Friday, December 30, 2005

the cellar is clean!

so we finally finished cleaning the cellar yesterday. a real 3 day project... here are a couple of pictures, but click here for the rest. if you had ever seen the basement, these pics will be more impressive.

this morning at 930 we dragged all this out to the curb, i would guess 30 contractor bags full, and then all that other crap. by 1050, all the garbage was gone. the village came and promptly took it all. we thought it would sit there for 4 days (trash day is tuesday)... soooo exciting. i guess official trash day is just a guideline. if you want to throw out 20 years worth of shit you can do it any day you want.

this is all the trash...

this is 30 minutes after we got it to the curb.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

new and improved track jacket...

i have been so busy on my vacation, i am going to need a vacation when this is all over!

well today was day three of the cellar cleaning. i am satisfied with all our progress, but i give it about a month before my parents crap it up again. every day we finish so late that i can't take pictures, i will do it tomorrow when we haul all the trashbags to the curb.

after our day of cleaning, i was able to finally get to my sewing project. sooo exciting! check it out!

i saw king kong last night it was pretty decent. i was a little confused as to why the island where kong was from was like jurassic park..

i have yet to start another painting... i am thinking and i am running out of time to do that this "break".

tomorrow my camera charger and cables should come. cross your fingers. tomorrow will also be "computer day". cath needs to be taught how to use the ipod so she can promptly forget as soon as i leave, and we need to take pictures and post the "shopsmith mark V" on ebay.. there is one there right now that is going for close to a grand. sue-eee!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


cath and i went to the casino tonight. shockingly we did not win but, i am well on my way to lung bonus!

this morning/afternoon we embarked on our huge vacation week project of cleaning out the cellar. the last time i was home the cellar gave me nightmares. i wish i had taken some pictures of it before, but i'll be sure to take some "after" pictures. we loaded up 19 large contractor bags of crap. it's pretty incredible. we have found some interesting things. emily is/was a candle fanatic as a child. so naturally, she has/had boxes and boxes of candles. i guess mice love candle wax, there were more then one candle that had been gnawed on by mice. it was kinda cool. so, lesson learned, don't keep candles in mice areas..

we are not completely done with the cellar yet. we are about 60% i would say. tomorrow we will continue. wooo who!

i am also going to dye my hair again tomorrow, and maybe start on my sewing project.

then i need to start a painting. shiiiiit.

last night jen, mike, trish, kirk and i shared a bunch of pitchers ($7 per pitcher of coors light) at mulligans. the bar got pretty packed, and i am thinking it wasn't even because of the pats vs the jets.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry christmas!

this morning we got to finally open our presents! it was so exciting. i love christmas. i got a little nervous when i opened up all kinds of presents and no new camera. eventually i did find it. however the following pictures are not from it because it didn't come with any of the instruction books or cords, or anything..

its sooo small and awesome!!

here is a good one of cath and SB.

yesterday we took our annual xmas picture, and now industrial color labs gives you a cd instead of taking the pics on real film. it was great, we ran right over to eckerds and printed out an 8x10 for the wall. it was fantastic!

they even lets us bring the hounds.

for dinner last night i met tim at carabbas. i had never been, it was pretty good. and i haven't hung out and talked with just him since we lived together i think. shiiiiit. it was really nice.

here he is in his new subaru!

some other really exciting presents i got were a set of tray tables, and a toaster oven!!! yay! i also got a phatty set of red and white wine glasses. kitty didn't even know that i recently broke all the wine glasses we had.

Friday, December 23, 2005

ho ho hos!

once again, the gathering of mrs claus's was a fantastic time...

there were many laughs, a few celebrity sightings (ming tsai, someone from the "cars", and someone from the film studio "lions gate"), the food was good, the cocktails were better, i finally got to see the downstairs at clearys.

here are some of the more memorable shots i took.

the cleavage sisters

no outfit is complete without wool hunting socks.

can i have 1 non-see through shirt please?

and i need 1 camera that does not give vicious red eye.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

happy 28th birthday ryan!

i saw "chronicles of narnia: the lion the witch and the wardrobe"... instead of syriana (yay!) i liked the movie and am interested in seeing the other two. but i couldn't help feeling like i keep seeing the same story over and over and over... the similarities between this and lord of the rings and harry potter, even wizard of oz, were undeniable. i even think that some of the characters are the same. i swear there were urakai in narnia.. wtf.. pretty much all of the aforementioned stories were written by authors with initials for first names even... c.s. lewis, j.r.r. tolkein, j.k. rowling, l. frank baum... if i ever write a book, i will be r. brown. or r.b. farrell. :) shiiiiiit.

afterwards LM and i went to "on the border". i haven't seen LM in a long time, and not since his engagement announcement. he seems to be doing well, and seems to be getting comfortable in his new status.. i anticipate conversations like this in the future. rb: hey, how are you? LM: we're good! rb: hey, are you busy on XX day? LM: i'll have to ask permission and get back to you.... LOL. i kid i kid... i like tammy a lot, and i think the two of them are good for each other. i appreciate how candidly i can converse with LM too. (most of the time) there is no tip-toeing around real questions. :) that's a good quality to have.

looking ahead to tonight, my supplier hooked me up with some anti-hangover pills. i have a feeling i am going to need them.. not only will i be celebrating the 2nd annual gathering of mrs clauses, but its ryan's birthday.. i will be celebrating at a satellite location though!

so, happy birthday ryan, even though you don't read the blog..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

airborne, you are my hero

thanks to airborne, i think i have successfully kicked the cold i was getting yesterday. my face does not feel bruised anymore and my eyes are not as achey. keith also told me about this zinc cream you can apply to the insides of your nostrils when you feel a virus/cold coming on that will "trap" any virus from spreading through your nose. i'll have to look for it at the store while i am home cath..

the downside is, i do have a cold sore festering, my 3rd one ever. i haven't had one since emily stressed me out about her wedding the summer of 04. the inside of my lip was all swollen this morning. i was putting abreva on it yesterday at work, and i mistakenly left it there overnight. :( i wasn't able to reapply it till this morning. oh shooot. i just realized that i should have taken my lysine this morning with my pill cocktail of vitamin c, airborne echineacea, allegra D and my acyclovir.. shiiiiiiit. i'm a walking pharmacy.

anyone want to see pictures?

Monday, December 19, 2005

some party pics

i was re-reading my blog here and realized that it was rather wordy, and very void of pictures. so to spice it up, here are a few from the work party...

see, everyone is having a fantastic time!

especially this party animal!

check out how straight my hair is... shiiiiiit.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

i feel so accomplished.

i never got dressed today. :) but i got so much done, i printed, wrote out, stamped and addressed my christmas cards. i hung all my IKEA purchases, wrapped most of my xmas presents, did my xmas cooking and packaging. i cleaned the kitchen, and watched the 2 netflix movies i had left.

one of my movies was closer. i have to say i really enjoyed it, even though it was all about infidelity. what i was really impressed with was the way the couples argued and revealed their cheating ways. it was so civilized. impressive, i aspire to argue that way. also, not to be overlooked was clive owen, i think i have a new crush.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

i am in love.

i had nothing going on today so i called up KT and she was game for going to the newest tourist attraction in MA, IKEA. from what i knew of IKEA, (very little) i kind of thought i would like it.. its a furniture store essentially, originally from sweden that has really modern furnishings for relatively inexpensive prices. the only catch is that you need to put together the furniture pieces on your own. (and what able bodied daughter of mike brown that grew up with only sisters can't do that? shiiiiit)

so we drove the 45 minutes or so down to stoughton. we missed a turn, but had we followed the directions, it would have been a piece of cake to get there, so easy in fact, i am confident i could get back.. we pulled down the street it's on and we start seeing traffic signs similar to those at the airport. they were huge and all over the place. it was great. when we got close enough to see the store, i felt like we were headed to foxwoods, or mohegan sun it was that big.. the store is so gigantic that there is a parking lot mall style underneath it. we find a parking spot and head to the store, while KT christened their toilets, i took a gander at the "playroom" where you can DROP OFF YOUR KIDS. leave them there attended by someone in the store. how ingenious is that? KT and i grab a yellow shopping bag and head up the stairs to the showroom. the layout and display of their products is ingenious. i have no idea why more stores don't do things this way.. there are something like 25-30 "rooms" in the upstairs, each area is set up like a real life living space. there are couches, with the entertainment centers, end tables, coffee tables, lamps, books, artwork, floors, rugs, everything you can think of that really belongs in these areas. and each different room is decorated differently with some of the same furniture, or different stuff. they make it so easy to imagine that stuff in your space. the prices are clearly marked on everything too. then each room has a banner of sorts that totals up the entire room. so essentially you could come in, pick a room you like, and walk out with the entire thing, for say $1,457. so fantastic. the kitchens and bedrooms were the most impressive in my opinion. it so makes me want to buy a house. at the end of every section or so there are elements that were in the previous section that you can pick up and buy, otherwise, you write down the sku number and then find it at the end in the "warehouse".

the layout of the store is ingenious too, you pretty much have to meander through their entire inventory to get out to the cash registers. i could have spent my next years salary so easily on the little things i saw here and there.

half way through the store there is a "restaurant". of course the priced are ridiculously cheap, so we stopped for a meal of swedish meatballs with gravy, two potatoes and some loganberries, (swedish food) for $4. it was totally cafeteria style, and the dishes and glasses were real. after all that perusing, you almost needed to stop for nourishment.

all of this is on the top floor, on the 2nd floor is a "marketplace" where they have all the smaller items and linens, and neat stuff. their stemware and dishes and cutlery is dirt cheap. they had champagne flutes for 25 cents each.

on the way out they have this escalator like the ones they have in airports "moving sidewalk style", but it goes from the 2nd floor back to the ground floor. then neatest thing is you push your cart onto it, and the floor somehow grips the cart so it won't go careening down into the customers ahead of you. so freaking amazing.

needless to say, this is where all my new out of town guests are going when they come to visit, and i will be registering at IKEA if i ever get married.

and if anyone wants to move with me to stoughton, let me know.

Friday, December 16, 2005

trip to the ballet, take 2

i went to see the nutcracker with fjk on friday. having been to the ballet about a month ago, i learned not to wear jeans and sneakers. check. being late and ever so slightly hung over friday morning, i didn't think to dress up for work friday so i could just go straight to the opera house. so i stopped home, changed real quick and was still arrived 30 minutes after the show started. that 30 minutes must have been when the "nutcracker" was on the stage, cause i saw the guy for a total of about 16 minutes. that ballet is really misnamed, there was little to no nutcracker to speak of. kinda disappointing.. here's a list of the pros and cons of the show.

things i liked or loved.
1. there was more "dancing" per se in this ballet. that was nice.
2. the sets were amazing. each different scene had an intricate completely different set, totally all out, each one for them, very well done. one even had snow pouring down from the sky.
3. the men. their asses were so shaped and tight i was in awe. they were 85 lbs of pure muscle. and they didn't appear to have any underwears on underneath their tights. they also danced way more impressively then the women. their dancing basically just consisted of jumps and like freeze frame in the middle of the air. so impressive... i especially enjoyed the "russian mens dance"...
4. now i know where all the ringtones in my cell phone come from. and the tetris song...

things i didn't like..
1. the ADD divorced weekend dad sitting next to me. he could not sit still, he made me want to punch him. at one point i looked over and he and his weekend daughter were holding up their fingers in the "i'm going to squish your head" fashion. it made me think of survivor, and i wanted to break their stupid fingers. the father also clapped really obnoxiously. and he was "loud talker", hate that.
2. i kept waiting for one of the dancers to lose her step and fall like in ice skating. or i wanted one of their legs to cramp up, or i wanted one of them to attempt a triple sow cow and f-up the landing. you know, add some human element to the show. nope, didn't happen. i guess that is what happens when you weigh 70 lbs and prance around on your toes for a living, you are invincible.. they really did look like dolls. i couldn't help think that was such an unhealthy dream for little girls to have, to aspire to be one of these 70 lb stick figure dolls.
3. the name. it shouldn't be called "nutcracker". it should be called, "the ringtones dance".
4. i was so late to the show that i had to park in a garage. luckily it only cost $8. phew... but you know how i hate to pay for parking.

so, in conclusion, the ballet was another delightful experience. look forward to seeing it again next year.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


lately i have been in no rush to leave work... at the end of the day, after my work is done i've been perusing the internet at my leisure, and sometimes that keeps me here till 8pm....

i recently added a proifle to, which is what has sparked this "get caught up in the web" type of activity... well, myspace is so wide and plentiful a resource i have been obsessing about finding old classmates, college and high school. i found a couple guys from college, and did some random high school searches. the one i am most interested in finding is katie mcphee. i lost touch with her the year she went to walla walla. its been a good ten years i'd say... so i google blog searched her and came up with a blog from a guy who goes to clarkson i think, sounds like maybe he is a friend of jeff mcphees.... so i did a little digging and found an email address for him. he wrote about me on his blog. its quite funny... i'll let you know if i do end up getting in touch with katie..

in reading a bunch of random strangers blogs from myspace, i hear some common concerns that i have, some familiar feelings, and then i think that i am doing pretty well, and my "pains" are really not that different then other peoples.. and then there are some things i read and think, wow! i have been there, and i am so much better off right now. life is good. maybe its just cause its this time of year too. this time of year is part of the therapy high season, and i am so glad its not a crisis time for me. :)

tonight is the work xmas party. KT came over last night, (and so did angela) and we had a little fashion show to show off our party outfits. good times. good times. i also impressed KT with my pasta making skillz. she was very impressed with how good pasta turns out when you add a teaspoon or two of salt to the water. (and her degree is from johnson and wales, shiiiiiiit) i think i learned that trick from nanny, she used to put a little bit of olive oil in the water too, to prevent the pasta from sticking when you drain it, but i don't notice the benefits of that, so i don't bother...

this weekend i am vowing to finish my xmas cards, so expect an email if you've moved since last year.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

happy 26th birfday sarah...

happy birthday sarah... when i see you i'll have to give you 26 spankings, and then one to grow on!

in other thrilling news, AL (her initials didn't even change when she got married) is with child!!! sooo exciitng! i'm gonna have to plan a little trip down to MD soon to see the new mommy...

Monday, December 12, 2005

so productive..

i have the most productive weekend ever and pretty much all of it took place on sunday.

1. i bought a shirt for the xmas party
2. i got the pkging i need for my work xmas gifts
3. i got the ink i needed for my xmas cards
4. i got an xmas gift.
5, i went back to kohls and got some stockings.
6. i put my bikes away for the winter
7. i rearranged the storage space so we can get in there.
8. i ran the dishwasher and put the dishes away
9. i vacuumed my bedroom, the living room and some of the bathrooms/kitchen
10. i grocery shopped and bought all the ingredients i need for my xmas gifts
11. i thought out, designed, and started cutting the linoleum for my xmas cards
12. i watched all 3 of my netflix movies.
13. i also organized all my reciepts/bills and paperwork in preparation for taxes.

friday night i went to the briar with the ladies, pretty much one of the most fun nights out i've had in a LONG time... see the evidence on LK's blog. KT has such a way about her.. her beautiful southern accent is my favorite. "BYE!"... and her blatant waste of money in the form of leaving her rum and cokes, screwdrivers, and B to the E's all over the place is so endearing. but... my favorite is when she orders the cab driver to "TURN AROUND SIR", $15 into the cab ride cause she leaves her cell phone at the bar... :) i love KT.

i must say that the chinese food place nears jens house has the best sesame tofu ever created. EVER. i might stop there tonight it was so good.

saturday i woke up with a headache. i think it was from all the laughing i did friday night. i was feeling sore friday night from laughing so much. and thank god LK was there to catch it all on film. so i took some IB's and went back to bed till 430. :) so nice to sleep it off. saturday night KT came over and we watched rushmore and we ate mexican food. i watched SNL after that and fell asleep on the couch. kind of a much needed waste of the day.

i am just waiting on a few things then i can start wrapping my xmas presents. that is my favorite part of xmas, wrapping the presents, you can be so anal about it. this year all my paper is shiny metallic stuff. can't wait!!!!!!

this coming week i will need to print my xmas cards (3 times, shiiiit), figure out the "message" for the middle, write them, address them, buy stamps and stamp them, send them. cook my xmas presents, go to the company holiday party, and go see the nutcracker on friday.

king kong comes out on wednesday. shiiiit.

Friday, December 09, 2005

aeon flux.

so i didn't get my way last night, but i also didn't have to pay. :) NS looked good. he had a cute little knit hat and nice shoes, and he smelled good again.

aeon flux was okay. it was weird, it takes place in the future. its an mtv film, and the opening scene is the same as the opening scene of the cartoon. if i was the director of the movie though, i would have made charlize theron have longer eyelashes for that part.

i'm not sure what is going to happen with NS, but i'll keep you updated.

after i dropped him off (he also apologized for my having to drive.. that was nice) i went home and was walking into the house and felt like i was missing something, i was, i had left my purse at the theater. shiiiit. luckily theaters are open late.

so there are a couple of inches of snow here and of course all of the account teams "can't make it into work". sissys... :)

i think i am the only one blogging this week. wtf???

Thursday, December 08, 2005


i think that i am going to the movies with NS tonight. if i get my way we will see walk the line.

yesterday i went to the art store to get some stuff for my xmas cards. shiiiiit. i should not go there. i feel like a kid in a candy store when i'm there. somehow i talked myself into buying a small press to make my xmas card making easier. but if i find that it wasn't worth buying i am so returning it. i'm a little suspect of it. there were no instructions or anything in the box. i am going to have to refer to my trusty friend the internet on that one.

tomorrow i am going to the nutcracker with fjk. i've never seen the nutcracker, i'm pretty psyched. i will dress appropriately this time, that's for sure! there is also a wine reception beforehand. yippee skippeee!! i love wine! later that evening JB heard about a rugby xmas party at the briar in brighton.. there is a good possibility that saturday will be a rough morning..

this sunday is the finale of survivor.. get your work done!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

good news to report

i have some good news to report. seeing as its been 2+ weeks since i went out with NS, i was kind of thinking, "eh, its been too long. i think that the window on this one is closing..." but i emailed him yesterday for confirmation of my suspicions, and was pleasantly surprised. he is "definitely" still interested in going to see a movie with me this week, he has been pretty busy work wise, and he even asked how cath was doing...


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

work with keith

i am working with keith on anger.. she was telling me that anger ties in a lot with weight. she said that when you can release anger and expel it, and not keep it inside, that it does noticeable things to your body. i tend to believe what she says and don't think she is just making this up, so i will be pretty excited to test out her theory. however, if i knew what i was doing wrong/what i could do better, i would probably be doing it already.

that is where i'm going to need some outside help... :) so don't be surprised if i email you some questions... please answer them if i email you so i can make some progress here with my therapy. thanks in advance everyone.

in other news...i'm generating some ideas on a "blog related" art project....but i think i am going to wait till after christmas to start it... :) stay tuned...

gas is still $1.99

i love it! i can still find gas for $1.99 in east lexington. lexington looks like a really nice place to live. expensive, but beautiful. its one of the *good* L towns.

we are having our company party next thursday. hope said she'd go with me. :) and she's gonna wear something sexy. hahhahaha. sicko. i'm excited for it, its at the decordova museum. i like hanging out with coworkers. its funny this time last year LK went with her best friend brian. wow, interesting what a year will bring.

i'm also getting really excited for the 2nd annual mrs claus's night out. we are going back to sonsie and then to clearys. i don't think i've been to clearys since sarah worked there. maybe we'll run into kim my old downstairs neighbor. she frequents that areas bars.

i am beginning to ponder a place to have my 30th b-day dinner. the preliminary guest list is 40 people. i figure half of them will be able to make it. does anyone have any ideas? LK suggested renting the "wee bar" at the castle, that might work. order a bunch of chinese food and the wee bar. we'll have to see, the castle is one of my favorite bars. :) please comment with any ideas you might have for dinner and 20+ people.

cath i need some more xmas ideas from you and dad.

Friday, December 02, 2005

the pics are in!

since noone at the brown household knows how to download pictures, i did. shiiiiiit.

here they are... what thanksgiving isn't complete without a trip to grannies?

another memorable encounter with Dr harden

today was my dr appt with dr harden. in case you are unfamiliar with some of my previous encounters with him, here are the highlights:

1. i went to him back in april 2003 cause i didn't have insurance when i was in the middle of my breakdown to get on some antidepressants. so i tell him that i am sad, i can't sleep, i get anxious when i have to go home (middlesex), i have been crying for weeks, etc. i tell him the whole story, he says, let me get this straight, this guy, doesn't want to be with you, and he wants to date other people? i say yes, he says, uhm, you just need to get over him. no shit, thanks doc.. after that he gave me some ambien for sleeping, paxil for anti depressant/anti anxiety and 600mg ibuprofen for my crying induced headaches. you'd think he gets paid by the amount of prescriptions he writes.

2. the following year i went for my checkup, he comes in and tells me that i have reached a milestone. the 100 lbs overweight milestone. he says that is considered to be grossly, morbidly obese. he says, i'll give you this sheet we give parents that have children that are obese. then he says, i don't think anyone reads it though. then he says, alright, don't gain any more weight...

3. in that same visit, i asked him to write me a prescription for my birth control. he goes off on a tangent about prenatal vitamins and how prenatal vtamins can prevent all kinds of birth defects. so i take that prescription to eckerds to be filled (for sarah, since she is so intent on having a baby out of wedlock) along with my birth control and the pharmacy calls me to ask me if i am pregnant and still taking my BC pills.

so this time, he looks at my file, and says, well, your body mass index is the same, that's good. you're not gaining weight. someday we'd like to see that weight go down. would you consider surgery? wtf.. no i won't consider surgery. jesus.

after the dr's, dad and i stopped at king davids and got gyro salads. soooo good. of course i was sitting out here on the couch in the tv room and i spilled it all over my laptop. right in the keyboard and on the screen. nice!

cathy is doing well. she showered today and walks around a little, and still can manage to hobble out to the porch to "check the mail". she keeps wanting to show me her scars.. no thanks. if she does manage to show me i will take a picture for the blog.

its really snowing here. wet snow. grrrr.

so i finally called back this guy from eharmony on my way home last night, we'll call him J. he lives in andover. i think i might meet up with him next week. he seems interesting enough. he is from long island. thankfully i had him to talk to so i didn't fall asleep. we talked for a few hours i'd say.

tomorrow i am going to movie and dinner with shannon, pete and bill. i am really looking forward to that. i think i'm going to bring my camera.

alright kids, ta-ta..