Wednesday, May 16, 2007

better plan.

i only have a handful of days left to go tanning before the big day! so today i left my pants on and pulled them up urkel style so that my midsection was covered and left my bra on so that i might be able to sleep tonight. i think that might have worked for me. i will do it again on friday when i go. i don't know why i had to break out in a debilitating rash a few times for my brain to hatch this smple plan...

tonight i was planning to go to trivia with some strangers i met online, but they have decided not to go. :( there is an outside chance i might be able to piggyback on a coworkers team, but i'm not holding my breath.

i am in the thick of the program printing. it's going quite well. up next is the seating card printing and table marker printing. then i think i am done. i think mike and cath are going to be the assemblers!

i tried out one of my new teas today, i bought this box of flowering teas like the one i had at my favorite london restaurant. i bought a sampler pack of 9 teas.

btw...this is my 600th post since my blog's inception Feb 25th, 2005