Friday, January 16, 2009


tonight i am going shopping for TVs with my old roommates. i think i am going to get one for my living room, (preferably a SONY in the 40-46" size) and then something in the 30"s for the basement... i am not as concerned with the brand downstairs.

afterwards we are going to tokyo seoul for some filet and lobster on the hibachi!! wooooot! when i went there for work it was exquisite! i just realized i never posted those pics...

when i got home last night i plugged in the modem.. and before i could update my twitter about how it was finally working, it stopped working. the modem appears to be lit up correctly though, so i think now it's a matter of making sure everything is connected in the correct sequence.. such a freaking pain.

after i get these tvs i can get some furniture... ashley furniture is having sales right now... actually i think all furniture stores are having sales right now.