Wednesday, March 26, 2008

podiatry, burning oil, another cap, sea dog blueberry ale

today was my follow-up appt with my new favorite doctor (my podiatrist Dr. Naas), he wanted to know how the shot worked and how the orthodics were working... they are working fantastically i must report. i have very minor stiffness in the morning but as long as i am not wearing shoes that are too tight in my toes i am feeling like a brand new girl.. :) if i overdo it at the gym i do feel a little soreness, but nothing like the ridiculousness i was feeling in Mexico.. i don't have to go back for a month, and if i have no pain in a month, i can cancel my appt. woot!!

anyone that has been in my car knows that when i drive for any long amounts of time my car smelling like it's burning when i stop.. it's been happening for a long time.. i don't even remember when it started. it quite possibly has been happening the whole time i've owned it.. when i was in PA recently RH checked my oil and i had basically none.. he put in a quart and gave me an extra quart and a rag.. i had to put it in this morning in an attempt to get the "check engine" light to turn off. :( it didn't go off. EH thinks i should take it in in a preemptive move so that later on down the road i won't have to put more money into it. i am really hesitant to take it in for fear it will cost me millions. what would you, my blog reading audience do?

another of my favorite doctors is my dentist.. his office called me this morning to say that i could go in tomorrow if i was available to have a temp cap put on my broken tooth. i will run into that appointment as i have had about enough of needing to floss everytime i put something in my mouth. my gums are in a constant state of agitation. not fun..

this weekend cath and i were strolling through the aisles of her favorite grocery store, Wegmans. on a fluke i decided to look and see if they carried seadog blueberry since SH drank the last of my precious stow-aways this weekend... and guess what! they carry it!! it was only $8 a 6-pack. not like the $12 a 6-pack KW and i paid in Philly. woot!!!