Friday, August 29, 2008

E,R&A are coming!!!

i have failed to mention that my sister and her family are also coming to round out the house this weekend. they will surely bring good times, a treadmill and 3 dogs with them! it will be grand.

good news, cath has taken the chihuahuas to rochester for the week! oh glorious day! so there will be 8 less feet here at chez brown.

i have a lot to do today! cleaning cleaning cleaning! i think i have missed the shuttle to the fair from the station, so i will need to drive myself.. oh well..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

i am in between jobs. hee hee..

today was my *last day* at work.. it wasn't really that sad cause i'll be back tuesday evening. :) i was however treated to lunch and SLI bought me an eclair and he and AMCH had ourselves a little party. it was so unexpected and nice.

tomorrow HEKD and DD come for a visit! i am so excited, i loooove to have visitors. they should arrive in time to go to the dinosaur barbecue.. i think i might go crazy and order the ribs. :)

tomorrow is native american day at the fair. i am going at lunch time to have lunch with AMCH and SLI. it is their last day out at the fair.

afterwards i might go see Vicki Christina Barcelona. it's playing at 3:50... matinee! yeah.

guess what! good news, i have been commissioned for another painting. when i get started i'oll post my progress at my art blog.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

dreams can come true!

i can see MP hosting SNL.. cause of course i dream the future... but lil' wayne as the musical guest? that seems like too much! plus lil wayne is all in trouble with the law and $hit!

***update*** it is true!


nice things are being said about me here at work...

"Rebecca "Don't call me Becky" Brown. As many of you have heard, Rebecca has accepted a full-time job with OBG. (Boo Hoo). But wait! Don't get too upset. Rebecca will be staying with us part-time (usually on Mon/Tues/Thurs nights) to continue her webmaster/web design duties. Of course, this is still going to have a huge impact (because Rebecca is awesome), so we'll have to continue to think smart in our web planning. Please make sure any web requests go to the entire web unit."

tomorrow is my last day. i am happy to be starting a new job cause i LOVE change, but a little sad that i won't be seeing my old coworkers as regularly as i used to. i'll have to make more efforts to see these people outside of work. i can't lie though, i WON'T miss being on call anymore. :)

did anyone see that sox/yankees game last night? i am shocked at how badly A-Rod is getting booed in yankee stadium... i also thought it was funny to hear that francona said that he won't miss playing in yankee stadium cause they'll just be playing 100 yards away.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

new TV season is almost here

today had a pretty comprehensive list of the TV shows that are coming out in the fall. here are most of the shows i will be watching..

9/1 Monday 8pm Prison Break
9/7 Sunday 9pm VMAs (it's britney bitch!)
9/7 Sunday 10pm Entourage
9/13 Saturday 1130pm SNL
9/16 Tuesday 8pm Biggest Loser
9/18 Thursday 8pm Survivor
9/22 Monday 8pm Dancing with the Stars
9/25 Thursday 9pm The Office
9/28 Sunday 8pm Amazing Race
9/28 Sunday 9pm Desperate Housewives
9/28 Sunday 10pm Brothers & Sisters
10/14 Tuesday 10pm Eli Stone
10/16 Thursday 1030pm Sarah Silverman Show
10/30 Thursday 930pm 30 Rock
Early 09 Lost

Sunday, August 24, 2008

good times at the fair!

i've been to the fair twice in the last three days. once was for work, and yesterday was for pleasure.. KW and i met up with her friend KMH and her family. it was interesting to walk around the fair with a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old. we looked at a lot of cows, (lucky for me the wine tent is right near the cow building) and Matt wanted to sit on all the tractors.. it was very cute. we got to see joan jett, who from the crowd on the jumbo tron looks damn good for 49 years old, she sang and danced in a bikini top...

after KMH and her family went home KW and i found my work friends and headed off towards the midway.. we ended up ditching off for the wine tent, and spend most of the rest of the evening in that area. i got a refillable plastic wine glass that has a little battery in the bottom and lights up the stem with a plethora of colors.. it's pretty aweome i must say..

in case you couldn't tell, that is kate and i as sister grapes and sister peas.

my favorite of the night.

when we go back next weekend i think we should take the bus from shoppingtown like KW and i did.. it was 1.25, they drop you off and pick you up right at the gate, its air conditioned, and they run until midnight.. its pretty sweet i must say!

i got some great pics.. i've removed the butter sculpture ones, EH wants to be surprised..

here are the pics i took when i worked out there this year.

yay! the house isn't ghetto fabulous anymore!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

what is wrong with me?!

again last night i probably didn't fall asleep until about 3am. partially it was because i had heart burn.. (sushi has never given me trouble before. sad) and partly it was because it was freeeeeezing cold last night. when i got out of bed at 2am to go to the bathroom i had to grab an extra comforter out of the spare room. but mostly it was because my subconscious decided to thoroughly deduce why michael phelps would make an ideal host for SNL. i distinctly remember at 2am having these thoughts running through my head..

SNL loves to have athletes on (manning, brady, lebron, etc).

SNL is coming back on air Sept 13th so as to capitalize on the election.. Michael Phelps is taking time off from swimming again until after the first of the year. plenty of time to host one of 7 new shows.

NBC hosted the Olympics, they also have SNL... keep the dollars in the family yo!

i think i have a problem.. but cross your fingers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GI Joe Proof

this is joe.. and these are the cats that were waiting for me tonight. i didn't know to get a pic of the fancy feast crystal dish. i will tomorrow.

i forgot to mention earlier that Tom Cruise has a great role in tropic thunder, and he dances his fat ass off. it's worth seeing this movie for that alone.

New Movie Goals & a Funny Beach Post

hmm.. i've accomplished all my movie goals as of late, so time to set more...

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is peaking my interest. mainly because of javiar bardem, partially because of scarlett johannson, patricia clarkson is in this, whom i like, but so is that mumble mouth penelope cruz.. and it's directed by woody allen which is another strike... if i start to go into a drought i will go see this. comes out friday.

Burn After Reading this is the movie that has john malkovich punching brad pitt in the face in the previews. who wouldn't love to do that? i love malkovich, and frances mcdormand is in this too. its directed by the coen brothers, it's gotta be a home run.. this will be a must see, drought or not. comes out sept 12

Choke this is based on a book by the author of fight club. words like "vulgar, profane, obscene, provocative, satirical - psychotic" are being used to describe it.. that's all i need to know. lol. it stars kelly mcdonald who was the high school girl in trainspotting, and in Intermission, and more recently the wife who is or is not dead at the end of No Country for Old Men. i like her a lot. Owen Rowen from October Road is also in this movie.. this is a definite must see. comes out in a limited release Sept 26. hopefully it does well and will trickle down to syracuse. maybe i'll have to catch this at an art cinema.

Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist this is a michael cera movie where he seems to be playing his awkward and adorable character.. who cares that he is typecast, i love that character. the girlfriend in this movie (norah i would presume) is played by the girl that was charlie bartletts girlfriend in charlie bartlett. thinking its a must see. comes out october 3rd..

totally unrelated: Michael Ian Black posted this perfect synopsis of why he hates the beach on his blog.. i have to agree whole heartedly, i couldn't have said it better myself...uhm, probably because he's a write and i am not.

GI Joe

i got the scare of my life this morning when i fed the neighbors cats. feeding these cats involves me walking through her backyard, into her basement door in the dark. last night it was pitch black when i got home from the movies.. i felt like a burglar sneaking through the yards... anyway, there is a bare lightbulb that hangs by the door, which is good. i split a can in half for the two cats.. one eats out of a fancy feast princess glass bowl.... last night they both kinda creeped down the stairs and watched me..

this morning i expected to see them eyeballing me through the stairs but i didn't.. i moved a step closer towards the stairs to see if maybe they were already in the basement somewhere... that is when i caught a big dark shadowy figure out of the corner of my eye. she has a life sized cut out of an army man with a gun and everything standing at the bottom of her stairs. thank god i didn't spy this guy last night, i think i would have s-d my pants.

i'll take a picture of him when i do my evening feeding..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

true confessions

  • i love driving home from the carousel mall at night after a movie. i truly feel like i am in my own video game. the road is 3-4 lanes wide, traffic is always sparse enough that i can go 75, but thick enough that it feels dangerous.

    the moon tonight on the way home from Tropic Thunder was almost orange, it was so low and looked like it was so heavy it was going to fall out of the sky. love

  • i don't know if its the actual dogs i despise, or the owners that shrug off their responsibilities towards them. but in the case of lucy and frankie i think its the latter. i've been "left" with these shit machines this week. usually i don't pay attention to them because they are not my problem nor my responsibility. this week its too hard to ignore the toilet that has become of the entryway. they are out of "potty pads"... so they piss and shit on the papers that are laid down. but they actually hit the papers only about 40% of the time. i've found shit on the rug twice now. that is the main reason i am considering taking them to the kennel tomorrow on my lunch break. the other reason is their indiscriminate barking. it's especially upsetting when i am in bed for the night and they decide to bark like a rapist has entered the house. ugh. they also smell bad and are sissy dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms. hate

  • i'm also taking care of the neighbors cats. it's not really that hard a chore, i need to feed them each half a can of fancy feast morning and night. i have no idea why these cats aren't as big as a house... they must have a treadmill of sorts... i went in tonight to feed them and they still had at least half a bowl of food each. i just piled more crap on top of it.

  • that's it for this installment of true confessions.

    the king sized bed.

    taking caths advice, i decided to sleep in their king sized bed last night... it was pretty breezy when i was going to bed, so i figured that sleeping in the bay window would be heavenly..

    not sleeping in my room posed a few problems, first off the bed is so huge.. so huge that i needed to roll over twice to get to the side of the bed where i had left the remote control.. i don't know how its possible, but a king sized bed is so much more enormous than my queen sized bed. secondly fatty did not want to sleep in the room and protect me from intruders. she slept downstairs i think. i got caught up in HGTV's summer showdown, the color show.. so i didn't even attempt to fall asleep till midnight. well, about 1am the sky opened up and thundered and lightening'd and poured.. sure enough i soon had 2 chihuahuas scratching to get up on the bed. they are such sissys. so i let them share the bed with me, but the bastards wouldn't settle down. that little black one must have crawled and walked all over me until 2am.. the rain made the roads slick, and made the cars passing by that much louder.. i wasn't sure the alarm was going to go off, so i woke up every half hour or so to check the time..

    it was a less than restful sleep. the breeze was nice though, and i wish i could have been closer to the other window to possibly feel rain splashing on my face.

    i think tonight i will sleep in my own room again. it's more familiar.

    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    this weekend seemed long.

    KF and TH do synchronized floor routines

    it's not really like i did a whole lot even.. S&JH were here this weekend. we went out last night... much fun was had, so much fun we were all a little "slow going" this morning.

    i have the house to myself this week.. heaven!

    here are the rest of the pics.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    "you fat, you eat too much!"

    my roommates and i went to rodizio at the turning stone for dinner tonight for mike's 60th bday.. it's a brazillian barbeque. soo good. and sooo expensive! we joked the whole time that they were going to "charge us double" because "you fat, you eat too much". that is one of my favorite bald bryan drops from the adam carolla show.

    the table next to us had brought their own wine since the casino doesn't have a license to sell beer or wine or liquor, and they had more than half a magnum left when they were done with their meal. somehow cath got the point across to them that we would love to take their leftovers.. so embarassing..

    i am watching michael phelps as i type this... ooooh, i am so in love.. he just got a massage after leaving the warm up pool in prep for his 100 butterfly. rrrrrrrr it reminded me of the massages that were going on in the korean spa i went to one thanksgiving.

    oh, i also put in my notice at work today. :)

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    pineapple express...

    tonight i am going to see this movie with SF. we have been planning it for over a week, and it's been the longest week ever. :)

    i don't usually pay attention to the olympics, but these swimming events are kind of compelling.. i think michael phelps deserves all kinds of crazy money cause i would bet he alone is why many people are watching.. just like how right now golf ratings are in the toilet since tiger is injured.

    someone told me today that michael phelps eats 10K calories a day. and he swims about 8 hours a day. wow... who knew swimming was such a calorie burning sport. :) i prefer his low rise speedos to the flag colored unitard he's been wearing lately.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    *sigh* the weekend is over.

    i really should not have been silently congratulating myself for not throwing up on my drive to the wedding.. i should have foreseen that would come back to bite me in the ass. and bite me it did, and the cleaning guy at the econolodge. :( i wish i had more that $5 in my wallet when i checked out cause the guy that had to rid my room of the smell of chocolate milk/onion ring/beer/wine vomit deserves more than $5.

    i took a lot of photos.. they all look like slight variations of each other too. sorry for the lack of diversity in them.

    i learned some things about my friend ALs husband this trip:
    1. This and That: The RB News is his homepage.. he is one of my biggest fans.. :)
    2. He is famous, people know him where ever he goes, i'm talking paris hilton famous
    3. He takes a mean picture.. as evidenced here, and here..
    4. He had a hawk eye on the guy that walked down the aisle with his wife... i don't think he's prone to violence, but i wouldn't want to test him.
    5. He kept tabs on the oh so attractive Zane for me all night, alerting me to Zanes bad behavior. :)
    6. LOL.. thanks for the reminder AL... i also learned that he thinks its ILLEGAL to pull through a parking spot to the next one, and refuses to do it.

    here are the rest of the photos from the weekend.

    as a part of the healing process i went to bed yesterday at 530pm. :) and i slept till this morning.. there is not much a good long sleep can fix.

    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    step brothers

    i went and saw step brothers last night.. i don't remember who told me they had seen it and were crying they were laughing so hard, but they were pretty accurate. i wasn't exactly crying, but it was definitely funny.. i think the parts that i liked the most were the profanity laced tirades/comments all the characters made the whole movie. i love swearing. :)

    another thing to mention is how refreshing it is to see a main actor that has less than perfect teeth.. will farrell has picket fenced teeth that aren't whitened and it's so attractive. i feel like noone has imperfect teeth anymore, it's such an endearing characteristic.

    i am packed and ready to take my time getting out to western NY. the wedding is at 2 and i bet i won't be able to check in until 3pm. :) lovely.. hopefully C&A will let me change in their hotel room if i can't get in to mine.

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    all ready...

    so i had a list of things i needed to accomplish this week and i've completed all of them except for watching my netflix movie.. haircut, oil change, waxing, shopping, outfit preparing, wine purchasing, woot.

    i get so much done when i have the house to myself. maybe that will be a constant thing someday soon.

    i am needing to get my AC fix lately the way LK does. :( our internet at work is now being prioritized, so business apps and exchange are getting higher preference than my mp3s. :(

    so this weekend i am going to a wedding... the owner of my old fake ID is tying the knot. :) it's been a few years since one of the maryland peeps got married, i am looking forward to this shin-dig.

    so since i have mostly completed my list, i am wondering if i should go see "step brothers" or watch some of my DVRd shows and drink wine... what would you do?

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    pulp fiction

    i stumbled upon pulp fiction already in progress tonight when i recalled someone recently mentioning that they watched it, so i decided to watch a little.

    damn, i forgot how much i loved this movie.. there are so many lines from this movie that i feel have woven their way into the fabric of my life.

    i am also surprised at how young all the actors are.. bruce willis is wicked young, i dont' remember him ever being so hot... chris walken is also crazy young. rrrrrrr.

    the soundtrack for this movie is also top shelf. i feel like they should give awards for soundtracks.

    this movie will always remind me of the year we went as a family to see this for our christmas movie. we were taking turns deciding on which movie to see, and it must have been my turn. lucky for my parents the film broke right during the "bring out the gimp" scene.. to this day i don't think my parents have seen the whole movie.

    damn. kathy griffin is in this movie too. :) they just cut the "oral pleasure" part. i need to break out my VHS version of this...

    peeing in the sink..

    baby audrey has caught a cold, so i will not need to needlessly spend $$ to drive to cortland and see the movie i've already seen with E&R tonight. i think i might try to watch my netflix movie, short cuts.

    when i went home today at lunch my parents missed me and were waiting for me.. i guess MBs pacemaker has been beeping unnecessarily, so they had a fasttracked appointment with the Dr and found out that he will need the device replaced. apparently the battery only lasts 5 years and he's had it in for 5.5 years. :( so at the end of the month he'll have it swapped out.

    the Aceman went on a jag recently about peeing in the sink.. he brings this up often, actually... he and larry miller waxed on about it, and came to the conclusion that "most" men pee in the sink.. dr drew says that urine is sterile, but still.. the idea of peeing in the sink instead of the toilet mere inches away doesn't compute in my mind...

    do you think there is truth to this claim? i would think you need to be very tall to be able to accomplish this... it confounds my mind..

    Tuesday, August 05, 2008


    i came to the realization the other night that i only owe $590.12 on my school loans.. then i will be school loan free!! i remember thinking back when i was in college that 10 years was so far in the future that i couldn't even imagine ever being out from under those debts.. i can't even tell you how freeing this feels! i almost feel like i should just pay it off at once, and not make my last 2.5 payments..

    so i went to the gym last night with KW and even though i dreaded it the whole day, it wasn't that bad. it was actually pleasant.. tonight we signed up for the water kickboxing class.. cath swears the water classes are much tougher and more of a workout now.. last time i used to go with her to the classes it was kind of like playing in the water.. i'm hoping for a challenge.

    our internet is spotty at best at work today. it makes for a very slow day.

    i am getting a pedicure at lunch today.. what color should i go with? i am wearing this dress... (i love that it's now $29.99 btw) i'm thinking either black or silver.. leaning towards silver... but i've seen black a lot lately..

    Monday, August 04, 2008

    rain rain rain.

    it rained an s-ton here in syracuse this weekend. so much so that the planned picnic at green lakes had to be moved indoors. it was still a good time. Bilos place was cute.

    i took a short video of P&Ss baby. she's so cute, and now she can sit up by herself.

    sunday i drove down to the campgrounds and hung out with the family for an afternoon..

    here is a 2:25 minute video of audrey.

    here are the static pictures i took

    i have plans to see pineapple express next week with SF. woot! can't wait. this week i am going to spend almost a tank of gas and 5 hours of my time to see a movie that i have already seen, but this time with E&R. it is a movie you can see again, The Dark Knight.

    tonight KW and i are taking the plunge and going to the gym. hopefully this is the start of something habitual. lol....

    Friday, August 01, 2008

    how not to crack an egg

    so last night cath and i partook in one of our favorite activities, baking and drinking wine... i finally witnessed how she manages to get egg shells into all her cooking..

    this is what happened... she was making meatballs, and was adding eggs.. she takes the egg in her palm, smashes it down open handedly on the counter then crumbles the egg into the bowl. then she "picks out" the shells that make their way into the bowl. i was immediately disgusted and grabbed the bowl to look for myself for the non-existant eggshells and sure enough there were 3-4 pieces floating in there. cath doesn't have very good close range vision, so it's ridiculous to assume that she is able to remove all of the things she can't see...

    so.. if you don't like eggshells, don't eat anything cath might have made with eggs in them.