Wednesday, September 21, 2005

houston we have a problem...

so it's nearing midnight and i'm giving flora a tour of the house and we get to the kitchen, and it looks like we've been ransacked. i quickly realize that the shelf the housed our extra wine glasses and the irreplacable extra pieces of my purple set of dishes has finally fallen off the wall smashing every single item to smithereens. i don't think there is one salvagable piece in the lot. :(

so, don't come over and into the kitchen barefoot till tomorrow.

i learned so much from keith last night. she told me all about seizures and how they are VERY closely linked to migraines. well, actually its the other way around, migraines are related to seizures.

she also said that there is a theroy that family members tend to all respond well to the same medication, so if one of your family members responds well to a certain type of anti depressant the chances are pretty great that you will too. interesting..

peg sent the itinerary for the wine tour today, i'll be passing that on to the affected parties, can someone send it on to will?

no "balls deep" last night. but the minions were there. i think the dj has a thing for one of "the minions". he talked to her on the mic more then once in the night. thanks KT, hoper, and flora for coming! the new waitress is WAY better, but the regular bartender wasn't there, it was the irish guy, and he made my chocolate martini with kaluha! it was so gross. flora made me send it back. the waitress then had to make it herself. much better...