Thursday, October 11, 2007

thursday night download.

okay, my latest latte moment(frivolous waste of money, resulting in late to no retirement, as described by EH).i don't know if anyone listens to radiohead or not, but DE mentioned radiohead on her blog this morning, and then i saw them mentioned on CNN. apparently their latest album went on sale yesterday and its only available for download. when i read the article i curiously noted that potential buyers were to set their own price for the album and the band receives 100% of the sale of the album, they have no contract with any record companies. insanely curious i checked it out, and of course bought it. i put in the price of 4GBP (roughly 9 U.S. dollars). the album is okay, i'm not a really big fan of radiohead, more a fan of spending money and novelty things.

<what's going on in fayetteville>
i'm instituting a new segment in my blog called what's going on in fayetteville. it'll be random updates on my fair city. there are currently 2 things of interest to me right now. the first being the ever deteriorating roof of the fortino building. it makes me absolutely bonkers to drive by it each day. over a year ago the roof had deteriorated so badly that a physical hole was created in the roof. the owners simply placed a blue tarp (AARGH) over it. winter came and went, the tarp seemed to have worked, i thought for sure they would fix the roof this summer. nope.. the severe conditions here made the tarp start to tear and shred to the point where its a hole again. the weather here lately has been very rainy, so i can only imagine the damage that is being done to that 3rd floor. this weekend i'll take a picture to show you this ridiculousness.

the second thing going on here in the 'ville is a new restaurant is opening up. it's a mom and pop space, so i hope its a unique restaurant, not another chain.. cath heard it was going to be a mexican place, i am saying a prayer the rumor mill is right.. i walked by the other day and read the building permit but didn't get any idea of what type of restaurant it was. i'll keep you updated.
</what's going on in fayetteville>

this weekend the hunts are coming to visit. all of them and most of their canines. :) yay! hee hee..

today at the golf course mike found and picked some "puff ball" mushrooms. they are crazy looking. they are look like skulls. we are supposed to have them tomorrow at some point. i can't wait till tomorrow.. i hope they are not poison though. if you never hear from me again, they were poison.