Sunday, August 09, 2009

moving day

the time has come...

i've finally set up a blog on my own domain. :) yay!

so update your favorites or bookmarks, or let me know if i need you to email you the address (HEKD)

see you on the other site.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

a million things to update...

i have a million things to update... cause i love lists, i'll write one.

1. SNL tickets. it's august.. time to email into the lottery. this is the only month they accept emails for free tickets... email all your contact info to this address.. and you can only submit once.. even if you have no intents on going, enter and give me the tickets if you get them!

2. VA Beach next summer. a week long beach house rental is being planned for july 24th-july 31st in VA beach (VA is for lovers ya know!). i'm considering it.. anyone else interested? kids are invited. dogs are not.

3. funny people. i will see this by weekends end. possibly with a boy. ;)

4. mow the lawn. ugh. its that time again. my yard is so overgrown it's making my house look abandoned. i think leaving the hose in the front yard all week long doesn't help either.

5. do websites. i have at least 3 websites to create/maintain this weekend, and seeing as this is really my only entirely "free" weekend, i need to power through them.

6. watch shows. my dvr is piling up with good shows... did you know that there is a new real chance at love? it's called "back in the saddle". :) i love those boys.. and i'm sure that i'll end up watching the megan wants a millionaire too.. and i heard this weeks real world was a good one... not to mention about 17 jimmy kimmels. plus i'm trying to watch all the MadMen season 2 commentaries ahead of the new season starting on august 16th. i've successfully got the PA hunts and my parents hooked on the show. :) it's so good though, that was easy.

7. guests gone. my guests have left... it was fun while it lasted. and i'm happy to report that my plumbing has held up with NO problems. it totally was those baby wipes. i have photos from their stay here...

8. next weekend summer party. i'm going to an annual summer party in chelmsford next weekend.. i hope the usual characters are going to be there.. one has been facebooking me... i hope he ends up coming, he's always entertaining. i also hope HEKD comes too.. i'd like to catch up and see young master nate again!

9. restaurant reviews. i have two restaurant reviews waiting to be written.. i've been eating out too much!

10. show at the everson. i got VERY LITTLE notice about the opening reception of my drawing at the everson. it's this coming friday aug 14th, 5:30-7:30. my NY family can't be bothered to come and celebrate with me, so anyone that wants to come is welcomed with open arms. there will be snacks/beverages provided. come one, come all, it's not everyday (or ever really) that i have artwork in a REAL museum.

11. bad patty. ugh. i just turned around to look at p-head cause she is barking for seemingly no reason, and i see that she has dragged a pair of my underware into the computer room to chew on. lovely.

12. dentist, doctor and vet. tomorrow i have 3 back to back appointments. i'm going to insist that my dentist fix my crappy crown. it's never been right since he made it. i have to floss that tooth about 4 times a day. wish me luck.