Wednesday, August 06, 2008

peeing in the sink..

baby audrey has caught a cold, so i will not need to needlessly spend $$ to drive to cortland and see the movie i've already seen with E&R tonight. i think i might try to watch my netflix movie, short cuts.

when i went home today at lunch my parents missed me and were waiting for me.. i guess MBs pacemaker has been beeping unnecessarily, so they had a fasttracked appointment with the Dr and found out that he will need the device replaced. apparently the battery only lasts 5 years and he's had it in for 5.5 years. :( so at the end of the month he'll have it swapped out.

the Aceman went on a jag recently about peeing in the sink.. he brings this up often, actually... he and larry miller waxed on about it, and came to the conclusion that "most" men pee in the sink.. dr drew says that urine is sterile, but still.. the idea of peeing in the sink instead of the toilet mere inches away doesn't compute in my mind...

do you think there is truth to this claim? i would think you need to be very tall to be able to accomplish this... it confounds my mind..