Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GI Joe

i got the scare of my life this morning when i fed the neighbors cats. feeding these cats involves me walking through her backyard, into her basement door in the dark. last night it was pitch black when i got home from the movies.. i felt like a burglar sneaking through the yards... anyway, there is a bare lightbulb that hangs by the door, which is good. i split a can in half for the two cats.. one eats out of a fancy feast princess glass bowl.... last night they both kinda creeped down the stairs and watched me..

this morning i expected to see them eyeballing me through the stairs but i didn't.. i moved a step closer towards the stairs to see if maybe they were already in the basement somewhere... that is when i caught a big dark shadowy figure out of the corner of my eye. she has a life sized cut out of an army man with a gun and everything standing at the bottom of her stairs. thank god i didn't spy this guy last night, i think i would have s-d my pants.

i'll take a picture of him when i do my evening feeding..