Tuesday, September 27, 2005

shady neighbors

my bedroom window is about 10 feet from the front door of the house next door. i have grown somewhat used to people banging on the door of the house next door at all hours of the night. i can hear their phone ring, the toilet flush, the cat being called for, the television sometimes, the mom whining the son's name, (jeremy), and most annoying their alarm clock going off at 6am.

so this morning when i was getting ready for work in the 7 o clock hour there is banging on the door. i am pissed!! wtf??? so i hear the people knocking and knocking, and saying things like, "i think they are avoiding us"... its almost 8am now and i'm leaving for work, i walk out my door and to my car and one of the men (3 of them) in the street says, "miss brown...", i'm shocked that he knows my name. "we're with the somerville force, do you know this boy? does he live here? is he home, have you seen him?", he holds up a picture of a late teenaged boy.. it could be the kid next door, but it could be one of his punk friends. i tell him i'm not really sure what the kid next door looks like, but i know a boy lives there.

ugh. no wonder none of the houses on my block are selling...

i heard the boy and his friends out there tonight though, so apparently he's not in jail yet. :) i'll check the police report and see what i can find.