Friday, May 11, 2007

this weekend..

so i am pretty psyched for tomorrow. i've decided not to go to the other 'ville. i'm going to drawing in the morning and i think i heard the leader say that there will be a male model. woo who!! its rare that there are male models.. i think the last time i worked from a male model was in painting class with SB. you might recall her series from that class titled "Bright Red Privates". ahhh. good times.

then i am going to PBs pampered chef party. i hope she doesn't cancel it last minute like she has a tendency to do. :)

i have to mow the back yard at some point too. :( i hate mowing the lawn.

last night i ordered chinese food at my favorite place and got it all the way home and they gave me sesame chicken even though in addition to that i went out of my way to tell them that i didn't want pork in my hot and sour soup. i was so mad. i had to drive all the way back. grrr... all restaurants should take emailed orders.