Wednesday, September 28, 2005

new stuff

i am liking my new phone more and more by the day.. the first thing that is so great about it is the voice dial. i have never had voice dial. but now i can just click a button, say a name and the phone starts dialing! the only drawback is that my voice doesn't register through my headset... so i have to detach the headset, start up the call, and reattach the headset. not that big a deal.

i also have a voice memo feature, which comes in so handy when i'm in the car and i think of something i want to blog or a song i want to add to my list of songs to download.

and the ring is much louder then my old phone. that was something that i always wished for my old phone. now i have it woooot!

i went to deposit a check and pick up my contacts at lunch today, and i got all the way to the eye dr's (in the 'ville) and they are closed on wed's.. wtf!

i am getting my eyebrows waxed tonight, and then KT and i are going to see corpse bride. i love the movie theater!

oh, tim and fran loved the gift. :)