Thursday, March 27, 2008

call me tender tooth..

i had my temporary cap put on this afternoon. he must have given me 4 shots of novocain in as many spots in my mouth. when i was all done i had a meeting with the new VP of the company that just bought our station... it was lovely trying to talk knowing he was looking at me thinking... "bells palsy? partial paralysis? did she have a stroke? or can this girl just not speak worth $hit?"

anyway.. i hadn't time to eat my lunch beforehand so when i attempted to eat my mac and cheese any sort of remote chewing on that side resulted in lightning bolts shooting into my jaw nerves. :( sipping water produced the same result.. back in the dentist chair, through the novocain i vaguely felt him grinding away on my already agitated gums that surround that tooth with his high pitched tool.. i had a mouth full of blood when i was ordered to "rinse, rinse". i have a feeling that is going to be sore tomorrow...

the upside is that it won't be a food catcher anymore and i won't need to have floss on my person at all times.