Saturday, September 03, 2005

*sigh* its saturday.

so i decided not to go to the deutche bank golf thing today. i'll have to settle for seeing tiger woods on tv. :) if i care to see him at all.

last night was so peaceful. i set up the cedar table which is cracked to the point of breaking. and i ate my leftover pizza and watched my netflix movies, and drank wine in my pjs. and i rolled my pennies.

i watched 'confessions of a dangerous mind'. its about chuck barris and how he led a double life as a cia assasin. i'm not really sure if it was/is real or not, but it was a great movie. i really liked sam rockwell. i'm going to watch more of his movies. i think i rented it thinking that it was a john turturro in the lead role, and for the first 1/2 hour i kept waiting for the actors to change. but i ended up being pleasantly surprised by sam rockwell. it was also one of those movies that had a scene between drew barrymore and rockwell that made your heart hurt. do you know that feeling? i love those kinds of movies. i haven't seen one like that in a while. i don't even remember the notebook making me feel that way.

so again, i don't really have a plan for this weekend aside from celebrating jens bday with her on sunday. and again i have the place to myself. its so nice!

here are some things i should do this weekend:
get my car inspected $40.
get an oil change $40.
put air in my bike tires $0.75.
go grocery shopping $50.
watch hitch (netflix) free.
pick up my room free
work on deannas website while i watch hitch free
go see 40 year old virgin free