Sunday, March 30, 2008

funeral, sickness, and baby boys!

due to an untimely death in the family my cousins from tennessee are coming for an emergency visit. the good news in all of this is that they are bringing their 2 newborns. one, owen is 7mos, and the other, dakota, is 3mos. i've only seen them in photos, so i am pretty excited that they are on their way.

they are here..

owen aka "obi wan"

dakota aka "yoda dakota"

today i have felt so bad. i threw up twice before work, then i stood on my feet for 6.5 hours, all the while having crap explosions every couple of hours. i ate 2 small square pieces of white pizza today, and that is all. my vomit this morning was my dinner last night. not only didn't i sleep because of the heartburn, but my stupid stomach didn't even start to digest my dinner.

i still feel like i could throw up right now, and i am not hungry. that never happens, that is how i know something is wrong. how can i be full 12 hours after eating?

if i feel this crappy tomorrow i'm not going to work.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

call me tender tooth..

i had my temporary cap put on this afternoon. he must have given me 4 shots of novocain in as many spots in my mouth. when i was all done i had a meeting with the new VP of the company that just bought our station... it was lovely trying to talk knowing he was looking at me thinking... "bells palsy? partial paralysis? did she have a stroke? or can this girl just not speak worth $hit?"

anyway.. i hadn't time to eat my lunch beforehand so when i attempted to eat my mac and cheese any sort of remote chewing on that side resulted in lightning bolts shooting into my jaw nerves. :( sipping water produced the same result.. back in the dentist chair, through the novocain i vaguely felt him grinding away on my already agitated gums that surround that tooth with his high pitched tool.. i had a mouth full of blood when i was ordered to "rinse, rinse". i have a feeling that is going to be sore tomorrow...

the upside is that it won't be a food catcher anymore and i won't need to have floss on my person at all times.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

podiatry, burning oil, another cap, sea dog blueberry ale

today was my follow-up appt with my new favorite doctor (my podiatrist Dr. Naas), he wanted to know how the shot worked and how the orthodics were working... they are working fantastically i must report. i have very minor stiffness in the morning but as long as i am not wearing shoes that are too tight in my toes i am feeling like a brand new girl.. :) if i overdo it at the gym i do feel a little soreness, but nothing like the ridiculousness i was feeling in Mexico.. i don't have to go back for a month, and if i have no pain in a month, i can cancel my appt. woot!!

anyone that has been in my car knows that when i drive for any long amounts of time my car smelling like it's burning when i stop.. it's been happening for a long time.. i don't even remember when it started. it quite possibly has been happening the whole time i've owned it.. when i was in PA recently RH checked my oil and i had basically none.. he put in a quart and gave me an extra quart and a rag.. i had to put it in this morning in an attempt to get the "check engine" light to turn off. :( it didn't go off. EH thinks i should take it in in a preemptive move so that later on down the road i won't have to put more money into it. i am really hesitant to take it in for fear it will cost me millions. what would you, my blog reading audience do?

another of my favorite doctors is my dentist.. his office called me this morning to say that i could go in tomorrow if i was available to have a temp cap put on my broken tooth. i will run into that appointment as i have had about enough of needing to floss everytime i put something in my mouth. my gums are in a constant state of agitation. not fun..

this weekend cath and i were strolling through the aisles of her favorite grocery store, Wegmans. on a fluke i decided to look and see if they carried seadog blueberry since SH drank the last of my precious stow-aways this weekend... and guess what! they carry it!! it was only $8 a 6-pack. not like the $12 a 6-pack KW and i paid in Philly. woot!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dancing from last night.

i thought adams dancing last night was much better than the 1st night.. i hope he makes it. i voted with all the phones in the house and via web.

i found this on the internet from last night...

it's most of the people on TACS and jimmy and guillermo. i hope jimmy and guillermo are still doing sketches each week for the show.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


the olean hunts came to visit for easter. there were a bunch of visitors for the baby, a trip to the zoo, an easter dinner, a rape/abuse movie, easter candy, photoshoots, a trip to wegmans, and lots of dvr catching up.

cath does not have to go to work again tomorrow. wtf!! she has more time off than anyone i know!

Friday, March 21, 2008

killer heartburn.

wow the past two days i've had 5 alarm heartburn by the time i get to work. i'd have to point to the common denominator of tomato on toast as the cause. :( but i love big juicy tomatoes sliced up and put on mayonnaise smeared healthnut bread with a sprinkling of salt and pepper on top. :( i dream about it at night...

i'm much better off heartburn wise if i stick to oatmeal. so sad.

teagan is growing like a little hairless weed. she is just about filling out her onesies now, her feet are soon not going to fit in them. they should start binding her feet right now.. she is also starting to be able to control her neck and she kinda whips it around like a little hammer.

i got a call from my dentist today saying that my crown has been approved! woot! another $300! plus did i mention i owe like $400 for taxes this year? i can't remember the last time i got money back that i could frivolously spend. oh, speaking of frivolous money.... i got my first paycheck from my part time job. $22.04. hell yeah! i'll be moving into a mansion in no time!!

totally random... the other day i got an unsolicited email from a stranger on facebook saying that i looked like i had downs. i didn't think strangers could message people that weren't their friends on facebook. in any case, that was nice, brightened my day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

twitter, AI, niece, fatty

i've connected my cell phone to my twitter account.. so now i can twitter when i'm away from my computer. (actually, when is that, really?) in case you haven't noticed, i've set up the feed of my tweets on the right hand side... if anyone that reads this has a twitter account... follow me and i will follow you!

is it just me or does anyone else find that the allowance of instrument playing on american idol so distracting? have they ever let the contestants play instruments? i seriously hate it...

tomorrow S&J come to visit.. i think they are bringing my niece..

we took an internal vote and the consensus is to shave fatty asap. she is a matted mess, and is leaving her hair everywhere. adios fat cat..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the aceman danceth.

wow.. i watched last nights show and it's evident that adam only practiced for 2 hours at a time. he was clunky and stiff.. and i shuddered when he called carrie ann a bitch at the scoring.. that can't be good... but i still voted from all my phones and my email address, and made mike vote too. :)

i'll be curious to see what they have to say about his potty mouth tonight.

here are the crappy photos i took this weekend. i need a new camera. :(

Monday, March 17, 2008

st patricks day!!

is there anything better than sleeping in your own bed? i think not. i slept like a rock last night...

visiting with E&R, KW and the some of the Boston crew was a good time as always..

here are some of the highlights in no particular order...

  • waiting in line to get into a bar on the "erin bus tour" and having the cheese bus pull up and all the patrons on the street going crazy!

  • listening to the tour guide spew the sites rapid fire, auction style. when E started asking me what he was saying i lost it, laughing so hard i was crying.. i think it was so distracting the tour guide took notice

  • sneaking in the 4 seasons decked out in St Pattys garb to use the bathroom

  • i tried on a handful of lip plumping lip glosses at sephora. each one didn't seem to "work". well, all of a sudden they caught up to me. whoa! burning...

  • walking all over the mall and then philidalphia the next day and not feeling like my foot was burning off.

  • i took some crappy pictures, because my camera is so crappy, and when i weed out the REALLY bad ones, and title them i will post the link.. and add to the highlights. :) my brain is not working to its full capacity right now.

    sadly, i haven't been walking around lately composing blog posts in my head. what what what is happening to me?!

    monday is the best day for me podcast wise.... this morning i came in to a full day of Adam Carollas show, one from Bill Simmons (with either jack-o or adam - both winners in my opinion), and a LOST podcast from last week. then greatest day ever!!

    wtf.. i just emailed the woman that had contacted me about the april art show because i haven't heard from her.. well, she emailed me right back and said that the april show is all full and if i wanted i could be in the august show. wtf... so mad!

    on tv tonight is the premiere of dancing with the stars.. i can't wait to see adam. :)

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008


    it's been almost 3 days since i updated. shiiiiiit.

    in case you are curious what has been occupying my time... i've been furiously planning my april trip to boston, and acquiring some books on .mp3. i'd have to check, but i have david sedaris' naked, Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States read by matt damon. kirk mitchell's Sky Woman Falling... i've never heard of that author, but i suspect they are local as this book takes place in oneida on the reserve... i also got harry potter and the deathly hallows..

    i've also been trying to get my A to the gym. i've decided to focus on lifting weights instead of killing myself with cardio (doesn't take much to kill me as far as cardio goes). i find that lifting weights is 200 times more pleasurable for me than the treadmill, bike, elliptical or swimming combined. of course i've been warming up on the treadmill.... but not torturing myself. and i think it's working. i'm making my gym membership worth less than $46 a visit. woot! i love to have sore muscles.

    oh, and i have a part time job.. at the Make & Take. it puts a little perspective on money for me. for example.. for the money i am making working "all day" on sunday, i can blow that money on a round of drinks in less than 5 minutes. it gives me a new appreciation for people that work at physically taxing jobs.. having to do such physical labor for little to no pay.

    tonight i am hitting a new place for a restaurant review with my dining partner SF. we have a strict 2 hour window. :)

    Saturday, March 08, 2008

    effed in the A by ebay.

    ugh, i am mad. i was just telling cath on our way home from the fischers that i was excited cause my ebay auction for 4 of the phillies tix i have ends tomorrow. however... i got home and had a message saying that my tickets had sold for 5.50. meanwhile, they are $10 a piece face value. and i *swear* i put a $40 reserve price on them. well, apparently i didn't now i have to give this guy 4 tickets for $12.50. and he wants me to make sure i mail them out on monday.

    i am so pissed. i am not sellign the rest of my tickets on ebay. only craigslist.

    PF taught me a very valuable newsgroups lesson this afternoon too. now if i only had unlimited hard drive space...

    Friday, March 07, 2008

    teagan is in the 'cuse.

    teagan and her parents are visiting.. cath won't let go of her either.. fatty seems to be very curious of the baby too. i think it's because *she* is usually the baby.. i'm waiting for her to jump up in the pack and play and lay down right next to her. :)

    Thursday, March 06, 2008


    i had to go back to the dentist this morning becuase somehow i chipped some of a tooth off one of my molars. it is on the part of the tooth that butts up next to the other tooth, so it has created a crevice where food and popcorn kernel skins are getting stuck in. :( i am currently a floss-a-holic. my coworkers must be totally disgusted.

    anyway.. i had to call him this AM at 7am. he was able to squeeze me in at 915. he took another xray and said it doesn't look like the tooth cracked all the way into the roots of the tooth, which is good. he gave me two options for fixing it.. 1, he could numb it and drill a hole into the existing cavity, and then fill in the crack, but that might act as a wedge and cause further breaking down the line, or 2. he could cap it. i am all about caps. caps are at least all the same color.... i think eventually i will have all caps. :) however he said the insurance company might not pay for that cap because its not 100% necessary.. he's submitting a request and i should know in another month what he can do..

    in the meantime he said not to poke at it, and floss gently periodically.. that is going to be hard for me to do.

    in other "body falling apart news"...

    my foot feels semi good today.. there is a faint ache, but i can tell the inflammation is down.. i am to wear my new leather inserts for an increasing hour a day until i am up to wearing them full time.. say prayers that all this works...

    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    world of hurt

    today i am in a lot of pain.. i have been trying to make my gym visits worth less than $46 a pop so in the universe's attempt to thwart my efforts, my heel is aching something awful. so bad lately that the pain/stiffness is crawling up the back of my ankle into my calf. i ran out of my naproxin a week or so ago and that seemed to be the only thing that quelled the pain.. so when i got the call yesterday from the podiatrist office saying that my orthodics were in i was tickled.. the DR asked me today how i was feeling and i didn't sugar coat it at all. he gave me a look and said, you know what, i think you need the shot.. dun dun duuuuuun.. a little bit of panic snuck in.. i said, SURE, and braced myself for the worst pain i would ever feel... however, the pain was minor at best.. it really was not much more painful than say, novocaine. and at first i felt like running through the streets praising allah! but now it's sore again and the area where the shot went in throbs.. he said that it might be sore tomorrow, but in a couple of days it should be completely working... i hope that this cortisone shot coupled with the insoles will make me a brand new girl.. then i can run around just like the Tin Man...

    tonight my goal is to finish my taxes. its shaping up so that i owe money to federal... i'm not even sure abotu state taxes :( NY state tax is way higher than MA taxes. :(

    maybe i should hit the casino with cath next time she goes.

    Monday, March 03, 2008

    *huge sigh*

    this is the most depressing article i think i've ever read.. i don't know why i even clicked on it.. this might send me back to therapy..

    of course...

    it seems like each time i go to the Y (once a month, sometimes once every 2 months) my card makes that "you can't go in beep" when the lady scans it. yesterday was no different.. the old lady scanning doesn't know what is wrong and asks me to step aside as i could see she was getting anxious about the line piling up behind me. a younger more relaxed woman looks at the screen and says, "are you on a family membership? did you just turn 26?" of course... it was just MY birthday.. and i turned "26" thus making me ineligible to be on the discounted family plan with my roommates. :( and i can't prove that i make less than 26K, so i have to pay the full $46 a month now. great.. that is going to be a total waste of money now. i wonder if they have a pay as you go plan.. cause $46 a trip is way too much.

    yesterday after our hella productive days cath and i went to wegmans.. i am not sure why cath always agrees to go there since she usually has a melt down somewhere between the bread area and the "natures market" area... this time she made it all the way to the dairy freezer.. she spied one of her coffee creamers in the bottom row of the freezer door but there were only a couple and they were farther than an arm lengths back in the chute.. so she ever so gracefully grabs the plastic chute and starts herky jerking it around in an effort to shake one down so she could grab it.. well. there were a couple teenage boys in the freezer on the other side restocking the missing products and one of them said to her "hey you don't have to break the shit to get it out". cath was dumbfounded and starting shouting about how one of the employees swore at her to anyone that would listen... it was hysterical... on our way out of the store she stopped by the managers podium and told them. oh, it was so funny..

    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    ichiro, i'm coming for ya!

    first off i'd like to wish teagan an adjusted happy birthday..

    secondly... i just bought 4 tickets to the seattle/sox game in july at safeco field. it was ridiculously easy... me and my west coast partner were able to get 8 tickets total. i'll be looking to sell my 4 this summer.

    now i need to secure some airfare.. that is going to be much more difficult i think..