Friday, May 04, 2007

friday, lovely friday.

it's friday.. and its gorgeous here today. yesterday i even saw some baby canada geese. little yellow fuzzy things... i almost stopped my car so i could crawl through the grass to try to get a close picture of them, but i was on my way to WW so that i could gain 1.5 lbs. :( next time i'm making time to take the picture!

tomorrow morning i am going to go to figure drawing.. i've never been to this drawing place, so i'm kinda nervous. i spoke to the director of the center where its at this morning and he told me its usually 6-8 people, $8. 3 hours, no instruction, bring your own easel..... sounds perfect.

later tomorrow i am going to mexican lunch with the fischers and then we are going to see spidey 3. woot!

i got the fed ex tracking notice that the pampered chef stuff is on its way. they are predicting it ill be here May 8th. it can't get here fast enough i think, i am dying to make some potato chips!

i've been thinking a lot lately that i watch too much tv. i am scared to total up all the time i spend watching tv during the week. i suggested that after this seasons finales are over we cancel the cable and cath nearly choked while adamantly shooting down that idea... so i guess i am going to need to combat that devil on my own.. :( i am cry.

the weather is supposed to continue to be nice next week, so i am going to try out riding cath's bike to work next week. MB bought me a seat cushion, so hopefully i won't break my vagina this time..

here is the amazing race results from last week...

it was almost a month since someone was voted out.. and damnit i just saw everyone and i still didn't get anyones money.

cathy david and mary & joe and bill
emily oswald and danny & charla and mirna
hope uchenna and joyce
mike rob and amber & dustin and kandice
reba kevin and drew & john vito and jill
ryan teri and ian & eric and danielle