me is equal to/if not more important than the hold. breeD also recommended a finishing spray that she uses made by aussie called "sprunch". it smells heavenly, like grape soda! i almost bought it yesterday, but i am going to hold off till i run out of the Vo5...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

happy yom kippur my jewish friends!

speaking of jewish friends, saturday was a blast!! i got another call from work that woke me up sat morning. then i picked up breeD, we stopped by wegmans and she said hello to what seemed like the whole store. then we had lunch and did a little shopping.. we also spent a great deal of time watching "Flavor of Love 2" which came in handy for our bar time..

bree had made some arrangements for the ever elusive lisha to meet up with us, and her friend annie was also in town. the plan was to go to mulligans.

we met up at mulligans and laughed all night! here are some of the highlights..

  • bree is "allergic" to the hops in beer. she can't drink beer, it makes her sick. we've narrowed it down to either the hops or the yeast. she's not sure which.

  • i found out what lisha does for work. she works by herself handing out mufflers to budweiser employees from 12-7am.

  • annie brings a small framed photo of her cat and her boyfriend where ever she goes.

  • "dirty text messaging" is a new fun and exciting game to play when you're boyfriend is at home with his mom

  • annie knew a girl in HS that was very mean to her... turns out it is my parents neighbor "stacy"

  • i found out that 1. pizza places don't like to deliver all the way out to fayetteville, especially at 3AM. 2. 24Hour P&C carries a perfectly good "ready to cook" garlic pizza

  • bree can "figure out" the new chips ahoy packaging better than lisha.

  • the most important thing we learned was... "we know what time it is!!!!"

    here are more pics of the night.

  • Friday, September 29, 2006

    i guess things do happen for a reason

    it's 11:10PM friday night and i'm at work. problems... i didn't answer my phone when it rang cause i'm not on call. but i recognized the number and got sad, it was work. when the message popped up on my phone i checked the messages and sure enough i needed to go in. :( i guess there was a reason i couldn't secure an activity partner for this evening. i need to make some "good time" friends here in the 'cuse.

    before i got the call i went to see jackass2. very very funny. my favorite line of the whole movie is, "was the dick hair necessary?" by far that was the best bit of the entire movie. i had to cover my face and not watch two of steve-o's bits. shark fishing and the leech skit. chris pontius gets hotter and hotter each year. bam margera is pretty hot as well.

    a funny thing happened at the movies tonight. as you could imagine most of the audience are high schoolers, after all, who enjoys that kind of shit besides underage boys? looking back i should have expected this..

    i get up to the ticket taking lady and have to set down my drink to find the ticket in and amongst my napkins and nachos (cause the bastards at shoppingtown didn't have any pretzels... its friday night for christs sake) i find it and hand it to the 90 year old woman. she looks at it like its stolen or something and then accusingly asks me how old i am. i am expecting her to say, theater 4 down on your right, so i'm a little flustered and say ugh, twenty.... i mean 30. then i laughed a little and she begrudgingly handed my ticket back. i bet she was wondering where my parent or guardian is. i think you need to be 18 to see a rated R movie. i realize i look young, but 17?? come on... maybe it was my legwarmers.

    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    i don't have plans for tomorrow night! yeah!!

    i am finding myself with a full bank account and noone to spend money with tomorrow night. :( i've reached out to a few local friends and no luck so far. one is busy, another is blowing me off and the third probably has to work. there are so many movies on my list in theaters right now i just might have to go it alone.

    i've been emailing with a couple of people from though, so maybe something will present itself in the nick of time.

    i've been asking around about halloween and local parties, it's a little upsetting the lack of enthusiasm for the holiday that i am running into... someone that sits next to me even went so far as to say that "halloween is a kids holiday". what what what? i beg to differ.. i think there are plenty of good *adult* times to be had at halloween. :( i might have to make the trek to boston to partake in the fun to be had.... some of my most memorable nights are in an amongst halloween. ;)

    today is Mrs JennyB-P's birthday... happy birthday hussy! i *think* she is thirty... dirty thirty!! wish her well if you see her!

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006


    cath and i were in such a good groove of going to the gym on MWF's, i knew going to bed last night we wouldn't be making it this morning cause cath went to bingo last night.

    going to bingo isn't what you would imagine, its no small room with a spinning basket of numbers and 90 year old women daubing bingo cards at the local elks lodge. its a gigantic room thick with smoke and vicious gambling addicts spreading their boards all over their tables, setting up their good luck idols, spending hundreds of dollars a pop on each session, and chain smoking. the smoke and imminent lung cancer is unavoidable. the bingo culture is a curious bunch. some of cath's "bingo friends" travel from rochester (2+ hours away) daily to get their bingo fix. it's very hard for me to believe that these people win any money after you figure in the 100+ fees they are paying per session (2 sessions daily) the cigarettes, the gas and the food. sometimes these rochester people pick up their ex-prostitute friend along the way. its pretty sad going to bingo actually, and did i mention tough on the lungs?

    so anyway... cath set off for bingo straight from work and i knew that our gym date was not happening. sure enough i woke up at 1am-ish when she was getting home.. when 530 rolled around cath didn't stir. i woke up again at 630 to her sneaking downstairs. tsk tsk.. too tired from gambling to go to the gym, where are the priorities?

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    but does you flush?

    wooo who! finally, a night where i am done with work before 10pm!

    my blog activity has been lacking lately mostly because i am making some cash at my side job, so i apologize. :)

    i think i am a total idiot and misplaced/possibly threw away my receipt etc for the rebate on my new cell phone. :( i can't believe i did that, but i have searched high and low and have no idea where it could be..

    speaking of cell phones. i cancelled my old phone, so if you have a MA number programmed into your phone for me (JB-P and KT) its wrong, and it won't work after the 22nd of October.

    i have been extended an invitation to go see jackass2 tomorrow.. i think i might do it.

    i just spoke on the phone to breeD. she's coming in on saturday, we are going to *meet up with* lisha sometime ths weekend...

    i keep seeing previews for Lost while i watch dancing with the stars... oooooooo i am getting soooo excited for Lost next week.

    i came up with a really kewl idea (i think) for the next mail art... jamie is in luck!!

    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    smoked out...

    i've always hated people smoking. when sarah and jr come to visit it's like smokefest. it's unreal the amount of time and money those people put into killing themselves. it's so disgusting. i was even "lucky" enough to be ashed on multiple times while trying desperately to suck some fresh air from the outside in the back seat of the car. i've decided i'm not tolerating that shit anymore...

    aside from trying desperately to breathe fresh air this past weekend i went to watch the UFC 63 at the beers' house. they have the largest TV i've ever seen. i can see why their house is always the tv watching destination. shan made this spectacular buffalo chicken dip. i think the best part was she food processed the chicken to make it wicked tiny..

    we made the obligatory trip to kohls and target, i found some good stuff. but not what i set out this morning to get. :(

    when sarah comes to visit, so do the animals. they are pretty cute, they got their halloween outfits, very cute.. ones a geisha and ones a fisherman.

    while i listen to football in the other room i realize that i do not miss fantasy football one tiny bit this year. woooo who! and i know i won't miss paying the winner my $20 at the end of the season.

    another thing about this weekend that makes me mad (besides the incessant smoking) is that i did not get called in. i gave up a bachelorette party because "i'm on call" and didn't even get called in. ugh. pisses me right off.

    this next weekend i can look forward to having the house to myself and enjoying a visit from breeD.

    my goal is to make my next piece of mailart this week. however... i am curious as to why the last recipient (bykfam) hasn't let me know he received the phat last one i made. perhaps it got lost..

    Friday, September 22, 2006


    if anyone wants to come to see some of my drawings hanging at "Essential Kneads" in Cicero, i will be stopping by there at 12 on Saturday. i am going to try to listen to the speaker they have on acupuncture. they are also offering massages for a dollar a minute.

    their website with directions etc, is here.

    i smell like chlorine

    today i tested out my new swim suit. its very nice, i like! cath and i are supposed to walk out the door at 6am for the Y. i slept till 5 after. :) hee hee, i was so glad cath agreed to have a "swim day" rather then our usual cardio day. i lost my toe ring in the pool, but the kind lifeguard helped me out and i was able to swim down to the bottom of the pool and get it. phew!!

    sarah and jr come to visit this weekend. i see some art show going and bridesmaid dress trying on in our future, and maybe some kohl's shopping and i heard old navy is having a sale too. woooooot!

    i am planning to see my first UFC fight this weekend with the beers and the fischers minus b*ll. i hope its bloody!!

    i've been working mad hours at night while i watch my shows.. i should have a phat paycheck next week.

    survivor was funny last night, that billy thinks hes in love with that girl. wtf! i hope jeff brings it up next time he sees that girl.

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    brew tour busted...

    this weekend 6 of my boston area friends came to visit to go on the brewery tour. when everyone arrived we met out at mulligans. cath made us bring our own beers.. :) we closed the bar and had a good time doing it.

    we woke up wicked early and ate and got money, and met the pattersons in the parking lot. that was when the organizers of the trip told us that the bus we were supposed to be taking had broken down the night before and there was no bus. a bunch of people were still heading out to the saranac brewery for the tour, but skipping the ommegang festival. me and the passat crew were a part of that group. the pattersons and trish and stan stayed in the 'cuse and watched the SU game.

    i'm really glad we did the tour. it was pretty informational and definitely fun. we had a little photoshoot afterwards.

    game night was a huge success for the ladies. not to mention very fun. the men were so close, and under represented. brunch at stellas was also fantastic, per usual.

    more photosi took more photos. they are right here.

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    upsetting trip to the doctor.

    in an effort to be proactive and take advantage of my new health insurance i made an appointment to secure a new primary care physician here in da 'cuse. the receptionist asked me if wed the 14th was good. sure i said. when i went to put it in the calendar i realized that the 14th was a Thursday.. i meant to call back and confirm my appt, but never got around to it. so i show up at the office, i can't find my dr's name on the list. the hotdog cart lady asks me if i need help and points me down the hall towards to "womens place". the womens place is an oasis looking office. it has all kinds of comfortable looking sitting equipment, painting of serene water destinations on the walls...

    so when i tell the receptionist that i am there to see my dr she says, oh, she's not here today... she looks up my appt and sure enough its for october not september. but... she can fit me in to see another doctor though.. so i make sure its for right now, it is.. so i sit down and fill out a clip board full of paperwork and wait. and wait, and wait. so after an hour of waiting and not being seen i decide to make a different appointment for another day. so mad!! i wasted an hour in their waiting room. grrrrrr.

    right before i left work i got a call i didn't recognize and i felt compelled to answer it. lucky me it was my glasses!! i think i am going to wear them tomorrow. :)

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    phat new specs

    i ordered a pair of glasses yesterday. they are bold. i should be able to get them in 7-10 business days. they are a little "jill caroll"-like. i might even wear them other then bedtime. since i didn't have anything to wear besides my contacts the dr didn't have to give me any pupil dilating drops. he also said that my eyes look fantastic for doing everything wrong (old type of lenses, storing them in just saline) in january i'll get my new prescription in the newer "breathable" lenses...

    tonight is beer club. i am going to buy all 9 brewery tour tickets... i'll whip up a graphic for the tour this week. :)

    yesterday all the things i ordered online last week arrived. (a memory card for my camera, and my contact lenses) wooo who, it was like christmas!

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    great time had by all...

    so i made it to and from in 4 hours and 15 minutes each way.. its 306 miles door to door, no stopping. that is the best way to go.. none of that pee break crap. :)

    Saturday we had girl dinner at jens spacious place, it was very nice, lots of beef and cheese. yum... the best part of the experience was HEK having her money sucked back into the ATM machine because she was chatting with LK for too long while the machine beeped at her.. i would have to guess something like that takes a good full 2 minutes.. nice.....

    after dinner we headed over to tavern on the hill. words can't describe how fun it was. the best part of TOTH was that i only spent $10. but i had a $90 headache the next day.. :)

    i took all kinds of pictures, bryan suggested we start taking "before and after" pictures. big hit.. huge laughs.. you'll see.

    it was so nice to see everyone..

    i had to sleep off my hangover the next day at LK's i didn't get on the road till about 5pm. :( but it was well worth it!!

    here are the pictures. :)

    stay tuned...

    this weekend i went to boston and had a fantastic time i took something like 85 pictures, and i will be posting a link to the album here, so keep checking back, they are worth seeing...

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    dance off....

    this weekend i am going back to boston. we are having a mexican girl dinner, followed by a (hopefully) dance off at tavern on the hill. KT and bryan are visiting and word is BD and BG are going to dance off, and i kinda hope maurice will be there.

    i've drafted up a little pic illustrating this..

    i've made a copy of 6 episodes of Ali G for LK to watch, i know she doesn't have HBO...

    i seem to be the only one updating this week. :) that's okay, cause i like to blog.

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    dirty four eyes..

    so when i went through my mail this weekend i discovered that i did indeed receive my health insurance card. i made 2 appointments today, one for the eye doctor, and one for the regular doctor. wooooot!

    i will have an updated prescription pair of glasses next week hopefully! and i will be on my way to being off my paxil sometime next week as well!

    today was a lot of touching base with my MA peeps. i am driving there after work on friday to join in the reindeer fun! saturday is girl dinner at jenny BP's cozy pad, followed by an intercontinental dance off at the old hannahs. (i might have to make a little animation illustrating this....)

    i think my car knows that i am driving to MA this weekend. Yesterday on my way home my check engine light came on. Immediately i flashed back to the inspection i got in june where the monroe muffler techie told me that i had no oil in my car and needed rear brakes. i had just had an oil change earlier that week, so i ignored him. but when that light came on i panicked a little thinking that i had run my car out of oil again... so i decided that i needed a top off at the friendly valvoline on my way home. the kind boy ran his computer thing under my dash and told me that the check engine light was on because my speed sensor is going. oh phew!! i knew that!! that was the piece that i had ordered from the honda dealer in burlington before i moved home and never picked up.. it's warranteed, so when it really breaks, i'll fix it.. :)

    cath and i had thai food for dinner tonight and then stopped at barnes and nobles. i love book stores, even though i don't make time to read. i got a hello kitty day planner, hella cute! i also picked up a workbook about releasing anger. that was one thing my therapist back in MA told me would make a big difference in my life, getting rid of anger... it's worth a try, esp since i have yet to find a therapist out here.

    i just realized a conflict in my schedule. my art opening is sat, sept 23rd, and so is nicoles bachelorette party. :( and i'm on call that weekend.. :( don't know what to do....

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    fully vested

    its safe to say i am fully vested in the show prison break. and i've managed to rope cath in. :) i am trying to figure out how to fit 8 hours worth of shows into 7 hours worth of time till the next episode shows on real TV.. good thing we have dvr.

    the christening yesterday was fun. i saw my old HS friends. i plan to hang out with them more... one of them(mv) has two babies now.. geez... i couldn't even imagine that for myself right now. her family and in law-families are soo nice. the space we had the mini reception at was great too. it is called justins grill.

    my other friend(oc) is a dr at st. joes. she just bought a house. i need to get over there to see it. her schedule is kind of unpredictable, so i might need to answer my phone to make plans. :)

    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    NYS Fair recap

    so i worked at the fair.. it was fun. first i had to hand out tickets for people to win a chance in the "prize vault" it was one of those machines where you get inside and money and gift certificates etc blow up and around you and all that you can catch you can keep. i did that for an hour or so.. then i helped out throwing t-shirts to the crowd.. its amazing what people will do for a free t-shirt... i saw a man thrust his daughter that was no older then 2, up in the air to block a t-shirt that was being throw in his direction. another man leaped in the air knocking his daughter down, and then landed on top of her. people were rabid for these t-shirts..

    i must have throw 3 or more t-shirts to my parents who were in the front row.. my mom actually turned her back at them once or twice.. oh cath!

    the clintons were at the fair friday. it was my understanding they would be there for a luncheon. there was a big commotion when i started my shift at 330. mike and cath went to check it out.. apparently the clintons were still there! cath shook bills hand...

    i brought my laptop with me in case i needed it while i was there, i didn't.. so then i was stuck carrying it around with me while we wandered around looking at the various crap tents...

    we had had enough of the fair and were going to call it a day when we stumbled upon the golden ticket if you will. mike scoped it out while we waited in the long line.

    this was what we waited for. a piece of columbus bakeries deep fried italian bread with a deep fried meatball with spaghetti inside made mostly from sausage. the bread was pretty good. i hate sausage, so i didn't care for the meatball. there was about the equivilent of 1 strand of cooked spaghetti inside it..

    some of the other highlights we saw were the butter sculpture, the milk truck, and mike and cath posing in the newspaper cutouts clearly made for children. braeden was there and mike and cath recognized him right off the bat but "couldn't work the camera" and get a picture... ugh, so mad!!

    yesterday i went to a wedding, em and ryan met my parents and i. it was nice. it rained like hell the whole time, but that's okay, it was indoors. i also started watching prison break. ooooooh, its a good show.. the two brothers are total hotties. i'm going to blockbuster today to get more of the 1st season.

    i am also going to a christening followed by a dinner. i am looking forward to it. its one of my old high schools friends sons.. another old friend is supposed to be there as well.

    Thursday, August 31, 2006

    salt rocks..good for your soul.

    i am kind of loving my new phone.. its very new and cool. i love to look at it and press buttons, but i still have an aversion to talking on it. :)

    i need to get over to the one and only sprint store in the area to have my phone book transferred over to my new one so that i don't have to retype 100+ numbers... once i do that i decided that i will cancel my plan. it'll cost $150 to break my contract, but it will cost me $756 over the year to keep it.. its the better decision, plus i think they will just add the charge to my bill, and i can pay it little by little if i need to. :)

    tomorrow i go to the fair for work. bill and hillary rodham are supposed to be going to the fair tomorrow too. maybe they will come on the show. :) i am looking forward to the following things at the fair...

  • possibly seeing "braeden", he has been spotted at other newscasts during the week. if he is there, he'll have to fight mike and cath for the front row on camera position.

  • having free dinosaur barbeque for dinner.

  • getting to wear a beautiful piss yellow golf shirt.

  • trying all the NYS wine in the wine tent.

  • getting fresh chocolate milk off the milk truck for 25 cents.

  • trying (or talking someone i'm with into trying) the deep fried spaghetti and meatballs.

  • riding the tram.

  • that's about all there is to look forward to..

    last night i delivered my artwork to the place its going to be shown. it'll be there all month... it was a very dirty hippy type of place. it smelled like incense. the woman talked in a very low voice. she told me all about these salt rocks that have lights in them and how they help balance the out the positive ions that come from your TV's and electronic equipment.. say a prayer something is sold. how kewl would that be? maybe then i could retire.. hahahaha...

    i've been hearing back from all kinds of people i haven't heard from in ages from the email i sent out with my new contact info... its kinda nice to catch up with everyone..

    tonight i must do some freelance work. i have been slacking...

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    new phone... and some catch up

    i have a new phone!! i'll probably send out an email with my new number, but if you want it and don't receive an email from me, email me.. i will be phasing out my old phone with the MA number. i will still be using it for an indetermined amt of time..

    i also failed to mention that i found a penny machine at a little crap store in NC. so i got a set, they also had a little book inside at the counter with little slots in it for said pennies. but i figured dan the man must have a bigger and better way to store his pennies.. plus it was $5. :) HEK remind me about them if i forget to give them to you on the beer tour.

    i got my new bathing suit in the mail. it probably came the saturday after we left for the NC... too bad i probably won't get to use it now the rest of the season...

    my coworker told me about this show called prison break... does anyone else watch it? i ordered the 1st season from netflix, i'll see if i like it. the 2 main characters are pretty hot... hopefully i can catch up in a timely manner and start watching it in real time...

    i get to work the "great new york state fair" on friday. i am pretty excited! i will be helping out with the 5 o'clock broadcast, keeping the crowd enthused... b*ll said it was easy... he had a great time doing it last week. i will get a coupon for dinosaur barbeque food for my troubles, plus i get to wear a station t-shirt.

    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    hmmm. maybe sprint is not so bad...

    completely unsatisfied with my phone, i went to the mall today with cath in tow to check out new phones. because i am not a new user i would have to pay $200 for the phone i want. :( not good. so the very helpful girl at the counter talks to my mom and i for about an hour to hatch a plan.

    i found out the following things.
    1. i pay about $70 a month for 700 anytime minutes of which last month i used 116. and that is a pretty typical usage.
    2. i am eligible for a 16% discount on my monthly bill from sprint just for being employed with my company.
    3. cath is eligible for a 15% discount with them for being a gov't employee (working for a school district)
    4. she gave me a new battery (free of charge) because i told her how unhappy i was with my current LG phone not holding a charge anymore.
    5. if my parents add me to their plan for $10 a month and i share their 800 minutes (of which they use a combined 67 a month typically) i would be considered a new subscription, be eligible for a $150 credit towards a new phone and i could get a new local number.

    i can get the phone i want, change my number, keep my old phone for one more year because the contract... and i could split the bill with cath and we'd both save. what a win-win situation... plus i have a new battery for my old crappy phone. i am soooo excited!

    we got back from the NC yesterday at about 9pm.. we left NC at 7am. that is a 14 hour drive for the mathematically challenged. grrr. not something i want to do again anytime soon. 14 hours is too long a time in the car.

    that phat house that HEK sent me one time with the hot tub in the backyard went down to 159,900 from 164,900...

    i was delighted to find that there are 6 new episodes of ali g on HBO demand. that is the damned funniest show ever. cath and i were crying and couldn't breath we were laughing so hard watching it.

    i need to frame all my stuff tonight.

    Friday, August 25, 2006

    our last day

    this is our last day.. its probably the hottest day we've been here yet. i'm undecided on whether or not i should go to the beach. i think i am ready to go home. it'll be nice to sleep in my own bed.

    janna came by yesterday with calan. we had a nice visit..

    there are more pic of our time her in the NC right here.

    i can't wait to pack up the car to go back!!!!

    Thursday, August 24, 2006

    an old college friend is coming to visit!

    an old college friend and roommate is coming to visit me here in the NC. apparently she only lives 1.5 hours away. janna is bringing her newborn baby calan (pronounced cal-in)! i am so excited to see this baby.. i've seen many drawings of him on her husbands myspace page, but i want to see him in person and take my own pics!

    i think its been since janna and kens wedding since i've seen her, so i am pretty excited.

    on the news front, there has been an arson possibly and now a murder in my hometown of manlius since we've been gone. what the hell?

    i have decided my cell phone is f'd! i am so mad i don't think i've had it that long, i would guess under a year. i'll never buy crappy LG again. too bad i can't get a razr like the rest of the world. :( that will be a priority for when i get back. i am having trouble finding artists statements online.. i have found lots of "how to's" but i would rather just take an existing one and edit it to be pertinent to me.

    ooooh. i wanted to mention i had nightmares last night about laguna beach, i've probably seen 75% of the 2nd season cause that is all that is ever on the TV upstairs.. i hate those kids, what spoiled brats. that jason is pretty hot though...

    alright, i'll post some pics later when i take some of janna and the baby.

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    i think its going to be sunny today...

    it looks like it might be sunny today, unlike yesterday and the day before. its been raining on and off for a couple of days now, and when its not raining its pretty overcast. i was actually cold yesterday.

    i spent most of yesterday recovering, my muscles are sore from vomiting. if you didn't read em's account of the other day i got a little carried away and had a few too many tumblers of chocolate martinis and threw up in the pool and actually passed out.. hopefully those pictures never surface.

    i've been busily working on some mail art. so the next couple of people on the list watch your mailboxes...

    i watched 'the machinist' this morning, very odd movie. i kept getting interrupted and people were talking so i couldn't dedicate 100% of my attention to it. christian bale lost something like 60 lbs for that role and he looked so gross.

    i just realized that i need to write up and artists statement and some labels and a price sheet for my artwork that is going to be hung in 7 days. shiiiiiit.

    i've been meaning to mention that i saw secret vanilla sparkle deodorant at the store and i bought the clear gel deodorant by mistake. but i think i love it... i think i am going to buy it again when i run out.

    looks like HEK and LK are coming to visit again for the brewery tour in september, jenny patterson is going to come too, and maybe even her husband. wooo who, good times!

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    coming at you from the NC

    i took some pictures today of the house, they are here..

    i didn't think i was going to the beach today but after our little trip to scope it out and after a quick dip, i was convinced that i needed to come back to enjoy that cool wavy goodness.

    i think we are going to get lightning tonight. i'm looking forward to it.

    here are the pics of the property from the realtor.