Tuesday, January 27, 2009


when i went to get my mail i noticed that the deadbolt was not locked.. and the handle lock was locked but the door wasn't shut tight enough for it to catch. so essentially my front door was unlocked and could have been just pushed open feasibly all day..

it's possible that i didn't lock the deadbolt and didn't close the door tightly after yesterdays mail retrieving, but that doesn't seem like me..

nothing appears to be stolen.. and i checked the bathroom, art room and my bedroom.. i am too afraid to check the upstairs and basement..

hopefully there isn't a killer in my house and i will live to blog again tomorrow.

i think i do need to change my locks...

Monday, January 26, 2009

mean spirited monday.

leave your mean comments..it's the spirit...


i'm tired this morning.. yesterday was productive, but not long enough. i put up a length of rope light under the bar but had to go out and buy 2 more lengths, so jenny B will be able to see when she is bartending next month.

i picked up the house and vacuumed then headed out to KFs 1st birthday party.. good thing i cleaned before i left the house cause my guest TM was early! i was not even home when she called to say she was in my driveway. ruh row!

she very graciously took me out to dinner at my new fav tokyo seoul. we were placed at a table with a very colorful bunch. it was 2 couples, they had great stories and one couple lives on a sailboat and are currently docked in baltimore.. they were very entertaining.. the one guy was doing saki bombs and our chef was very personable too. all around a great meal with great company.

we watched the end of the SAG awards when we got home from dinner... i was disappointed they were on so early and ended so soon.. we tuned into see james earl jones giving his lifetime achievement speech. we missed tina feys win. i hope that TACS plays it, otherwise i'll have to hit up youtube.

hopefully my furniture comes this week. actually, i hope it comes this weekend... i have a feeling it will take longer than a lunch hour to get everything inside, and i won't be pressed for time if they come on Saturday..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i'm going to cancun!

i finally booked my room for cancun.. unfortunately my roommate backed out, so i will be rooming by myself. could be fun, could be lonely and depressing. we'll see in April i guess. the woman told me however that if anyone decides they want to go i can still add them to my reservation, so if you have a passport... and are suddenly finding yourself with a change of heart or some extra tax refund money and want to have a blast in April in Mexico, let me know. someone going mentioned going ziplining through the jungle... how fun would that be? it'd be like being on a reality show!! wooo who!

i am about 90% done with my year in review album. i've been putting it into facebook as i put it into kodak, so many of you have probably seen parts of it already.

i've been reflecting on what a good year i had in 2008, i'm almost afraid that 2009 won't be able to stack up in comparison..

Monday, January 19, 2009

mean spirited monday.

If you don't have something mean to say, don't say it all. Only mean comments allowed. Let it out.. you know you have it in you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

productive weekend.

i had a very productive weekend.. i don't want to calculate how much money i spent though. it started friday when i met mike and cath after work for some TV buying.. i ended up buying two tvs.. one 40 inch sony bravia and one smaller one for the basement, it's something in the 30" range. the sales people at bestbuy must not work on commission, our sales girl was not friendly at all.. she acted like she was too cool for school and we were there annoying her... but cath has seen my tv in ads and says it is much more than i paid for it. i got the floor model for 899..

this is the living room tv i got.

setting it up to work with the cable was a feat in itself. first off, we (and by we i mean mike) broke the bookshelf that E&R put together for me. we tried moving it without taking the photo albums off and it was disastrous for the leg of the bookshelf. thankfully i was able to screw it back on saturday. we put all the tvs in their new homes (basement, living room and brick room....) and mike only broke 2 of the blinds on the window in the process. he really is like a bull in a china shop. :)

after mike and cath left i tried to fix my internet connection... wasn't happening.. i had to call back saturday morning and someone had to come out to the house to out in a signal booster.. since then i've not had any internet problems. phew!!

this is the couch i ordered.. its so cute and comfortable.. its not white though, its a seafoam green.

saturday cath and i went furniture shopping at ashley furniture.. it was a very productive trip. i ended up ordering a couch set.. its so cute, seafoam green, i got the sleeper couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman. tomorrow i will go back and add counter top table, and sofa table to my order.. then i will be so ready for my party.

i've put a bunch of photos in this album of my shopping trips and my new tvs...i also posted the pics from my raw dinner last weekend..

so delicious looking.

today i went to two of my neighbors doors and one of them peeked out their window and didn't answer.. and the other more important one (the retired lady across the street) answered and invited me in and gave me a little bit of the scoop on the neighborhood. i am so glad i finally talked to her because she is the woman that sits in her window watching everything all day and night. my ninja turtle neighbor rents and works at ricos i heard... and she said there is a younger couple that moved in within a year next door to her.. i'll have to keep an eye out for them and be sure to introduce myself. other than that she said the neighbors are mostly all old people.

i've been working on my year in review album all evening.. i hope to finish it before i go to bed.

oh, and the snow plow guy returned my money, finally..

Friday, January 16, 2009


tonight i am going shopping for TVs with my old roommates. i think i am going to get one for my living room, (preferably a SONY in the 40-46" size) and then something in the 30"s for the basement... i am not as concerned with the brand downstairs.

afterwards we are going to tokyo seoul for some filet and lobster on the hibachi!! wooooot! when i went there for work it was exquisite! i just realized i never posted those pics...

when i got home last night i plugged in the modem.. and before i could update my twitter about how it was finally working, it stopped working. the modem appears to be lit up correctly though, so i think now it's a matter of making sure everything is connected in the correct sequence.. such a freaking pain.

after i get these tvs i can get some furniture... ashley furniture is having sales right now... actually i think all furniture stores are having sales right now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wednesday is my new favorite day.

is it sad that i look forward to a day when i only work 1 job? i have come to love wednesdays.

tonight i pick up a tv i am buying from someone on CL.. its a 17" LCD flat screen. i am thinking it will be best in either my bedroom or in the back room for the treadmill... we'll have to see when i get it home.

yesterday i finally met with a lawyer about my speeding ticket. it turns out that it wasn't even a speeding ticket.. she made a "roadside reduction" the lawyer said. she reduced it to a failure to obey traffic device. its a 2 point violation instead of a 4 point violation. but anyway.. if i plead guilty and took the points i would be charged an extra fee for acquiring 6 points in 18 months. so hopefully i will not get any points for this. i should have known it was going to cost me a small fortune though for this lawyer when i saw 5-6 model ferraris in this guys office. :( ontop of his fee i need to pay the ticket which will cost anywhere from $1-200 alone. :( i live an expensive life. lol.

i hope to be in bed by 9pm tonight, i've not gone to bed before 12 since Sunday. but i did start reading LKs book Live From New York, its very compelling.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i'm liking living by myself.

until now i have never been the sole inhabitant at my address. i've always had roommates, their pets, parents, etc. i was not really sure how i was going to like living on my own, with noone to come home to, noone to assume the "robber" is going to kill first, noone else possibly responsible for the strange noises.. but i must admit it's kind of great. i can leave my shoes in the middle of the living room, have my computer set up with the cords stretching all across the room, burn candles, leave lights on. take as many showers as i want. watch what i want, leave food out all night if i don't feel like putting it away. watch whatever i want on tv.. wake up whenever i want on weekends and do what i feel like (or not). it's very freeing and not scary or lonely yet.

with that in mind i woke up at about 1230, checked my email to see that my sisters will most likely not be attending my b-day party, my mom is giving away my artwork, ate a pretzel bite that i left out on tin foil from dinner last night and watched me some jimmy kimmel...

now that is the life!

hopefully today i will walk on the treadmill (after reading LKs post, if size 14 is fat, i'm in trouble), make a list and hit the grocery stores, do some laundry, hang some artwork, scan a check, and put some more stuff away.

or not.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

so green.

i asked the city for 2 blue bins and they delivered 3! wooot! so exciting, now i can get my recycle on. i am also impressed that they took all my trash from last week. it was a ton.

so i texted the 1st crappy snow plow and asked where my money was!! he texted me back to say he was going to give me a full refund next week. he better!!

i'm still ill... i took a benadryl and nyquil last night and slept like a log... i'll be repeating that little cocktail again tonight. i'm hoping to get my hearing back by this weekend.

making shakes every morning is really a good use for my decaying produce.. i have two tomatoes and some slimy spinach that are going to be making it to the blender tomorrow morn.

i thought 30 rock was going to be new tonight.. oh wait. that is on thursdays...

i took photos of the house in progress for you nosey nubs.

Friday, January 02, 2009

< /2008><2009>

i was so pleasantly surprised on wed when i went home from work to see that my driveway was meticulously plowed.. and he had of course done the sidewalk and walk way.. and i was still able to get into the garage. i was also impressed to see him later in the night stopping by to hand shovel out the end where the city plows had pushed snow into the end of my driveway. this 2nd plow guy is great!! i might have to hire him for next year too!

with cath and mikes help i was able to get all my furniture set up and put away. my bedroom looks so adult-like now! i had to trade my push pin lamp in for something more sophisticated. Christmas Tree Shops is the place to go for lamps.. i got the cutest lamps for $10 a piece including the shades. i will take pics when i have a free moment and post them.. my upstairs bedroom is all set now for my guests tomorrow, except for there is no heat up there and it kind of feels like you are outdoors.. :( i have an HVAC guy coming today at lunch to look at it and hopefully get that zones heat working for under $300. say prayers for me.

i finally found a keyholder. 4-5 stores and $300 later!! it's dangerous for me to go shopping when i have so much to furnish... i bought a crappy over the door shoe holder and 1. it broke when i was putting it together, and 2., it doesn't work with my doors. it breaks them. ugh.. that was $5 wasted.. i also bought a large exercise ball intending to use it as a chair.. but it's too small. :( i should take it back. 6 dollars is 6 dollars. i think i am going to get one that will go "in" your closet, and load it up with summer shoes and put it in the cedar closet downstairs.

i requested the city send me 2 recycle bins. it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to do that on their website.. needless to say it sucks, very crappily organized.

i wish i'd start feeling better... i woke up this morning with a cough that was clearly mucusy.. my throat still hurts. i can't tell if my glands are swollen cause pretty much my whole body is swollen all the time ;) one of my prescriptions ran out and my dr won't just give a prescription to my new mail order rx place until i come and see her.. ugh. then it will take the mail order place like another month to fill it.. i might as well stop taking it by then.. ugh. i hate prescriptions and doctors.

i'm hoping to get 90% of my stuff done/put away tonight so maybe i can start putting together my year in review photo album.. but all my pics are now on cds cause my old lappy $hit the bed.. it's going to take longer than usual.. oh well.. it's always worth it, and good for ending the old and starting the new!