Saturday, August 09, 2008

step brothers

i went and saw step brothers last night.. i don't remember who told me they had seen it and were crying they were laughing so hard, but they were pretty accurate. i wasn't exactly crying, but it was definitely funny.. i think the parts that i liked the most were the profanity laced tirades/comments all the characters made the whole movie. i love swearing. :)

another thing to mention is how refreshing it is to see a main actor that has less than perfect teeth.. will farrell has picket fenced teeth that aren't whitened and it's so attractive. i feel like noone has imperfect teeth anymore, it's such an endearing characteristic.

i am packed and ready to take my time getting out to western NY. the wedding is at 2 and i bet i won't be able to check in until 3pm. :) lovely.. hopefully C&A will let me change in their hotel room if i can't get in to mine.