Thursday, April 28, 2005

survivor and CSI

survivor was good, but now i lost. damn that caryn. i hope she is next to go.

csi was really good....

i feel almost hung over right now. its strange that i am feeling this so many hours after the party at work today.


i brought my multi-vitamins into work in an effort to try to be better about taking them. they make me sick if i take them in the morning with my allergy and birth control, so i am supposed ot eat them with food, but i don't eat breakfast till i get to work, and i have a hard time remmebering to get them out of my purse, blah blah blah. so now they sit on my desk in eye sight. i should prob be better about taking my vitamins and i should prob start taking preventative echinacea every day too just to make sure i don't contract any of the dieseases luanne keeps bringing home. i'd kill myself if i got that sick..

does anyone know if there is a meaning to a dreams about your hair falling out. i think i keep having dreams that my hair is coming out in clumps... my blonde streaks... maybe its my subconcious rejecting the blonde...

i am asking some people to go out to dinner on cinco de mayo at the border cafe in harvard square. its funny for at least the last 3 years i have done cinco de mayo with jen and jeoff. hee hee, not this year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

dinner tonight...

so, i made 2 pizzas tonight. one like my mom does, and one on the pizza stone. i'll have to have some of the other pizza tomorrow for lunch.

we only ate pizza off the pizza stone, and if i had it to do all over again, i would not make it with fat free cheese. fat free cheese should not have been invented. i am way to tempted to buy it, and it sux....

i had a pretty good time tonight. and jon gives a pretty decent shoulder massage on an unwilling patient...

we shared 2 bottles of wine. and i found out that jon graduated from college with a summa cum laude. that means he graduated with the highest honors. his lowest grade EVER was a B. i must have impressed him with my lowest grade of D+ in art history.

the BEST part of the night was that i got my mp3 player working!!!! it only holds about songs, but still. its HELLO KITTY!

he said he would make me dinner next week at his house. i requested pad thai. he balked, then i requested swiss and brocollii quiche. again, no good. so lastly i settled for tacos.. and i told him he better make dessert.

Monday, April 25, 2005


damn. i am mad. i typed out this whole thing, and then went to change the font and i lost the whole post. grrrr.

well, i'm making pizza tomorrow night on the pizza stone one of the rommates of years past has left. i wonder if it will make a difference. black olives and mushrooms. yummmmm

i feel like a lot is going on, but nothing i feel compelled to write about.

Friday, April 22, 2005

i needed to get the price for that cereal bawksz!

how much it was! pleaaaz!

i think its called choo choo train.

please! tell me now before i get angry.

finally, friday has arrived!

every morning this week i have woken up hoping it was friday, and today is my lucky day! :)

i stayed up till about 1am watching survivor. i can't believe jeff talked janu into quitting. why the F was she there if she could care less if she won or not? i wonder though if stephanie is going to make it all the way. she knows she HAS to win immunity and both times she gave up.. she jumped off the pole for pizza, and gave up last night... i dont' know. it doesn't seem like she is giving it her all at the immunity challenges.

dinner last night was good. priscilla, katrina and john were all there. john drank a whole POT of sake. a teapot full. it was funny. it was nice to see everyone again.

i might get my nails done after work today. they are at a good length and i think they would look good with a french manicure. i might get a pedicure too. but not a french pedicure. that looks ugly and gross.

fyi... the lottery tonight is 250 million. think about all the things you could do with 250 million!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

got to bed so early last night!

i tried not turning on my tv last night in an effort to get to sleep earlier than 12 and it worked. i was 'awoken' at 1130 by the girl across the street getting out of a car, but still i was ASLEEP up until then. i imagine that i was asleep by 10pm. woot!

i had book club last night. noone seemed to like the book, but everyone read it because we've already abandoned a book in the middle of it. next up is "The Elegant Gathering of White Snows" i was able to buy it used. shiiit.

sushi is still on for tonight. yay! but the day is young.

i am taping survivor, i hope janu gets voted off.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

if you saw fever pitch, you have to read this..

okay, i don't know how may of you read 'the sports guy' but he is pretty damn funny. here is a link to his latest article. it's about fever pitch.. :)

new cube, lots of dinner plans

so i moved cubes this morning.. i love to move and rearrange stuff. so exciting.. i had to rehang the hello kitty lights. :) they are such a hit. hahaha

i had dinner last night with jon, we went to not your average joes in arlington. they have good food there. i introduced him to magic hat #9. then we watched the rest of the game. saturday during the day we are going to do a tour of fenway park. hopefully its nice weather. or at least not raining.

tonight i have book club to talk about that god forsaken book. the next one we are reading is called 'birth of venus' or something like that. at least it's not set in the middle east. hahaha

tomorrow night i am having sushi with the old KB crew. hopefully i will get paid, and i will remember to tape survivor.

its been a long time since i've played poker. i hope there is some poker this weekend. i'll have to ask jen..

my "bad" roommate got a $150 ticket today for not having his car inspected. so instead of getting it inspected like a normal human being would, he decided to scrape the inspection sticker off instead. he's such a dumbass.

Monday, April 18, 2005

tired this morning...

i am tired this morning.. maybe it's because of all the fun and fresh air i had yesterday.

book club is this week, and i am glad that i finished it last week. i can't wait to start a more interesting book. wooot! anyone have suggestions?

i got the monday and friday surrounding the sox/cubs game of, so now all i need to do is get the tickets... =)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

such a nice day!

today when i woke up luanne and i went to the beach in hull. we walked all along the boardwalk and saw the crousel, and drove out to this small little island off of hull. then we drove through quincy to marina bay. then we went to the real world house and to the boston garden and common. we tried to go on the swan boats, but we missed them.

we ended up people watching on the common and saw a couple that we oddly laying ontop of each other in the grass, it looked like this 200+lb man was trying to kill his asian g-f. a weird poodle looking dog came by and try to eat/steal my visor, then like 30 minutes later a little snot nosed kid ran over to us and grabbed my cell phone and ran away. luckily his parents were there and made him give it back.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

one more time!!!

i'm going to see fever pitch again, and i'm also going to buy some sox memorobilia whilst i am down there. i have yet to go to the souvenir store this year, and since i have already seen the movie, i think i am going to go during the beginning or end so as not to put out the people i am going to the movie with who might not want to walk 60 ft down the street for 10 minutes. shiiiiit.

i am tired. after my date this afternoon luanne, carly and i walked over to the pond in brighton and walked around in the beautiful day.

tonight tom brady is on SNL. maybe luanne will help me dye my hair and we can watch it.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

sox game

so i watched survivor per my thursday usual. then i got sucked into the rest of the thursday night shows, missing a hella exciting game. i guess sheffield went after a fan, francona and papa jack were ejected. total excitement and i missed it!

i was tipped off by this exciting news by lee when he called to let me know he's exploring his connections to see if we can avoid paying 200 a ticket for the cubs games. cross your fingers for me.

i bought a new wireless router tonight too. ours crapped the bed. i'm kinda glad too, cause it was only a G router which means it would only allow us to connect at 11MB per second (hard wiring transmits at 100MB per second). of the 4 wireless cards in the house, only one is incapable of connecting at the next speed up which is 54MB per second. the G router. but the G router will allow a B card to connect, it will just only connect at 11mbs, and the g cards will connect at 54mbs. also. we got the one that my old boss recommended, he says its really good for targeting mac addresses and locking them out. so in theory we should be able to identify if anyone is trying to steal our signal and lock them out. wooot! and it had a rebate so it'll be like $35.

have a lovely day, and don't forget to take your nice pills.

oh i forgot to mention...

i forgot to mention that my friend michelle had her baby. Leonardo David Vona was born at 7:51 a.m. on April 6th weighing in at 9 lbs 7 oz and measuring 20 ¼ inches long. i've asked what the childbirth was like, and if its as bad as the horror stories i always hear. i'll report back.

so michelle had hers on march 6th, and kerri had her son on march 4th. everyone is having boys. i hope when it's my time to have a child there are some boys left to be had...

the soup is much better this time around. pureeing it made it much thicker and tasty. i have plenty, so if you want me to save some for any of you, i can!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

dinner party

so... i had a few people over for dinner tonight. i made 4 things. fat free corn chowder, not so good. way too many peppers. we put a whole green and red pepper in it, and there was too much broth i think. just not chowder-y. grade D-

the 2nd course was salad. it's hard to f-up a salad i think, plus i have two salad recipes that i know by heart. tonight was the good 'ole spinach tomato mozzarella salad. big hit, i think. grade B+

the main course was tamale casserole. it had a polenta base, and refried beans, sour cream, scallions, cilantro, stewed tomatoes, chipotle peppers and then topped with light mexican cheese and black olives. this was incredibly spicy. i put in like an 8th of a chipotle pepper, and it successfully burned everyones mouth. jen and hope made an awesome suggestion to have it with tortilla chips. it was perfect. sooo goood. grade B

the dessert was baked apples. uhm, they were less than good. they were pretty dry in the middle. the recipe called for core-ing the apples, then filling them with alternating layers of grape nuts and sugar. topping them off with cinnamon and a sprinkle of water and putting a little bit of water in the pan they were in. well. i forgot the water. and i think they would have been better if we had peeled the apple first.. we baked them for like 45 minutes. the apples were cooked enough, but the grape nuts part was totally dry inside. the only saving grace was the fat free cool whip i had. grade C-

regardless of the outcome of the food, i had a great time. and i appreciate everyones honesty. i can't learn how to cook so good if i don't practice and have some willing guinea pigs. =) i think cooking is a learned thing, you need to practice. hope was cute though, she liked everything... she's the best guinea pig, she even took home some of the "fantastic" apples. =)

i paid and sent my taxes off today. apparently massachusetts doesn't take credit cards as payment. thank god my state was only $57.

i am pretty excited about survivor tomorrow. i hope she wins the challenges. shiiiit though, there is a red sox game. i might have to watch survivor in my bedroom. chris and jen watched the game tonight in the living room. my livng room is so much more inviting now.

i think i might go to bed soon, about an hour and a half before normal. shiiiit.

to be continued....

i didn't really watch all of amazing race, but i saw that it was to be continued. that rob and amber were doing so well.

i had a busy busy day at work today. i love days like that.

tomorrow i am having some people over for dinner. people that are daring enough to eat my "weird" cooking. i can't wait. i am making tamale casserole, corn chowder, spinach, tomato and mozzarella salad and baked apples for dessert. yummmmm-me!

alright, i am trying to get to bed before 1am tonight...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

fever pitch...

i saw fever pitch today. it was good. i love that jimmy fallon and who doesn't love drew barrymore? i was just dissapointed that the scene they keep showing on the previews where he tells her that he's a better lover when she's drunk wasn't in there!

guess what is on right now? everybody loves raymond!!!! i hope its always on at 11pm now. wooot! even though i saw this episode, i still am so excited!

tomorrow is opening day. i just saw the rings on tv. they are pretty nice looking. jen also starts at my work tomorrow.

i woke up at 4pm this afternoon. i guess i was a little more hungover than i thought i was.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

didn't quite work out..

well. i had all intentions of going to bed at 9. but that turned into 130.

i don't know what started it, but i got to reading all about the potato famine in ireland, and then the bombing at omagh in 1998. there were hundreds of people that are alive today that survived that bombing and are missing limbs, etc... i know of a couple people that are either from northern ireland, or pretty close. that were probably in ireland in 1998. it made me want to throw on some clothes and run down to the castle. =)

i have to kind of laugh this morning, cause i lay here in bed, fully addicted to the internet, and am actually stealing a signal from "belkin54g". and i remember that last night i think our internet went down, but i wasn't about to go all the way downstairs to fix it when there are a couple of signals that i can steal just fine. so about 10 minutes ago i hear someone talking and realize its matt on the phone with comcast. hahahahaha.

i love wireless technology. we need to get a new/better wireless router. and then maybe put the old crappy wireless router up here and have a stronger signal up here.

alright, quick shower, quick walk, then brunch at the pour house to get a good foundation for the all day pub crawl. woot!

Friday, April 08, 2005

i feel like going to bed now.

its 9pm and i am already tired....

i have FC and KB work to do this weekend. woot! sunday.. after my movie. sox are winning right now. 4-2, top of the 7th.

maybe i will go to bed. i think the game will come in on my bedroom tv.

damnit! i lost my last post....

damn. i wrote a post about the pope, and how i wondered how he isn't stinking to "the high heaven" just being dead and out there like that. but i lost it. =(. damn blogger...

i also wrote about how i have been watching reruns of old roseannes. sooooo good. damn that was a good show. there are so many things about it that i think, omigod, i grew up in that family. the episode i was watching last night dan had a heart attack and missed darlenes wedding to david. =(. so sad.

its friday! wooot! i've got to stop at target tonight and get some hair care supplies. i am out of shampoo, conditioner and mousse.

fever pitch comes out tonight. i'm going to see it sunday with lee and possibly jen.

tomorrow is the bar crawl, should be interesting.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

oh good god...

look what my sister just bought...

hey, do me a favor and comment on one of my posts, i just changed my settings so now anyone can comment, see if it works..


sin city.....

so i saw sin city last night. i definitely think it raises the bar for comic book movies. i love the x-men series, but it doesn't even compare to the style in this movie.... i LOVED the cinematography. it was uber-violent, but it was shot in an almost comical way, similar to kill bill, where its so overly violent you become desensitzed to it pretty quickly. i didn't read the "graphic novels", but afterwards i read that robert rodriguez took three of frank millers storylines and combined them for the movie. it was great. i highly recommend seeing this film..

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

On 2nd thought, lots of news.

I couldn't think of any exciting news at first, then I remembered all the thrilling things that happened yesterday.

first and most exciting, I got news that kerri had her baby. Anna wrote..
"But baby Connor Covh Brien is doing great! Don't quote me on the middle name, I think that's how she spelled it. He weighs 9lbs. 3.5 oz and 22 in., a big boy. Ethan was only 7lbs. 4oz and 20in. He has lots of hair she said and so cute." I'm going to have to go up there soon.

secondly, I rearranged my living room "the club". Its way more cozy now I think.. Lots of places to sit..

thirdly, I did all my little things that I've been putting off like an expense report, mailing in my tax software rebates.. Fun things!

Monday, April 04, 2005

vinegar and my diary

so last night after having pizza while watching the game at 830 i knew i was in for a night of heartburn... i had a heartburn tablet on my way home hoping i would be all set before i got home for bed. well, i wasn't all set. so i thought, i might as well give the "vinegar" trick my mom just told me a try. i had about a cup of red wine vinegar left in the bottle. so whilst my throat is burning out of my body, against my better judgement i take a swill of vinegar. if my throat was on fire before, it was just pure lava now. but after the vinegar made its way into my stomach, it quieted down the burning and i slept fine. i guess the adage "fight fire with fire" is true. insane! we'll see how long this works for me. i feel like getting some vinegar for work too, just to have. =)

another big exciting thing that happened this weekend was i WON at poker yesterday. wooo who. there were 6 of us playing and i won $25. hee hee! i'm so lucky!

after i did my taxes and paid some bills and answered some eharmony mails on friday i got to thinking that i needed to write in my diary. so i broke it out. i hadn't written since this time last year. and while i am aware that its been a year since i moved out of medford and ran away from that horrible last month or so of those friendships, i didn't realize really how much better i feel and what a better mind set i am in. dont' get me wrong, i have my moments, and if faced with a few people, i'd probably feel differently, but i was in ROUGH shape last year. i felt like my world was crumbling, i owed 4K in taxes, FC had just announced that the company had been bought out, my friendship with nuno and tracie was done, jeoff and i weren't getting along at all, i was crying in my car everytime i got into it. i wasn't sleeping at night, i was furious to the point of shaking everytime i thought about N & T. the thought of going "home" to my apt in medford was giving me panic attacks and shortness of breath. giancarlo was not letting us out of our lease. i was pretty miserable. i was so miserable i remember writing an email to my mom asking for help at 3 in the morning some random night.

thank god for luanne and paxil. jen was pretty supportive those first few months too.

i also was a little surprised to see that i had another diary entry from 2002 where i wrote about jeoff and my not getting along back then. so its been 3 or so years that we have been on rocky terms. i think my mind chooses not to remember things like that. good thing i write them down.

i tried becks light yesterday, it was 103 calories, maybe its the becks premier light that is 64 calories....

i am going to be a busy beaver this week. movies tomorrow and sunday, dinner wednesday night, celebration thursday, friday i am supposed to do wine charms with katie and luanne, but noone has bought tickets, so i bet that won't happen. saturday is a bar crawl.. shiiiiiiiiit.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


I had my car inspected today and the guy wrote down "rear bumper". =(. My car was perfect when I bought it how sad. Oh well, when I get in my next accident hopefully someone rear-ends me, then I can get a new one.

I figured out how to turn off the maint req'd light on my dash. And I also figured out what the "side airbags" light was. That car manual is a fascinating read.

I think somewhere in ewan mcgregor's contract it states that he must be naked. "young Adam" is another one I'm watching where he is full frontal again. Not that I'm complaining.

oo, I just saw that the pope died!! terri shiavo and the pope all in one week. shiiiiit.

I did my taxes last night. I only owe around $800. I am so glad my state only came out to like $57. woooot!

red sox play the Yankees tomorrow night. Get your work done!