Wednesday, March 05, 2008

world of hurt

today i am in a lot of pain.. i have been trying to make my gym visits worth less than $46 a pop so in the universe's attempt to thwart my efforts, my heel is aching something awful. so bad lately that the pain/stiffness is crawling up the back of my ankle into my calf. i ran out of my naproxin a week or so ago and that seemed to be the only thing that quelled the pain.. so when i got the call yesterday from the podiatrist office saying that my orthodics were in i was tickled.. the DR asked me today how i was feeling and i didn't sugar coat it at all. he gave me a look and said, you know what, i think you need the shot.. dun dun duuuuuun.. a little bit of panic snuck in.. i said, SURE, and braced myself for the worst pain i would ever feel... however, the pain was minor at best.. it really was not much more painful than say, novocaine. and at first i felt like running through the streets praising allah! but now it's sore again and the area where the shot went in throbs.. he said that it might be sore tomorrow, but in a couple of days it should be completely working... i hope that this cortisone shot coupled with the insoles will make me a brand new girl.. then i can run around just like the Tin Man...

tonight my goal is to finish my taxes. its shaping up so that i owe money to federal... i'm not even sure abotu state taxes :( NY state tax is way higher than MA taxes. :(

maybe i should hit the casino with cath next time she goes.