Tuesday, October 30, 2007


do you think it's weird to take pictures of your food? this was my lunch. i've never had the kind of sushi that is like this. something laid on top of rice with a cute seaweed belt, cause that type of sushi is usually fish. i even ate the yellow one which i think (and am going to continue to believe) is egg.

anyway.. SLI said that taking pictures of you food before you eat it is weird. i disagree. anyone else have an opinion?

Monday, October 29, 2007

there's always next year rockies fans!

and yankees fans for that matter....*zing*

the roommates and i stayed up and watched the game last night. i have to admit during the last half of the 9th inning my eyelids were pretty heavy, but cath jumped for joy screaming as the sox put the final nail in the coffin of the rockies season. that of course meant we broke out the mini champagne bottle that i had bought for just such occasion. mike suggested we wear our tanning goggles too, so we didn't get champagne in our eyes.

i'm happy they won, and i'm glad that i can finally get some rest.

ps. i think jacoby is a wonderful baby name all you pregnant blog readers.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

good times..

this weekend was another great visit to boston. the trip there was 4.5 hours despite the constant rain the entire way. my tires are so horrible that i was honestly afraid i was going to spin off the road with all the hydro-planing i was doing. i felt like a duck tour boat most of the way there.

even though the sky was overcast and my windshield wipers were doing double time the skyline coming in from the pike made my heart swell, i love that view of the city looking at it over the BU bridge. despite the rain there were still a ton of people out walking and running and just milling about the city, it really seemed like the city was alive.

i met fjk and we looked at the two shows at the ICA, they were interesting. then we had lunch by the water on the steps. not so good. the sandwich looked good and in theory should have been good, but it was lacking something. the quinoa that was served with it was worse that the sandwich. the best part of the meal were the cool VOSS water bottles.

the halloween party was next. pretty much everyone dressed up, it was great! my personal favorites were HSs flight attendant and KYs basketball player. JBP had a most original costume if i must say so myself though. you have to check it out. i won 1st place in the meat raffle costume contest and was awarded a couple of steaks. :) that LK is so creative!! she really outdid herself with the decorations. there was a frightening witch on the window in the front hallway. i should have taken a picture.

after the halloween party a few of us went to the tavern on the hill and met up with BG and LP. it was nice to see him, he's the same old same old. so funny. it brought me great joy to walk into the bar and see a veritable sea of red sox shirts. the bar was packed and just about everyone had red sox stuff on. it was great! this morning i noticed too that there were all kinds of patriots shirts everywhere. :) i miss NE.

i'm watching the sox final game of the series and have to say i am loving all the facial hair the guys are sporting.. trim beards and scruff is so attractive to me.

lars and the real girl

friday night i saw LATRG with KW. i liked it and all the actors in it were great. it was another funny/sad movies. i love to cry at movies... i must have learned that from cath.

there were a couple of scenes where ryan gosling was at church.. it kind of made me miss church. i don't know where i would go if i were to start going again. i am not entirely sure catholic is the religion i would choose if i had a choice, but it's also the only strain of religion i know... that got me thinking too about SHs baby and whether or not they would have god parents for it. do other flavors of religion designate god parents like catholics do? is her baby going to be christened/baptised? are those the same things? can you tell that 10 hours of driving affords me lots of time to think? i also got thinking that she should also get a clan so that the baby will have a clan.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

how does he know this S?

i can't believe how he pulls this information out of nowhere, but MB has done it once again.. i have been pulling the hair out of my head trying to figure out what the instrumental song FOX has been playing during the ALCS and the world series. it's from jurassic park. it's called "Welcome to Jurassic Park". phew, now i can sleep tonight, if i take a lot of nyquil/benedryl.


sickness couldn't have picked a worse time to hit me. yesterday i woke up and thought either i pulled a muscle in my neck while i slept, (i know it sounds far fetched, but it was much more positive than my other self diagnosis) or i was having a heart attack. this morning/all night long i am still feeling the pain underneath my jaw on the left side of my neck. i've ruled out a heart attack now thinking they come on much faster than this.. so now i am left with a painful swollen gland (maybe). i can't tell really when my glands are swollen cause i don't know what i am looking for (this excuse also works at the dr when she makes me feel guilty for not doing regular self breast exams...).

i do know however, when i yawn and also when i turn my head to the right and swallow i'm in some pain. but if i look straight ahead and swallow, no pain.. :) but i have a dull ache at all times in my neck area. this is not good news for my upcoming trip to boston. like always i have booked myself for every minute of the weekend and intend to meet those obligations, but this will most likely result in my sickness by the end of the weekend. :( hopefully tonights red sox game will be another blow out so i can go to be *early*.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

picked up my car...

i picked up my car and some funny things happened... first being, i ripped a 16% off coupon from the phone book and they accepted it. score! that reduced my total to $324.02. not good, but a hell of a lot better than the $420.17 with tax they wanted to charge me.

while the old guy was ringing me up a younger cute guy (and i mean cute in that dirty hand, masculine, blue collar kind of way) came out and just stood by the counter. i looked up at him and smiled. he smiled. then i patiently waited while the old guy tried to figure out the computer. i got the distinct feeling the young guy was staring at me, so i avoided eye contact with him. the old guy mumbled something like, oh, what is the code on the ....... (trails off). i shoot a look at the young guy. yep, he's staring. the old guy tells young guy that i work at the station and the young guy is very impressed with that. he ask what i do, i tell him, he tells me that his mother in law does the same thing but for time warner. i nod. he wants to get into computers, so he asks all about my schooling, etc. i tell him i went to oswego and he says that when he finishes up at OCC he is going to try to go there. this small bit of a conversation tells me he is either very dumb, or very young. probably very young. by this time the old guy has run my credit card and tells me i need half a dozen extra items... i thank him, fold up my receipt and grab my keys to leave and the young guy asks me if "that is my man in the car out there". it was MB. i say, no. that is my dad. he says, oh, okay, see ya later. then again talk to you soon!

wtf?!? i get hit on by the most random people at the most random times and apparently by married men. he was cute though, and i guess its flattering to some degree... but *sigh*

wow. i hope this game is not a true representation of the "great rockies" that all my relatives keep flapping their jaws about. 13-1 in the 5th is not good people... that is a really bad score. and just think about how far that ball is going to soar off pedroias bat when they get to the mile high city.. :)

i hate cars.

$384.76 is what it's going to cost me today. he "thought" i would just need my e-brake cable tightened, but when he got the back wheels off he noticed that i need new rotors because mine are currently all pitted, and my brake pads are down to nothing.

i am so furious and i hate cars.

i just heard that i was getting a bonus in my next paycheck that will all need to go towards this unfortunate turn of events. before winter comes (go global warming!) i need to buy at least 2 new tires. that will cost prob close to $100 a tire. ugh. did i mention how much i hate cars! i bet ferrari owners don't worry about this..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

j-lo has to be pregnant...

against my will i am watching dancing with the stars tonight and j-lo just performed. she is so pregnant, there is no denying it.. she's with chid, or if the rumors are correct, with children. how is she going to tour?

i'll post a pic from the show tomorrow when people put them on the internets.

here is a pic i found out there.


over the past week or so i've noticed that my ebrake has been working less and less. meaning i've had to jump back in my car more than once after i've turned it off because it's rolling into the swamp on the edge of the parking lot here at work. well now its to the point that it isn't working anymore. on my older and wiser parents advice i have been leaving it in gear when i turn it off, but i still notice the car moves.... so i've made an appointment to have it looked at tomorrow. i am not really confident that i can go around without a parking brake in boston and find perfectly horizontal parking spaces...

i hope it is not an expensive fix, or something bigger than what i think. i believe i had all the brakes fixed the summer E and RH got married, so they better not call me up and tell me that the problem is that i need new brakes.

i'm formulating an itinerary now for my trip, so any red sox fans that might be reading and want something from the stores surrounding the stadium, let me know. i think i might get an ellsbury shirt. woo who!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

missions accomplished!!

with no real plans this weekend i was able to devote much of it to buying and assembling my halloween costume. i can't say what it is, but i went to more than 10 stores this weekend for different parts of it. i am however, completely finished with it. i even had to sew myself a dress. :) i hope that i will win the work competition...

cath made some really good french onion soup this weekend that was so filling i had it for breakfast/lunch and am just now eating my dinner of popcorn while the red sox take batting practice against westbrook here in the 1st. the crowd is insanely loud tonight, it makes me wish i was there, it looks like everyone is on their feet and i haven't seen an indian fan yet.

kevin millar read the lineup tonight, god i miss him. he remains one of my favorite red sox to date. his shirt is also my favorite red sox shirt.

i don't know what it is about the post season, but it makes me very emotional...

moes southwest grill, North Syracuse

This review has been moved to my ALL NEW www.CNYDigested.com blog..


please update your bookmarks!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

9 reasons why i liked gone baby gone.

1. at the end of the movie i felt depressed. now that is my kind of movie.
2. it was a 2+ hour long exercise in "doing the right thing".
3. there was no wrapped up in a bow happy ending.
4. i have a soft spot in my heart for all things boston.
5. casey affleck is the more talented brother, and he was in almost ever scene.
6. the accents while a little much at times were not horrible.
7. there was a lot of swearing, which i also like a lot.
8. the lead girl wasn't this super gorgeous flawless actress, she was noone i knew, and kind of ugly even. she seemed like a real person.
9. there was no gratuitous sex scene thrown in just to fill seats.

Friday, October 19, 2007

MB and the Pom owners golf club.

MB has a golf date today with two of his friends that coincidentally all own Pomeranians. I just found out last week that he knows (and golfs with) two guys who have poms. i find that hysterical.. especially on the heels of the couple of commercials on tv that feature man owned poms. we laugh and joke that it's MB in the taco bell commercial where the guy is giving his younger brother 3 tips to live by, don't date a girl with a dragon tattoo that owns a lapdog... and his tattooed girlfriend brings him the dog and tells him to walk it. :) the bud light commercial featuring the ever barking poms is also a great one.

HEKD, maybe if you lived closer DD could join mikes Pom owning golf league and round out the foresome.

guess what!!! it's that time of year again, good movie season! there are 6 movies opening today that i want to see. i think i might cross one of these off my list tonight. which one do you vote i go see?

Things We Lost in the Fire (benecio del toro)
Rendition (reese and jake)
Gone Baby Gone (casey affleck - boston movie)
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (clive owen)
Into the Wild (i read the book, it was good)
Lars and the Real Girl (ryan gosling.. but sadly it's not coming out in syracuse this weekend)


that is all.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

survivor and questionable sexuality

was i the only one disturbed by james comment about how if denise was a younger or he was older she would have to "watch out"? james is easily one of the most attractive players the game has seen and he has his eye on the lesbian? do you think that was an editing thing? the world is a funny place if that was true. in talking about denise with cath i'm getting the feeling that i'm the only one that thinks she is a lesbian? i'm glad that james was kept, and i hope that blonde bimbo jamie is next to go.

stress and halloween.

i just got a great costume idea!! i am so excited! it's way better than my 2 other costume ideas. i want it to be a surprise, so you'll have to wait till halloween. this weekend i will be crafting this awesome costume!

in other news, we lost our crown last night at trivia. we didn't even place. one team got the max amt of points each of the 1st 4 rounds. what what what? they must have been cheating. :) LD, her boyfriend and her friends met us and played on their own team. i think they are coming again next week, should be fun.

when i think about tonight i think of pure stress. stress that i have 3 hours worth of tv to watch in 2 hours, and add to that the 4 hour plus game that will be playing while all my other tv shows are on. add the stress that the sox need to win tonight to stay alive in the alcs. :( it's causing me mind numbing heartburn!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

new section..

i had to do some home improvement shopping today and while i was out in N. Syracuse i noticed that there were a few restaurants in a close vicinity that i don't believe i have been to. that made me think that i really should keep a running list of restaurants that i intend to eat at. and i saw on someone elses blog that once a month he goes out to eat with a friend to a new restaurant and writes a review on his blog. i think i want to start doing that too. anyone want to be my restaurant critiquing partner? i think another great reason for this list would be because i can't tell you how many times i'm faced with a "where do you want to go" situation and i always end up at the same old places...

so, here is the starter list that will continue to grow, please feel free to submit ideas to me for places to go.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Moe's Southwest Grill (have i been there SF?)
Coppertop Tavern (made me immediately think/get nostalgic for Tin Alley)
The Mission (ironically a discount deal tomorrow)

a little depressing...

yesterday on my way home from work, i'm lazily waiting for the light to turn when a car pulls up to the perpendicular light. i can't help but stare, it's a cherry red exotic looking car with a bright yellow and black logo on the side... upon further inspection i identify it as a ferrari.. it's not that i've never seen one before, but its rare that they cruise through the village. i scan the driver's seat expecting a crusty old man. much to my shock, it's an old classmate of mine. :( i have no idea what the worth is of the car (or really what model) nor do i know how he obtained it. but it makes me feel like i need to make more money.

from what i remember, this is what it looked like.

in researching which potential ferrari i saw, i noticed that some ferraris have 12 cylinder engines. wtf. who needs that kind of horsepower? a car like that would eat gas a rate 3 times that of my honda.. what a colossal waste of gas/money. i think even 6 cylinders is excessive. i take pride in the fact that my car has an engine comparable to that of a lawn mower.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

the blue tarp roof pics.

yesterday EH and i got some great pics of the roof.

see what i mean?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

apple picking.

we went apple picking this morning. it was quick and fun. i had an apple fritter for the first time, they are pretty fabulous. in case you don't know what they are, they are thin apple slices beer battered, deep fried, then coated with cinnamon sugar. they are pretty delicious. emily hated it because it had an apple inside. she's not so quick sometimes...

here are the pictures. good times were had by all.

oh, great news too, LD returned my favorite red sox shirt.

Friday, October 12, 2007

photo friday.

here is the photo of the giant mushrooms that MB found golfing.

and here is one of fatty just cause she's cute.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

thursday night download.

okay, my latest latte moment(frivolous waste of money, resulting in late to no retirement, as described by EH).i don't know if anyone listens to radiohead or not, but DE mentioned radiohead on her blog this morning, and then i saw them mentioned on CNN. apparently their latest album went on sale yesterday and its only available for download. when i read the article i curiously noted that potential buyers were to set their own price for the album and the band receives 100% of the sale of the album, they have no contract with any record companies. insanely curious i checked it out, and of course bought it. i put in the price of 4GBP (roughly 9 U.S. dollars). the album is okay, i'm not a really big fan of radiohead, more a fan of spending money and novelty things.

<what's going on in fayetteville>
i'm instituting a new segment in my blog called what's going on in fayetteville. it'll be random updates on my fair city. there are currently 2 things of interest to me right now. the first being the ever deteriorating roof of the fortino building. it makes me absolutely bonkers to drive by it each day. over a year ago the roof had deteriorated so badly that a physical hole was created in the roof. the owners simply placed a blue tarp (AARGH) over it. winter came and went, the tarp seemed to have worked, i thought for sure they would fix the roof this summer. nope.. the severe conditions here made the tarp start to tear and shred to the point where its a hole again. the weather here lately has been very rainy, so i can only imagine the damage that is being done to that 3rd floor. this weekend i'll take a picture to show you this ridiculousness.

the second thing going on here in the 'ville is a new restaurant is opening up. it's a mom and pop space, so i hope its a unique restaurant, not another chain.. cath heard it was going to be a mexican place, i am saying a prayer the rumor mill is right.. i walked by the other day and read the building permit but didn't get any idea of what type of restaurant it was. i'll keep you updated.
</what's going on in fayetteville>

this weekend the hunts are coming to visit. all of them and most of their canines. :) yay! hee hee..

today at the golf course mike found and picked some "puff ball" mushrooms. they are crazy looking. they are look like skulls. we are supposed to have them tomorrow at some point. i can't wait till tomorrow.. i hope they are not poison though. if you never hear from me again, they were poison.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

we are the reigning champions...

we shared 1st place this week, but it was first place none the less. god we're smart! it was also CWs birthday, so we had pastries and cupcakes! yum...

i was just clicking down the line through my favorites and came across this link.. omg. i might have to do it. and i would also suggest LK do it too. :) lol...

tomorrow is TV thursday, i look forward to it all week. i have a stupid amount of shows that i watch that are on thursdays. i dare say its around 4 hours worth of tv for just that one night. that is sick, i am sick, i watch a ridiculous amount of tv. i should have joel mchales job i watch so much! in case you are wishing and hoping i would spell out these shows, i will.. survivor china, the office, 30 rock and CSI. soon the office will be back to a 30 minute show so then i can get it down to 3 hours. sometimes if cath tapes greys i watch that, but luckily so far this season she's been watching it real time on her own, so i've been watching CSI. speaking of CSI, i hope sarah sidle doesn't leave the show.

alright, i'm tired and slightly buzzing, time for bed.

Monday, October 08, 2007

it's nearly here!

my long awaited copy of Gluten Free Girl is nearly here! i pre-ordered it back in june, and tomorrow it's finally released! i checked amazon's tracking function and it was mailed out on the 4th and it's in PA now. hopefully it will make it to me tomorrow!! but if not the tracker says the 12th.

i bought two copies intending to give one to LK because she is a writer and has more crazy health problems than anyone i know, but she has gone on the record more than once claiming how much she hates her writing at times.. now i wonder if there is not a better candidate out there to receive my extra copy. any takers? AR? first person to respond that they want it, it's yours.

go yankees?

i realize how crazy this might sound but i am really hoping the yankees continue to win. don't get me wrong, i'm not going to the dark side and relinquishing my allegiance to the red sox, but yesterday when the yankees were faced with elimination and Torre his job, i felt bad for the yankees. i was kind of hoping they would come back. because lets face it, look at how fast the red sox trampled over the angels... it's very similar to the world series back in '04, and how fun was that series? i admit that i didn't watch most of those games... i was thinking earlier this weekend that i would prefer not to see a yankees/red sox series this year because it's too stressful. however i've had a change of heart and think that i would feel cheated if the sox didn't have to go through the yankees to get to the series. i admit the games are intensely stressful, but at the end of the day i think it's worth it.. who's with me?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

eat the worm...

last nights red sox win was pretty spectacular. the yankees loss was also cause for celebration. we all had a great time at the duckling. when manny crushed that ball the bar went nuts and RC, the owner claimed "free drinks for everyone!". so the bartender made up a pitcher of shots for the bar. so exciting.

KW ate this. chewed it even.

the KWs. look at KW sporting the 2004 world series hat with the duck logo in it..

here are the rest of the pics from the night.

Friday, October 05, 2007

game 2

tonight is game 2 of the red sox/angels series. i have my fingers crossed dice-k can handle the post season. the KWs and i are celebrating KWs bday watching the game. i'm a little nervous "sloppy joe" will be there.. lets hope not.

tonight JBP rolls into town.. tomorrows plans are up in the air now due to a misinterpretation of the baseball schedule. maybe we'll head up to the old alma matter and do a bridge street run. :)

i'm glad it's friday. this week has crawled by. too bad i don't have monday off though. :(

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

we were the sole winners!!

so exciting!! we won, outright.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

made me smile...

i'm sure you new england folks have seen this ad nauseum.. but i don't usually get to see the sox games broadcast from NESN, so i just caught this on youtube/bill simmons blog..

Monday, October 01, 2007

happy birthday jenny b.

in honor of jen turning 31 last week i put together 31 photos cataloging some of the great times we've had over the years. these are not all of them, since i only got my digital camera in 2003, and i only had a handful of photos scanned in from before then...

here are the full sized photos.. i put in a few more than 31. it was too hard to narrow them down.. enjoy, and happy birthday jbp!