Wednesday, October 24, 2007

picked up my car...

i picked up my car and some funny things happened... first being, i ripped a 16% off coupon from the phone book and they accepted it. score! that reduced my total to $324.02. not good, but a hell of a lot better than the $420.17 with tax they wanted to charge me.

while the old guy was ringing me up a younger cute guy (and i mean cute in that dirty hand, masculine, blue collar kind of way) came out and just stood by the counter. i looked up at him and smiled. he smiled. then i patiently waited while the old guy tried to figure out the computer. i got the distinct feeling the young guy was staring at me, so i avoided eye contact with him. the old guy mumbled something like, oh, what is the code on the ....... (trails off). i shoot a look at the young guy. yep, he's staring. the old guy tells young guy that i work at the station and the young guy is very impressed with that. he ask what i do, i tell him, he tells me that his mother in law does the same thing but for time warner. i nod. he wants to get into computers, so he asks all about my schooling, etc. i tell him i went to oswego and he says that when he finishes up at OCC he is going to try to go there. this small bit of a conversation tells me he is either very dumb, or very young. probably very young. by this time the old guy has run my credit card and tells me i need half a dozen extra items... i thank him, fold up my receipt and grab my keys to leave and the young guy asks me if "that is my man in the car out there". it was MB. i say, no. that is my dad. he says, oh, okay, see ya later. then again talk to you soon!

wtf?!? i get hit on by the most random people at the most random times and apparently by married men. he was cute though, and i guess its flattering to some degree... but *sigh*

wow. i hope this game is not a true representation of the "great rockies" that all my relatives keep flapping their jaws about. 13-1 in the 5th is not good people... that is a really bad score. and just think about how far that ball is going to soar off pedroias bat when they get to the mile high city.. :)