Friday, September 30, 2005

adding to the blog

ok, i was able to repost to the blog. that is a miracle. have tara go to the bogger icon in the left hand corner (orange) and clic, enter her name and password and she should get to post to your blog. clic on the green PLUS sign and add her post. if i can do it, she can.
yes the wine tour was so much fun, i loved LK's interpretation of it, and i guess she missed out on a lot having sisters so close in age. oh the drama. arent we all miserable bitches??????
anyway i had a blast and hanging with peg and mike was a highlight. thanks peg and mike for inviting us all.

yay! its friday!

i'm so excited it friday... last night watching the red sox game was very stressful.. i'm getting those ridiculously tense feelings. that sick to my stomach, i can't watch anymore feelings.

tonight is the first game in the last series of the season... and its against the yankees. :( stress..

i'm getting a manicure/pedicure tonight then i might have dinner with KT and her roommate and watch the game somewhere.

i'll be so excited when the wedding is over tomorrow.

LK and i are having people over for wine sat night. good times.

CSI was good last night. love that warrick brown. i hope they show his wife soon.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


my trusty google desktop is telling me that fayetteville is 20 degrees cooler then we are right now. holy crap. then i just read this story, and power is out all over CNY, shiiiiiiit.

the corpse bride was kinda cute. it was short 1.5 hours... the night to go to the movies is wed night. it was dead. so awesome, and the pretzel nuggets were fresh out of the oven. apparently katie had never had them before, you would have thought someone gave her crack. she must have said about 35 times how much she loved the pretzels.

tonight is my companies dinner at the top of the hub. i'm not allowed to go, but jen and LK are going. :( so jealous. i haven't heard anything abt the bachelorette party, so i think i am just going to end up watching survivor and eating popcorn. and csi.

i had my eyebrows waxed at lunch today cause when i tried to go last night the 3 nail salons i went to near katies house couldn't do it. and right before i went into the first one i got a real urgency to go to the bathroom (if you know what i mean), but they didn't have waxing, so i hobbled across the street to the 2nd place, nada, at this point i'm seriously considering going #2 behind someones car on mass ave in arlington. it just wasn't going to wait, it was burning its way out! luckily the movie theater was kind enough to let me go there, they must have seen the beads of sweat running down my face and the terror in my eyes...

i forgot to mention my latest "neighbor" story...

i was awoken last night at 230 to the neighbors yelling at each other about cigarettes. from what i can tell there is a woman and her son that live next door, maybe a girl too, but she may just be a girlfriend of the son... so anyway, the son is demanding a cigarette from the mother, the mother is saying that she is not going to give "jeremy" her last cigarette, then she tells him to go to bed. he says he's not going until he gets a cigarette. then he says, "and don't wake me up tomorrow". she claims she's going to. such trash these people are.

wtf!!!! why are they up at 230 in the morning?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

new stuff

i am liking my new phone more and more by the day.. the first thing that is so great about it is the voice dial. i have never had voice dial. but now i can just click a button, say a name and the phone starts dialing! the only drawback is that my voice doesn't register through my headset... so i have to detach the headset, start up the call, and reattach the headset. not that big a deal.

i also have a voice memo feature, which comes in so handy when i'm in the car and i think of something i want to blog or a song i want to add to my list of songs to download.

and the ring is much louder then my old phone. that was something that i always wished for my old phone. now i have it woooot!

i went to deposit a check and pick up my contacts at lunch today, and i got all the way to the eye dr's (in the 'ville) and they are closed on wed's.. wtf!

i am getting my eyebrows waxed tonight, and then KT and i are going to see corpse bride. i love the movie theater!

oh, tim and fran loved the gift. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

shady neighbors

my bedroom window is about 10 feet from the front door of the house next door. i have grown somewhat used to people banging on the door of the house next door at all hours of the night. i can hear their phone ring, the toilet flush, the cat being called for, the television sometimes, the mom whining the son's name, (jeremy), and most annoying their alarm clock going off at 6am.

so this morning when i was getting ready for work in the 7 o clock hour there is banging on the door. i am pissed!! wtf??? so i hear the people knocking and knocking, and saying things like, "i think they are avoiding us"... its almost 8am now and i'm leaving for work, i walk out my door and to my car and one of the men (3 of them) in the street says, "miss brown...", i'm shocked that he knows my name. "we're with the somerville force, do you know this boy? does he live here? is he home, have you seen him?", he holds up a picture of a late teenaged boy.. it could be the kid next door, but it could be one of his punk friends. i tell him i'm not really sure what the kid next door looks like, but i know a boy lives there.

ugh. no wonder none of the houses on my block are selling...

i heard the boy and his friends out there tonight though, so apparently he's not in jail yet. :) i'll check the police report and see what i can find.

wine tour....

alright, alright, here is the blog abt the wine tour...

the tour was great. we hit 7 wineries in about 5 hours. we definitely had fun with each other, and met some intersting characters along the way. here is a little bit about each one...

"john".. john was a 50-60 year old man that "found" us at the first tasting. he took to calling me ruby begonia (attempting to guess what my initials stood for)there are some scary pictures of him in the photo album at the end of this posting.. he tried to make us go to the "swingers" house at the end of the tour. we declined!

"pam".. pam had bells palsy. i didn't even notice till i saw the pics. (i must have been drunker then i thought) she was the first woman in her 40's to take off her top. she also "couldn't wait till her kids were old enough to drink with". (i could make a portville joke here, but i won't). cathy, and i hear will too, do a GREAT impression of her. there are some great pics of her in her green top simulating sex with the lady in purple, in the photo album.

"the swingers".. there was a rough older looking woman who got into the shirtless act, who invited us to go back to her house where she had "Plenty of room" for the whole bus of 45 people to stay there.

im sure there were others, but those are the ones that come to mind...

i bought abt 9 bottles of wine and they are just as good here in my house as they were in the winery... yummmmmmm. hanging out with peg and mike was soooo much fun too. i'm really hoping peg can go with us to vegas!

here are my pics, and emily has some good ones too, and peg has them posted with her run down on her blog...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

so many things i love....

i was thinking in the shower this am that i LOVE aussie hair conditioner. no matter how tangly and ratty my hair feels when i'm done shampooing, the aussie conditioner gets it all out silky and smooth!

i also love to order things online and get them in the mail. my cd's arrived right on schedule this am... so nice!

i also love my new cell phone. although i prob won't recognize my new ring for a month or so, so be sure to leave messages. another thing i love about sprint in general is that they were able to transfer my phone book off my old phone into my new one, and the numbers that didn't make it, they printed out for me.

i also love my cubemate, he offered out of the blue to get me lunch cause i was so stressing this am, then he went and got it and everything..

i also love dropping my laundry off at the laundromat so they can wash it while i work today. only $15 for 20 lbs of laundry. woot! what i am going to love more though, is the way they fold it, and hang my delicates.

then when i get home tonight, i am going to love some magic hat #9 for dinner, and love watching survivor and csi.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

houston we have a problem...

so it's nearing midnight and i'm giving flora a tour of the house and we get to the kitchen, and it looks like we've been ransacked. i quickly realize that the shelf the housed our extra wine glasses and the irreplacable extra pieces of my purple set of dishes has finally fallen off the wall smashing every single item to smithereens. i don't think there is one salvagable piece in the lot. :(

so, don't come over and into the kitchen barefoot till tomorrow.

i learned so much from keith last night. she told me all about seizures and how they are VERY closely linked to migraines. well, actually its the other way around, migraines are related to seizures.

she also said that there is a theroy that family members tend to all respond well to the same medication, so if one of your family members responds well to a certain type of anti depressant the chances are pretty great that you will too. interesting..

peg sent the itinerary for the wine tour today, i'll be passing that on to the affected parties, can someone send it on to will?

no "balls deep" last night. but the minions were there. i think the dj has a thing for one of "the minions". he talked to her on the mic more then once in the night. thanks KT, hoper, and flora for coming! the new waitress is WAY better, but the regular bartender wasn't there, it was the irish guy, and he made my chocolate martini with kaluha! it was so gross. flora made me send it back. the waitress then had to make it herself. much better...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

one thing i forgot...

i bought 2.5 cd's today that should get here just in time to take on the road trip with us. i bought mdoughty's new cd, and his double older one. i have one of the older ones, but i think i might give it to SB since i know she likes it so much, even though its signed and everything....

mdoughty will always be syracuse travel music to me, it reminds me soooo much of when SB and i used to drive home and sing at the top of our lungs over and over till we both could sing the lyrics without screwing them up...

blogger sux at home

for some reason i can only get into my blogger dashboard from work. it takes too long from home. grrrrr. it also takes too long to even really check the blogs from home. i hate that!

so i got the cutest pair of shoes for the wedding. really cute.. Lk go thte same pair, we can be twins!

well, part of my "plan of attack" is to make plans for after the wedding, and i checked the invite and it's a morning wedding, since i won't be drinking there, harpoonfest is looking even more and more attractive. even though i "retired" from h-fest. i might have to come out of retirement just this once! :)

i'll post the links to the wineries we are going to tomorrow so you winos can preview them and get your wine list ready.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

wine tour 7 days and counting!

the wine tour is a mere 7 days away. i can hardly contain my excitement!

there has been a request for a "line up" of sorts of confirmed attendees. i'm a visual person, so i threw together a little "guide". enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


so the pulled pork turned out well. i can't believe how easy it was. i guess you can make pulled chicken too. maybe someday i will do that.

LM got off his chest all the things he wanted to tell me about JT's wedding. i am getting a little bit better picture of what to expect in october, but what i was not expecting was "choose your own seat".. wtf? who does weddings like that? :(. but i'm starting to feel more at peace with the whole NS situation, his g-f is not american either. phew, for some reason that makes me feel better. i think that now my anxiety is directed a little more towards seeing, possibly talking, to JT. to be honest, i'm not even sure how i feel about that guy. but i do know that i've been writing about him in my journal for years now. i'll have to tell this mini break-thru to keith so we can focus our attention that way.

survivor starts tonight. wooot! i am not sure i lost this week. i was having a "challenging week" to begin with, and then throw the growler of real beer i drank last night into the mix and i'm praying for "stay the same"...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

pulled pork is cooking!!

so the pulled pork is cooking, hopefully all day on high is good cause cath didn't email me back this morning abt if all day on high was too long. i'm sure it will be fine.

we lost at trivia last night. but i had a good time doing it. we've gotten to be a little "competetive" with this team of guys called "balls deep". they're young, but they flirt with us, well, one does. its cute.

there has been some discussion amongst the girls about not doing trivia night anymore. some say that we suck, and we will never win, so why play, other people say that the only reason they go is to socialize, i am feeling like i am the only one that genuinely goes to play the trivia. i really like the bar, the bartender is cool, the trivia guy is really cool, the waitress could be way better, but overall i think its a blast each and every time. i think that regardless of the wishy washy players, i am going to continue to go even if i am just like the "osama bin laden" dollar bill guy playing by myself. it'll be cheaper, that's for sure. last night i put the bill on my card and took everyones cash since i have zero dollars in my checking account until october, and ended up paying $63... shiiiiiiit.

anyone that wants to come on tuesdays and play with me is more then welcome. i love trivia.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

don't you hate when...

the underwire in your favorite bra breaks? i am heartbroken that mine broke this weekend. :( so sad.

i won a couple of passes to the beer summit in boston on saturday from sam adams. kt, bryan and i are going, its gonna be fun. i've always wanted to go to the castle in park plaza.

our company had an ice cream truck pull up today in front of the office and we were all given whatever we wanted from it. sooo nice! i got the choco taco, of course, only 7 points.

Monday, September 12, 2005

big news!!

the biggest best news is that LK bought a new wireless router! its a netgear super g. we came home and immediately set it up, this time we got it to be secure. this is the best day ever!!!

aside from that fabulous news, i am trying out some new hair products. its the aussie foam/leave in conditioner. and the mousse/LIC. wooo who. the foam worked okay today, my hair was definitely curlier.

i am trying to make pulled pork on wednesday night. wish me luck. i hope there are no other pork loins then "tenderloins"... otherwise i bought the wrong thing.

i need some help locating some mp3s, if anyone knows where i can get the following mp3s for free or a dollar, i'll be your best friend:

rihanna - pon de replay
the decemberists - sixteen military wives
jessica simpson - these boots were made for walkin
pussycat dolls - don't cha

trivia should be fun tomorrow night. lots of people are coming to meet katies b-f. hopefully they bring their thinking caps.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

fun with the fleurys.

i had a great time this weekend. i went up saturday to visit the fleurys and the briens. i took a really long way on the way there. i was almost in canada.

the children were so well behaved i was so impressed. ethan is almost talking. he's really smart too. he completely understands everything that we say, and he's at the stage where he is testing his boundries. he does somehting he knows he's not supposed to do and then he looks at his parents to see if they are watching...

hailey is so little and sleepy. she slept a lot of the time i was there, when she wasn't sucking on anna.

connor is so cute too! he is quite a bit larger then hailey, and he has kerris big eyes. he's about as vocal as ethan, i wonder if he'll start talking before ethan.

i went to the magic hat brewery too. :)

i was home in time to go grocery shopping, and i had time to make this most delicious quiche that i cooked in the cupcake tins, so they are individual sized. sooo soooo good.

Friday, September 09, 2005

heartburn again...

last night was WW. i lost 1.6, bringing my total up to 6.4 (in case you are keeping track). after the meeting i went up to chelmsford to tammys house to watch the pats game. after i scarfed down 3-4 pieces of pizza, i drank a bottle of wine. for some reason i have a inexplicable tolerance for wine. i had no bad feelings this morning (aside from being exhausted) from it. very weird. and i was tired from the acid reflux that kept me up all night. i woke up at least once every hour. it was so nice. i love not sleeping.

i met with keith again today. and i think i like her even more. i gave her my journal.... i'm curious to see what she has to say about it. i realized that its really just a collection of sad, sad hurtful vulnerable times in my life. and its repetitive. :) how ironic.

we talked about my artwork, and it just so happened that i had some photos of my college stuff. she really responded to my charcoal drawing of the woman and child that is on brooklea. most people do.

LK and i went to see red eye tonight. it was okay, i think that rachel mcadams is really good.

i am beyond exhausted. i have to leave tomorrow between 630 and 7. i don't know why i keep thinking that burlington is 2.5-3 hours away. its 5 hours!!!! shiiiiiit.

woooot. i'm going to bed.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

dirty four eyes.

so i went to see my eye dr today. of course my prescription changed. but my eyes are getting closer to being the same prescription. :) my left eye really changed, my right eye. not so much.

i am starving!!! i better lose this week. :) i don't see how i couldn't, i've been pretty good. shiiiiiiit.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

new dr is nice.

so i met with my new dr last night, she is nice. she's a professor at harvard too. i'm actually kind of excited to talk to her, its been a long time coming. i'm allowed 24 visits per calendar year. shiiiiit! it used to be 8. wow.

i have another appt friday and then another one tuesday. looks like i am going to be going a couple times a week, at least until the wedding. i'm gonna be drained... i had a hard time getting to sleep last night. too many ideas and memories running around in my brain. :( i've also been trying not to sleep with my laptop. aside from yesterday, its been good so far. i had to fight the urge last night to go out to the living room and retreive it so i could distract myself from myself. :)

so this saturday i am going to spend 2 tanks of gas and go up to VT to visit anna and david, and kerri and john and their hoards of children. i'll be sure to take pictures. i'm also making the obligatory stop at the brewery. wooo who. i love that place, and i have 3 empty growlers in my kitchen! too bad lee is unavailable to go. anna was asking if he was going to come and get a jump on his xmas shopping this year. :)

speaking of lee, he is having people over to his girlfriends house to watch the pats defeat the raiders tomorrow. should be a good time, per usual.

speaking of children my friend lori is due any minute now, unless she's already had it. i need to contact those maryland girls.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

i forget how much i love the dentist..

i LOVE when he jams that hook thing into my gums. i'm going to see if i can get one for myself, then i can really get into my gums, i won't have to wait 6 mths..

i was really impressed with this dentist. he cleaned my teeth himself. i've never had the dentist clean them, just the hygentist.

he said it looks like i have one cavity, but they are going to look at the xrays, and see what's going on underneath my fillings. he also strongly recommended that i remove my wisdom tooth. yay! that will be y first stitches ever!

i have to go back in a month. my mouth is so sore right now. i feel like i just had my braces adjusted or something. oooooow!

Monday, September 05, 2005

drs appts galore.

so i have 2 drs appts tomorrow, and one on thursday. so exciting!

i haven't been to the dentist in a LOOOONG time, i am a little nervous to go. anyone want to make any bets on how many cavities i am going to have? let me just tell you that last time i went to the dentist i had something like 11 cavities. or 8 cavities and 11 "spots". i have at least 2 chipped teeth, that could lead to at least 2 cavities. shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

so i found out something interesting this weekend. i can sit on the toilet and still watch tv. how many people can say that? this apt is pretty sweet. :)

this week katies boyfriend comes to visit. should be a good time, he supposed to come to trivia next week. i need to remind him to bring me some of the beer he talks about...

i think i am going to VT on fri or sat. :( but its going to cost me like $70+ just to get there. :(

i got my atm card back too btw. phew!

another saturday night.

katie, heather and i head out to brighton. we ended up at porterbellies. :) we chatted up a hot irishman (sean john), he took us out for chinese food after the bars closed, then we went back to his house for a post party. he let katie shave his face. a couple of his roommates came home, they had been at the green day concert. we were there till like 430. good times.

i woke up yesterday at 2pm and met jen at the sports depot. KT and LK totally didn't show up. nancy and gene did. she is so funny and got on this huge cruelty to animals stance. after the sports depot we went to tias, and then jen and i went to ned devines. i like that place, its huge.

oh, this is funny. last wednesday i went to dinner at owen olearys in southboro, adn i had a tab at the bar. well, apparently that night they didn't give me back the right card. and i didn't notice when i tried to buy pizza with it thursday night, i only noticed it when i went to take money out of the atm machine sat night. but at first glance i just thought it was my old citizns card. when i fished thru my receipts to get the reciept i saw that it said cardholder robert gross. luckily the bar still has my card.

i gotta take a shower. shiiiiiiiiit.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

*sigh* its saturday.

so i decided not to go to the deutche bank golf thing today. i'll have to settle for seeing tiger woods on tv. :) if i care to see him at all.

last night was so peaceful. i set up the cedar table which is cracked to the point of breaking. and i ate my leftover pizza and watched my netflix movies, and drank wine in my pjs. and i rolled my pennies.

i watched 'confessions of a dangerous mind'. its about chuck barris and how he led a double life as a cia assasin. i'm not really sure if it was/is real or not, but it was a great movie. i really liked sam rockwell. i'm going to watch more of his movies. i think i rented it thinking that it was a john turturro in the lead role, and for the first 1/2 hour i kept waiting for the actors to change. but i ended up being pleasantly surprised by sam rockwell. it was also one of those movies that had a scene between drew barrymore and rockwell that made your heart hurt. do you know that feeling? i love those kinds of movies. i haven't seen one like that in a while. i don't even remember the notebook making me feel that way.

so again, i don't really have a plan for this weekend aside from celebrating jens bday with her on sunday. and again i have the place to myself. its so nice!

here are some things i should do this weekend:
get my car inspected $40.
get an oil change $40.
put air in my bike tires $0.75.
go grocery shopping $50.
watch hitch (netflix) free.
pick up my room free
work on deannas website while i watch hitch free
go see 40 year old virgin free


Friday, September 02, 2005

Wow I can do this

All righty, let me see what's going on.........Well I am trying to enjoy these last few days of summer. School starts on Tuesday and I am not ready to give up my leisure days. It's been some last minute pampering going on. Nail manicure today and hair cut yesterday. I think I am ready to face the world of 7 year olds. You know they notice every little thing. Especially a change in hair color. One think I've got to tell you..Ryan is soooooo dreamy!!!!!!!!!


i lost 2.8 lbs this week. that is almost 3. woot! so i had some pizza. black olive and garlic, so good.

having dinner with the FC boys was fun. we took some pics with LK's camera. when she returns from vacation i'll post some of them.

so i have had the house to myself for 2 days now, and 2.5 more. naked time! hahhaha. i rented the best of SNL jimmy fallon. sooo funny. highly recommend it.

i am kind of psyched to be in town this weekend, its nice to be able to enjoy a day off and not spend 2 days out of a 4 day weekend driving. i think i might paint. i want to start another self portrait. :)