Monday, October 30, 2006

add pears to the list.

i guess pears (or maybe just store bought and chemically treated pears) need to be added to my list of allergy foods. i just ate a big fat pear for lunch and noticed it first in my tongue, it started feeling itchy and prickly, then i thought about it more and my gums are itchy too, and now that completely unreachable place in between my ears and in the back of my throat itches like the dickens! i'm being forced to make un-natural sounds. now the nose is running. :( damn pears! actually, its probably more like, stupid grocery stores! i should research what it is on these foods (red apples, cherries... now pears) that give me this allergic reaction. i wonder if my insurance company would pay for that "scratch test" that i was recommended to take as a child where they scratch up my back all over and expose it to different known allergens to see what exactly i am allergic too. i bet i would be allergic to everything.

another fun fact... i brought my favorite black bra out of retirement for this weekend because it matched my costume, and as i was unpacking last night i couldn't remember why it was in retirement in the first place, so i wore it to work today.. about an hour ago i remembered why.. its horribly uncomfortable right now with a broken underwire that is poking into my side, and in the front middle where the wires come together, i bet i will have an open sore by the end of the work day. i think this 'favorite' bra will be retired to the trash can tonight. shiiiiiiiit.

whirlwind weekend in review.

i feel very productive after this weekend. i successfully saw everyone i set out to see, i was able to walk away from saturday night without a black eye or even a hang over. my costume idea won 3rd place in the costume contest of approx 20-25 people. i was able to experience what it was like to sleep in one of my dresses, (sooo much fun, they should make nightgowns more like tight dresses). i got to see JGs wicked cute place, and meet her "husband", i had some burnt jiffy pop popcorn, watched a movie that i really didn't want to see with mandy moore in it, and it made me cry. grrrrr.

very very fun weekend. and i'm looking very very forward to not traveling for the next two weekends. i am on call this weekend and next. woooot!

its 11am, and i already want to go back to bed. :( i'll have to speak with my friend sugar free red bull.

i think its pretty funny how i am asked by pretty much everyone over and over again if and when i am going to move back to MA (its coming dangerously close to being asked of me more often than, "do they have another brother?") ... as much as i love boston, and the people i know there, i wouldn't have sold off all my stuff and packed up my life 6 months ago if i had any reservations about moving back to NY. staying there would have been the easier path of least resistance. but despite not having a core group of "good time" friends, i'm back where i belong, and i have no doubt that i'll eventually fall into a groove and meet the people in the next chapter of my life. at the same time, i'm also very grateful to be able to thumb back and relive the last chapter as often as i want. :)

halloween pics here

Friday, October 27, 2006

quick note before i am off.

i am about to leave for albany, where missy the great will be waiting for me with "jiffy pop". i told her that i like the kind of popcorn you make on the stove top the best, and apparently she took that to mean jiffy pop.. i meant the homemade kind made in a big pot with oil etc, but i am still excited about the jiffy pop. i haven't had it in years.

it seems like everyone is getting in the spirit for halloween. i know i am. i brought many "outfits" that i will need HEKs help in deciding which one to wear.

i am very grateful to a certain work colleague that is covering my on call this weekend. he's solid!

i have so many plans and people to see in MA this weekend that i really don't have time for a black eye coupled with a massive hangover, so everyone please think good thoughts and pray that i don't have a repeat of last halloween.

oohh. i wanted to mention too that i rushed home so i could watch LOST before all my thursday night shows.. and sure enough all the fuckers were repeats. well. survivor was a rehash of the first half of the season so far, but wtf!! sooo pissed.. so i had plenty of time to pack and make the final touches to my costume..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

afternoon randomness

here are a couple of things i have been meaning to write on the blog-o. i find myself walking around, or driving around and wishing i had some sort of hand held typing device i could use to "write this stuff down".

1. i was delighted to see a candy corn card on the dining room table from LK when i got home wicked late from figure drawing last night. :) then i cried on the inside when she wrote "becky". :(

2. i need to buy a pair of those suede/soft scrunchy looking tall brown boots. i have a skirt that i have been wearing my tall black boots with, but it would look better with soft brown ones. maybe the ladies will want to pit stop at DSW after brunch on saturday. i could use some new shoes in general, the shoes i have now are kinda crappy.

3. friday i'm going to visit "missy the great" after work on my way to boston. we are going to watch a movie (transamerica) and she told me that i better hurry up and get there cause she has to go to bed at 930. :( i don't get out of work till 6, even if i drive like a bat out of hell i will still get there at about 830. i hope transamerica is only 1 hour long and missy doesn't want to chit chat or catch up.

4. i have an ebay update. the product they sent me does not work. i returned it, it took a week for them to receive, they tested it and gave me a full refund minus shipping. grrrr. now i'm back at square one.

tonight is tv catch up night for me. LOST, survivor, CSI and then i'll watch the dvr of the Office. last week jim called pam accidently and they chatted.

flu shot day!

i have been vaccinated from the flu this year. this is the first time i have been vaccinated against the flu. i am hoping that i don't get sick like i've heard you can get.

tonight was figure drawing. the model was suzette, she's 5 months pregnant with a boy. i was excited to draw a pregnant woman, but she would not sit still during the 1 hour pose. grrrrr.

driving down E. genesee street brings back 4 memories for me.

1. wade, i had a friend in college named wade, he had a brother wes and a sister whitney. they went to nottingham, and i drive right by that high school each wednesday and think of him.

2. my broken foot. i broke my foot in college and the local hospital looked at the x-rays and said it was a sprain, wrapped it in an ace bandage and told me to come back in two weeks if it still hurt. i went to an orthopedic surgeon on E genesee st and he gave me a purple walking cast. strong enough to do a bridge street run back in the day.

3. diego, juan and felipe. i was with the three of them visiting a friend of felipes when my dream car (1989 dodge shadow) caught on fire and had to be junked. :(

4. jeoff falling asleep during my tour of syracuse. he was visiting the first and only time. he fell asleep about 15 min into my tour. most noticeably during the SU portion.

i decided i need to make new memories on that drive.

also. check out my art blog for the new figure drawing pics.

i have watched the tom green show now three nights in a row. i kinda love it. tonight playboy jeremy klein is on tonight. hes kinda hot, but hes a total bastard. tom is pretty funny.

Monday, October 23, 2006

the weekend in review...

this weekend felt long. i think its because it was so jam packed with fun!

friday JK came into town and we went to one of my coworkers halloween party. it was fun, more fun than i expected. everyone was dressed up it was neat.

saturday we went to portville and out to dinner with all the hunts to the beef and barrel. yummmmm beef! then it was a party at aunt anns house. JK and i ended up in the championship game of the beer pong tournament against em and ryan. they won. bastards. we pretty much kidnapped em and went to grannies. that is where JK and SB brought sexy back.

sunday was the game. it rained and was pretty cold, JK got kicked out, only EH had a cell phone, and noone knew anyones phone numbers... but we had a great time still. the best was asking random strangers to take pics of us with their phones and email the pics to us. :) hahahaha.

here are the comprehensive pics of the weekend.

Friday, October 20, 2006

so much time...

now that i go to work at 9am, i find i have so much time in the mornings. :( i should probably go back to bed after the gym. cause i generally spend that time sitting here at my computer in a zombie like state wishing someone had updated their blog, or emailed me. i've even signed up for 3 different daily candy's so i can kill about 10 minutes reading through those. :)

usually on fridays cath and i swim. its the best day of the week to swim. monday is the worst. the other day i counted 14 people in 6 or 7 lanes. shiiiiit. so anyway, fridays gym day is a complete waste of time. we literally float down and back like 6 or 7 times, then today we sat in the hotttub. :) but for some weird reason i lost 2.5 lbs between leaving for the gym, and coming home. that just doesn't seem right. but i'll take it.

tonight i am going to a coworkers party. i have absolutely no idea what to expect. i would guess that the average age there is going to be 44, 44 and all married people. yay! JK and i will be the youngest by far. luckily it's within a half a mile from my house, so we can drink our faces off and walk home if we need to. i'm glad JK is coming with me, i don't know who i'd talk to.

i kind of want chinese food for lunch today.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

drawing ava

so i am back from figure drawing.. it was cool, the guy that runs it seems really nice, he made a point to talk to me.. i'm def going back next week.

i talked to a married guy there name momo. like "hot-su-momo" hahahhahaha.. does anyone get that one? he just moved to syracuse around the same time i did. he moved from st louis. i was pretty amazed to see so many people using pencils or colored pencils. wtf. why bother, pencil drawing takes waaaaaay too long in my opinion.. a lot of people left before he end of the night. tsk tsk.. there was one guy there that really impressed me. he worked in pastels, i aspire to work in pastels someday. i have never done it before. :) i forgot how taxing drawing is. you wouldn't think it was, but my body is cracking like crazy! and its sore from standing still for 3 hours.

another thing i forgot was how messy drawing with charcoal makes my hands... but it feels so great to get so messy!!

and this is after i washed them! shiiiiiiiit

i have uploaded the three longer poses to my art blog.

i think the crisis has passed, so i can write about it.. something happened earlier this week and it affected my oct 28th weekend. i was almost not able to go to boston that weekend. but... the coast looks clear. say a prayer it stays that way. i am so committed to my halloween costume that i would be heartbroken if i couldn't go.

ebay.... :(

i decided a couple of weekends ago that i needed a dvd recorder. so naturally i went right to ebay and won an auction for $51. about a full week later i received my purchase. last friday i hooked it all up and found the remote control not working, rendering the purchase pretty much useless as the remote has all the recording functions on it.... so i ran out to the p&c and bought a new battery. still nothing! highly disappointed i went to the companies website and put into motion the return plan. i got a note last night saying that once i return it, they will look at it, deem it broken or not, then either charge me a restocking fee of 25% and they will keep my shipping, or resend me a new one. wtf. i am hating ebay right now.

in an effort to make some danged friends around here i am going to figure drawing tonight. i'm pretty excited. i am wondering if it will be a bunch of SU kids though.. prob not.. plus i am just as good if not better then any college kid anyway! :) actually i kinda hope there is someone there from oswego that i might know.

tomorrow night i must make chili... for the game. soo exciting! pray for good weather!

Monday, October 16, 2006

some pics.

here are a couple of pics i took this weekend.

AR and hunter.. so cute!

this is for LK. it was the trash bin at wendy's in the mall.

boston folk... listen up...

someone (or two or three of you) should go to this...

If you really want to understand all of the complexity, flavor and passion that is in every Samuel Adams® beer you should attend your first Samuel Adams® beer dinner. A Samuel Adams® beer dinner is the perfect display of the flavor and versatility of our beers. A four-course dinner, each course paired with a Samuel Adams® beer.

The cost is a bargain at $40. Space is limited so please contact Ned Devine's at 617-746-1223 to make a reservation. You can also find out more details about the event and menu at This is the essence of Samuel Adams®, make your reservations soon.
What: Samuel Adams® Beer Dinner
When: November 1st - 6pm reception - 7pm dinner
Where: Ned Devine's in Parris Lounge 1 Quincy Market in Fanuiel Hall, Boston, MA 02109

$40 really is cheap... i wish i could find something like this around here... but then i'd have to find someone to go with me, so maybe its better that they don't have them. :(

the office...

come on.. someone that reads this must watch 'the office'. i find it hard to believe that in this day and age of dvr and tivo that i am the only one tuning into this show. its in its 3rd season for godsakes. if noone watches it then i guess i am not spoiling anything by saying how shocked and saddened/excited i am to have finished the 2nd season (on dvd) this weekend. the unspoken stifled romance that goes on between "jim" and "pam" comes to a head. he's been in love with her (and her with him i would have to argue) for at least these first two seasons. the caveat is that she is engaged to "roy" that works in the warehouse. they've been engaged for years now, but in season 2 roy finally decides to set a date at a drunken office party. jim has been speaking to his bosses manager to see about transferring offices and sure enough there is a promotion available to him in CT (the show takes place in PA) and we see jim talking about it with jan from corporate. in the finale jim tells pam that he is in love with her.. she doesn't know what to say except that she can't and jims friendship 'means the world to her'. he wants to be more then friends and just wanted to let her know that. in the VERY last scene we see pam talking on the phone with her mom and jim comes into the office and kisses her.. ugh.. sooooo good. :)

i bought the first two episodes of season 3 from itunes, so i can't wait to go home and watch it tonight.

i received my pates (cath calls them the 'pates') shirt on saturday. wooot! I'll be stylin' this weekend.

i saw my friend AR (formerly Mcfall) this weekend. we had a day at the mall with her son Hunter. i'll post some pics tonight. it was so nice to catch up, and Hunter is a little darling! very vocal! i have a feeling i'll be seeing a lot more of the Rollins'.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

blast from the past!

as i look for a piece to my halloween costume, i came across some pics of LK with her blonde hair. its so shockingly different then it is now i thought i'd post it..

so i went back in my files and found the first pic i have of LK and i.. it was our xmas party night at the first job we had together (FC). we looked sooo hot!

in the same folder i had another pic from one of the most bizarre drunken nights i've had. i should have taken more pics of some of the other crap going on that night. that whole evening was so insanely f'd....ohhh memories...

i think by the end of the year, i am going to put together a slideshow of the "year in pictures".. i saw it on someones myspace. i think its a great idea, and since i take photos of any and everything, i have more then enough photos. :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

its been three days!! aaaaaahhhhh

did anyone else get a sick panicked feeling when they saw the coverage of todays tragedy? i caught the headlines as i was walking in from lunch today at work. i should have know that something serious was happening because there was a buzz in the office and people were running around. literally running. ugh, i hate seeing that kind of stuff.

last night was brew club at a german bar. there was all sorts of german appetizers, it was fun. i met a married guy that grew up in boston. it seems that most people have some sort of ties to boston...

JK confirmed he is definitely coming to the game with me. phew! I bought a pats shirt today. i don't have one, i only have a leftover baseball hat from one of my old roommates orgies back in brighton... not enough! I was tempted to get a "brown" jersey as recommended, but they were $75. too much for just one game. esp since i will prob not go to another pats game ever again. the t-shirt is a much more versatile piece of clothing.

at lunch today i picked up a couple of key items for my halloween costume. i'd say i'm 75% done.

i wish today was friday! this week has been long.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

some pics...

well, the puppies are gone.. :) they really were no trouble, and even made me laugh quite a bit. for example, this morning, i let them out to go to the bathroom. Linny goes running out to the edge of the yard inches away from the sidewalk to the end of her leash. i didn't realize it, but there was a boy riding his bike by at exactly the same time, and big ferocious linus made the boy fall off his bike. hee hee.. the dogs also go nuts when stacey (neighbor) come out of her house. i bet she really liked putting her daughter into the car with the two dogs barking her ears off and scraping at the edge of her driveway.

here's one of the girls on their walk saturday.

here's how i like them best.

and here is one from the other night.

click here for the rest of the dog pics.

i'm finally finished resetting my parents computer. if they get another virus they will need to just buy a new computer. shiiiit. i've spent too many weekends on this.

ya know, i didn't think that butter could go bad. all my life my parents leave the butter out of the fridge so it is soft. well, after their camping excursion they came home with something called "olivio" i think, its in a cute dish, and touts that its part olive oil, etc. so i just made some rings and opened up the butter and smelled something like blue cheese. so i start scooping some butter on my rings all the while noticing there are dark spots in the butter. crumbs i think... then as the blue cheese smell really hits me i look closer and see the fuzzy green spots all over the butter, and the "dark crumbs" are like serious mold, cause i didn't realize that noone here eats toast anymore, we don't even have any bread in the house. yeah, that was dumpsterized. hopefully i don't get sick...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

hmmm... side-effects?

for a couple of days now i have been feeling kinda lightheaded maybe... the kind of feeling you get if you are upside down for a while and you sit up real fast. but not exactly like that... i have to wonder if it is not side effects from the paxil... i'm hoping some white wine will drown it out.

i just got sooo scared... i'm watching the office season 2 and in this one episode there is a sound that sounds like the storm door on our house opening... i hear it an automatically think someone is here. ugh, so scary. the dogs even came running and barking... i locked all the doors. phew!!!

i love 'the office'... so funny..


i have been reformatting cath and mikes computer again.. *somehow* they got a virus... i am installing anti-virus this time! this shit takes all night to do. grrrrrrr....

i'm also burning all the episodes of lost and prison break that i have here on my computer to disk. it takes 16 disks. shiiiiiiit. the dogs are sleeping like babies. walking them really makes them happier and more importantly QUIETER...

i bought a dvd recorder on ebay, so now i can burn to dvd all the shows that cath tapes on her dvr. most especially "the dog whisperer" i should even be able to make copies of the dvd's i make since there will be 2 dvd players on that tv. shiiiit.

i think tomorrow i am going to try to clean out either the coat closet, or the front closet with the flag and the iron. especially since i've seen all the new movies out there. :)

the weekend so far

i was blown off on friday night, so i walked the dogs, and went to see 'employee of the month' with probably the same teenagers i saw jackass with last weekend.

these dogs could not be more different from each other. they are from the same breeders and most likely have some of the same blood, but boy are they different. they LOVE to go on walks. they know the word too, so you have to spell it out as if they were children or they will go nuts...

they line right up at the door when you grab the chokers. patty is like a model dog, i really think she could probably be shown. she walks perfectly, she stops when i stop, she walks within the length of the leash and stays on the sidewalk. Linny on the other hand chokes herself the whole way, bulldozes through the wet grass and leaves, meanders all over the place, and stops to watch leaves fall off the trees.

employee of the month was okay. there were a lot of familiar faces in it. my favorite being "perdro" from napolean dynomite. jessica simpson wasn't that bad.

today i woke up late (9am) and surprisingly the dogs weren't barking.. nor did they wake me up in the middle of the night with any barking.. i showered, started some laundry cleaned up a little and headed out to see 'the departed'. i have to admit it was a pretty great movie, and not just because it was filmed in boston... at first the boston accents were a little much and either i got used to them, or the actors lost them by the end of the movie. leonardo dicaprio was great! this is the first role i've loved him in since 'this boys life'. i would highly suggest that everyone see this. i might even see it again.. and oh, the crowd at the theater this morning was far different then the crowd last night. the crowd consisted of about 25 whiteheads..

in social life news...i have not, and doubt i am going to, hear from that girl i knew in college about going out tonight. i'm 2 for 2 as far as blowing off goes this weekend... woo who! go me! too bad my parents don't live closer to boston. :(

Thursday, October 05, 2006

the babies are coming...

tonight em and ryan come to town with their baby Pomeranian dogs. i am not qualified enough to babysit the lab i guess, they are leaving s-murphy with yvonne. i have been given strict orders that i am to walk them twice a day. shiiiiiit. i don't even walk myself twice a day. the best part about babysitting them though is that when they are bad (and i'm sure that blonde one will be bad) i can put them in their cages and they behave. :)

i'll take some pics of them.

em and ryan are going to nicoles wedding.. i'll be interested to hear all about the hangovers when they come back on sunday to pick up the babies.

if i get my way this weekend i will see a movie on friday with debbie, and go out for drinks on saturday with kristen and kate in armory square... but.... as it seems harder to lock down plans with either of these ladies than to cure AIDS, i will probably end up hanging out watching the movie by myself on friday night and watching netflix by myself on saturday night.... and walking the poms, of course.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

pics are working again...

it was brought to my attention this morning that the link to my pictures was not working.. well, i fixed it.. here it is again..

also.. for those of you keeping 2 of using the Vo5 hair mousse and it came out of the can just as nicely today as it did yesterday. :)

i'm meeting up with Mrs Monks tonight for dinner. she is in town for budget meetings.. i've been ordered to go to Clarks. should be a good time as Clarks always is. i'm hoping we can hop over to one or more of the cute places in armory square too.

Monday, October 02, 2006

so productive

after i dropped breeD off at her next destination i was so productive. i cleaned up after the "after hours" that went on at chez brown. including cleaning the vomit off the floor of my bedroom. i returned bottles and cans. i ran the diswasher and put away the dishes when they were done. i did 5 loads of laundry and folded them and put my own away. i also gathered all the laundry in the house including towels. i gathered and disposed of the upstairs trash. i rearranged my closet to accommodate the cold weather. i dug my boots out of the basement. i re-did the where can you find us page of website. i did a couple hours of work for FC. i watched SNL that i had taped. i deleted and scheduled more shows on the DVD for my parents. i went grocery shopping and planned out and entered into my spreadsheet my meals for this week. i watched episode after episode of Celebrity fit club and Flavor of Love. i put away the artwork from my artshow and rehung the borrowed stuff. i also refolded all the towels in the upstairs hallway.god i'm a good houseguest. :)

on the recommendation of SB i am trying out a new hair mousse. its Vo5 curvaceous curls! it doesn't smell as nice as the garnier fructis curl construct, but it holds pretty much the same, maybe better even.. i do like how it comes out of the bottle too. although it could just be a "first time" use thing. the garnier fructis comes out of the bottle best the first time and the very last time.. we'll see. its a solid standby if you curly haired friends are in a pinch. but product smell for me is equal to/if not more important than the hold. breeD also recommended a finishing spray that she uses made by aussie called "sprunch". it smells heavenly, like grape soda! i almost bought it yesterday, but i am going to hold off till i run out of the Vo5...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

happy yom kippur my jewish friends!

speaking of jewish friends, saturday was a blast!! i got another call from work that woke me up sat morning. then i picked up breeD, we stopped by wegmans and she said hello to what seemed like the whole store. then we had lunch and did a little shopping.. we also spent a great deal of time watching "Flavor of Love 2" which came in handy for our bar time..

bree had made some arrangements for the ever elusive lisha to meet up with us, and her friend annie was also in town. the plan was to go to mulligans.

we met up at mulligans and laughed all night! here are some of the highlights..

  • bree is "allergic" to the hops in beer. she can't drink beer, it makes her sick. we've narrowed it down to either the hops or the yeast. she's not sure which.

  • i found out what lisha does for work. she works by herself handing out mufflers to budweiser employees from 12-7am.

  • annie brings a small framed photo of her cat and her boyfriend where ever she goes.

  • "dirty text messaging" is a new fun and exciting game to play when you're boyfriend is at home with his mom

  • annie knew a girl in HS that was very mean to her... turns out it is my parents neighbor "stacy"

  • i found out that 1. pizza places don't like to deliver all the way out to fayetteville, especially at 3AM. 2. 24Hour P&C carries a perfectly good "ready to cook" garlic pizza

  • bree can "figure out" the new chips ahoy packaging better than lisha.

  • the most important thing we learned was... "we know what time it is!!!!"

    here are more pics of the night.