Monday, January 26, 2009


i'm tired this morning.. yesterday was productive, but not long enough. i put up a length of rope light under the bar but had to go out and buy 2 more lengths, so jenny B will be able to see when she is bartending next month.

i picked up the house and vacuumed then headed out to KFs 1st birthday party.. good thing i cleaned before i left the house cause my guest TM was early! i was not even home when she called to say she was in my driveway. ruh row!

she very graciously took me out to dinner at my new fav tokyo seoul. we were placed at a table with a very colorful bunch. it was 2 couples, they had great stories and one couple lives on a sailboat and are currently docked in baltimore.. they were very entertaining.. the one guy was doing saki bombs and our chef was very personable too. all around a great meal with great company.

we watched the end of the SAG awards when we got home from dinner... i was disappointed they were on so early and ended so soon.. we tuned into see james earl jones giving his lifetime achievement speech. we missed tina feys win. i hope that TACS plays it, otherwise i'll have to hit up youtube.

hopefully my furniture comes this week. actually, i hope it comes this weekend... i have a feeling it will take longer than a lunch hour to get everything inside, and i won't be pressed for time if they come on Saturday..