Thursday, May 31, 2007

in the 11th hour

at the very last minute the trivia team changed their mind and decided to go last night! woot! i was so excited! we did okay. it was hard as it always is..

here are some of the questions.

Mythology was the theme for the last 10...
who was King Arthurs son?
who was Lancelot's son?
who was the king of Norse gods?
what island is guarded by the Statue of Hercules?

then in other randomness there were questions like these,

who holds the record for longest hitting streak in consecutive games? pete rose, ty cobb, or joe dimaggio?
what does the A in AIDS stand for?
which glands are found right on top of the kidneys?
what japanese capital cities of old and new have the same letters?

tomorrow i will meet MK in albany and have drinks with her at a schenectady area bar. i have ben to very few capital city bars, so i am excited!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

trivia bust again...

i can't for the life of me find people to play trivia with. :( how can i be the only person on earth that likes trivia?

i've been emailing with LD today about the weekend. good god that was fun! i got laughing about bird and his "hot military bod". ooo how i wish olean was closer. :)

i'm looking forward to this weekend though. we're renting a limo and having dinner at maggianos. yummmmmm.. my mouth is watering thinking about their salads. i'm hoping nooner is coming. i didn't see her name on the limo now that i think of it.. who's gonna get some action if nooner doesn't come. :(

i forgot to mention, but its been exactly a year since i moved from boston. seems like a lot has happened, and it also seems like nothing has happened. i am still significantly lacking in the friends department out here.. that is probably the most notable thing. but i'm seeing that there may be an end in sight to that tunnel. i have probably gained 20 lbs since moving home. hmm. my intentions were to weigh less by this time with my workout partner. i'm thinking maybe i need to go it alone to get serious. :) maybe i should set some goals for myself.. and then make steps towards those goals.

Monday, May 28, 2007

sarah's been given away!

so the wedding happened and was a fantastic time! all the festivities went very smoothly. the happy couple is on their way to Punta Cana as of this writing.

here are the pics i took. be warned though, they are not that good. my camera settings are messed up.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the day has arrived..

and i am finally ready. i have wrapped my gift, written my speech, tried on my dress, gathered my shoes, watched most of my shows.. i'm in the middle of the LOST finale. then i just need to pack and go to work early so i can leave early to start the festivities.

i can't wait to see everyone this weekend. people are coming from far and wide! it's going to be such a ball!

Monday, May 21, 2007

jam packed weekend.

so much was accomplished this weekend!
programs - check.
table names - check.
design/layed out place settings - check.
gift bags - done.
necklace - bought!

this week i just have printing the place settings. i'm crossing my fingers for no last minute changes. i have a facial and lash tinting (it was part of the package) tomorrow. tanning each day if i can stand it. present wrapping and packing. we are heading out thursday after i get out of work. i can't wait. it'll be such a relief when its over! :)

then it's just smooth sailing till HEKs wedding.

friday night i went out with the ESM ladies. we played darts and had beers at the ugly duckling. i think it was lesbian night there, or a softball convention. one or the other. we got talking with this guy (red shirt) called pirate. for the longest time we couldn't figure out where "the smell" was coming from.. then we realized it was sloppy joe, eminating from pirate. oh, many laughs were had about that... he was not the smartest cookie. he was telling us how his dad was in vietnam when he was a boy (he's 28, btw). so i had to ask him when he thought vietnam was.... oh the 80's give or take was his response. good grief! at least he was entertaining.

yesterday i saw AR and AF and their little boys, i don't know why i didn't take any pictures... they were so cute. AR has a phone that has all sorts of animal calls as its ring. right now its set to "turkey call" since its turkey season. :) and its cammo. so you could hypothetically take it with you hunting... :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

finally it's friday!

and as luck would have it i have plans this weekend! i must be doing something right! tonight i am going to have some cocktails and watch the red sox game in manlius. tomorrow i have drawing, then later on i'm attending my 3rd pampered chef party. i feel like a MV groupie. :)

sunday i am going to see a couple of my mommy friends in the southern tier. i think that is going to be so fun!their kids have never met each other.. should be cool.

it's like long lost friends weekend! each activity will be with either a college friend or a high school friend!

in and amongst all my visiting the roommates and i need to put the finishing touches on 150 programs! :(

i have a feeling next week is going to fly by..

this past week and next week are going to be great tv watching nights. this past week was the survivor and office season finales. and next week will be american idol finale, dancing with the stars and most importantly LOST... i am so glad btw that melinda is gone from AI. i am not sure though if i want blake or jordin to win. i love them both.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

better plan.

i only have a handful of days left to go tanning before the big day! so today i left my pants on and pulled them up urkel style so that my midsection was covered and left my bra on so that i might be able to sleep tonight. i think that might have worked for me. i will do it again on friday when i go. i don't know why i had to break out in a debilitating rash a few times for my brain to hatch this smple plan...

tonight i was planning to go to trivia with some strangers i met online, but they have decided not to go. :( there is an outside chance i might be able to piggyback on a coworkers team, but i'm not holding my breath.

i am in the thick of the program printing. it's going quite well. up next is the seating card printing and table marker printing. then i think i am done. i think mike and cath are going to be the assemblers!

i tried out one of my new teas today, i bought this box of flowering teas like the one i had at my favorite london restaurant. i bought a sampler pack of 9 teas.

btw...this is my 600th post since my blog's inception Feb 25th, 2005

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i've decided i hate tanning.

i didn't sleep a wink last night despite taking a benadryl. i think i am going to wear a bathing suit the next time i go, and just take the straps off so that i don't have lines on my shoulders. i can't take the burning and rash on my tender white midsection.

not eating wheat has been a godsend. last night i was dying for some pasta. so i bought some angel hair made with artichoke flour and sauteed up some diced tomatoes with garlic and chopped up artichokes, black olives and a splash of red wine. then i sliced up some fresh mozzarella and melted it on top... i had about 2 cups of the pasta and about a cup of the tomato sauce, then i washed it down with a glass of red wine... now in the past, if i made this with regular pasta this would absolutely kill me. i would be up all night choking up stomach acids till i ultimately puked at 3 am..

last night, i had absolutely no repercussions. i am still in shock that the problem i was having for so many years was as simple as not eating wheat. i still can't believe it..

Saturday, May 12, 2007


today was PBs pampered chef party.. i bought a couple of things! :) and i booked cath and i a party for the first thursday in december. her house is cute. tucked away in the ghetto. :) i got lost going and coming. but very minorly. i finally found my way.

i also went to drawing this morning. and we did have a male model. ;)

cath is away this weekend, i've gotten so much done without her shouting at me to do stuff. i mowed the lawn, did my laundry, chnaged my sheets. i might even clean up the kitchen tomorrow.

tomorrow i need to organize and put back all the papers i took out of my glove compartment that i took out last week and threw into my back seat to get rid of the red bull explosion.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sakana-ya, Syracuse

This review has been moved to my ALL NEW blog..

please update your bookmarks!

this weekend..

so i am pretty psyched for tomorrow. i've decided not to go to the other 'ville. i'm going to drawing in the morning and i think i heard the leader say that there will be a male model. woo who!! its rare that there are male models.. i think the last time i worked from a male model was in painting class with SB. you might recall her series from that class titled "Bright Red Privates". ahhh. good times.

then i am going to PBs pampered chef party. i hope she doesn't cancel it last minute like she has a tendency to do. :)

i have to mow the back yard at some point too. :( i hate mowing the lawn.

last night i ordered chinese food at my favorite place and got it all the way home and they gave me sesame chicken even though in addition to that i went out of my way to tell them that i didn't want pork in my hot and sour soup. i was so mad. i had to drive all the way back. grrr... all restaurants should take emailed orders.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

who said tanning is relaxing?

cath and i went to our 3rd tanning session and i went with the same amount of time i did before, 7 min. good god i think my skin is trying to boil off my body..

i don't think there is one relaxing thing about tanning.. so far, i've actually been sore from standing in the booth, my private parts are burnt and itching like mad, last night i thought my sheets were made out of sand paper, i've been hot to the point of sweating, and then so chilled i needed a blanket all within 10 minutes, and the gorgeous all over red bumpy rash that is spreading all over my body.

the only thing that keeps me going is that eventually the rash will go away and i *might* be tan.. if after all this is over at the end of the month and i look like i have a flesh eating bacteria still i will be so mad.. because by then i will surely have skin cancer to boot!

i'm taking SFs advice and not going again tonight. maybe friday.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i looked through my entire blog today from start to finish and a couple of things jumped out at me.

1. i had some insanely long hair at my 1st e-d xmas party. and i love it straight.

2. i used to LOVE going to trivia. seriously, i had forgotten how much i missed it. consider this a solicitation for any of my CNY readers. i want to start up another team here. there are places all over and all different nights that do trivia. since noone is going to be interested (which i'm anticipating), i'm going to put a post on CL and see what kind of crazies i get to respond.

i stopped and took pics of the baby geese yesterday. the mother geese did not like that at all, and i thought that one was actually going to chase me at one point.

tonight at the tannery i took some pics of the booth. its not scary. it looks sorta like a stainless steel refrigerator from the outside, then you stand inside like a time capsule, and pull the door shut, but you could easily push them open at any time. and there are fans and music inside...

this is the floor...

this is the ceiling, and those are the arm holder on-er things. so your armpits can get burned too.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


omg, i am so itchy right now i can't stand it. i feel like one of those crazy people whose skin is crawling..

last night cath and i went tanning for 7 minutes. but it was enough to make me break out in a rash. :( hopefully it will go away soon.

our pampered chef stuff should be arriving today. well, at least 2 of the 3 boxes. :) this weekend i'm going to pegs party. if she doesn't cancel it. :) cath is going to portville this weekend for mothers day. now we know who she considers her real children.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

full weekend.

ryan wins with the completely dysfunctional eric and danielle!! i can't believe it! i would have never guessed they would have won, i thought danielle was going to quit so many times this season. ryan is the proud winner of $5 IOUs from everyone!! haha. jk. HEK is the only one whose money i don't have. get it at the wedding.

cath and i signed up to go tanning.. its the stand up kind of booth. it's kind of cool. i'll take pictures of it next time i think of it.

so tomorrow is ride cath's bike to work day. i need to get up early. **edit** it was too cold this morning to ride. :( hopefully by the end of the week i will have ridden in at least once.

i got called in twice this weekend. :( being on call is not fun.

spiderman has run its course i think. the third one was entertaining, but i think they should stop. i had two favorite moments in the movie. the part where MJ kisses harry someone yells out "whore!" the whole theater burst out laughing... and then in the middle where peter parker went bad and broke out in a dance sequence like a jimmy fallon pepsi commercial. i loved his awkward hip swiveling. :)

time for bed. i'm going to have a big day tomorrow i can tell.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday, May 04, 2007

friday, lovely friday.

it's friday.. and its gorgeous here today. yesterday i even saw some baby canada geese. little yellow fuzzy things... i almost stopped my car so i could crawl through the grass to try to get a close picture of them, but i was on my way to WW so that i could gain 1.5 lbs. :( next time i'm making time to take the picture!

tomorrow morning i am going to go to figure drawing.. i've never been to this drawing place, so i'm kinda nervous. i spoke to the director of the center where its at this morning and he told me its usually 6-8 people, $8. 3 hours, no instruction, bring your own easel..... sounds perfect.

later tomorrow i am going to mexican lunch with the fischers and then we are going to see spidey 3. woot!

i got the fed ex tracking notice that the pampered chef stuff is on its way. they are predicting it ill be here May 8th. it can't get here fast enough i think, i am dying to make some potato chips!

i've been thinking a lot lately that i watch too much tv. i am scared to total up all the time i spend watching tv during the week. i suggested that after this seasons finales are over we cancel the cable and cath nearly choked while adamantly shooting down that idea... so i guess i am going to need to combat that devil on my own.. :( i am cry.

the weather is supposed to continue to be nice next week, so i am going to try out riding cath's bike to work next week. MB bought me a seat cushion, so hopefully i won't break my vagina this time..

here is the amazing race results from last week...

it was almost a month since someone was voted out.. and damnit i just saw everyone and i still didn't get anyones money.

cathy david and mary & joe and bill
emily oswald and danny & charla and mirna
hope uchenna and joyce
mike rob and amber & dustin and kandice
reba kevin and drew & john vito and jill
ryan teri and ian & eric and danielle

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

wa wa wheee wa.

it was announced today that the american idol tour is coming to the NYS fair. cath and i are going to go.. its the sunday night of labor day weekend. i've never seen a show at the grandstand. i am sooo excited. we are watching AI right now, i think i am going to cry... its getting hard to watch some of these people get voted off.

i saw the cutest link here today about why "the wimmins" love spiderman...

i'm going to see spiderman sometime this weekend. might be with people.. might be by myself. :)