Monday, June 30, 2008

14 hours of sleep. - pics added

you know you've had fun when you go to sleep at 530pm and wake up the following morning at 730am. i have a feeling that my lack of sleep friday and saturday nights contributes to that need for rest though.

friday night i was envisioning a relaxing evening watching "the last party" and "in dreams"... that was until i got a last minute text from KW and an offer to hit the town. :) who can pass on dinner and drinks on a friday night? i'm so glad i did too. we ate at pastabilities.. and both had their "blue berry chicken". it was pretty awesome, goat cheese stuffed chicken breast wrapped with bacon ontop of a blueberry sauce, it was accompanied by a pile of zucchini, asparagus and braised leeks. it also came with crispy polenta. sooo delicious.

so after 5 glasses of wine and a few pints of water i was arriving home at about 1230.

530 am came really early the next morning. i packed, showered and hit the road by 7am. lunch with the ladies at not your average joes was as great as i remembered.... their bread and oil is unmatched. :)

then JBP, HEKD and i went to a party in chelmsford. it was nice to catch up with people i don't see very often.. much more wine was drunk and morning came too fast again.

there are 3 things i appreciate on a long car drive after much drinking. 1. mcdonalds french fries... is there anything that those greasy fries can't fix? 2. cruise control. set it and forget it! that allows me to pour my concentration into not swerving into other lanes. and 3. the rumble strip.. it's like a rolling alarm clock. looove.

if anyone that saw me this weekend can explain to me why i feel like have bruises on my cheekbones i'd love to hear it.

here are the pics

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Hoper!

today HEK-D turns another year older... i am remiss that i won't be able to celebrate with everyone tonight! have fun for me!!

this weekend will be another fun filled trip to MA i am sure. tomorrow i'm having lunch with the ladies at NYAJs (haven't been there in what feels like a million years), then some of us are heading to L&TMs annual summer party. i don't remember the last time i went to one of these. i hope the weather holds out, i can't wait to sit by the campfire. i was talking to a coworker today about going out there and they remarked, "you have such an exciting life outside of work". i do, don't i? i don't know if that is for good or bad, cause this little party will set me about $80 back in just petro.. but oh well. you can't put a pricetag on good times. :)

i finally got my copy of that VHS tape on DVD today.. SLI called me in the middle of recording it and asked me what kind of movie it was, because he went to check on it in the middle of taping and said there was a naked woman on the TV.. oooops... it's a documentary about the 1993 elections and i have little to no idea about the contents.. but then i started to wonder if maybe i bought a tape that is not what it says it is.. i got it from someone online, so it really could be anything..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the happiest girl alive!

my movie arrived today. i was so happy i had 3 glasses of wine for dinner. does anyone know how happy 3 glasses of wine for dinner makes me? so happy!!! i highly suggest having delicious french red wine for dinner some night.

i bought these at the grocery store the other day cause $65 for a few things just didn't seem like enough money to be spending. totally worth the $10 though, aren't they beautiful?

top gear..

so. there has been much hulabaloo in the AC world about this British show coming to america.. the Aceman is to be the main host... i know the show has been on BBC america for quite some time, but i've never checked it out.. so i started DVRing it.. i've seen a couple of times now, and it's an interesting show at the very least.. some of the things are of little to no interest to me (non car fanatic) but some of the segments are pretty good.. like, they have celebrities on, and interview them, and make them drive an average car (think toyota carolla) around their track for time. i saw james blunt... they usually highlight a certain unattainable car that the average person will never ever be able to afford. some of the cars last night were like hundreds of thousands of pounds. i'm not really interested in that part since i have never heard of any of the cars they are highlighting..

but the show i saw last night had the 3 hosts each buy a British Leyland model of their choice from the 70's and they took them through a series of tests. the one that i liked the most was the one where they sealed each of the hosts in the car with a snorkle that was sticking out a hole they cut in the roof, and filled the cars full to the roof of water.. then they had to start driving around the track until the water leaked out and dipped below the bottom of the steering wheel. it was pretty awesome to see them driving around this course with water pouring out all the seams. they also ran them over a course that was pure hellish cobblestones designed to see how the cars stood up.. it was great to see all kinds of things fall off these cars as they drove at 50mph over them, side mirrors, doors, bumpers.. i hope they do that kind of thing with all kinds of cars not just 70's BL cars.

so in short, if you have BBC america and a DVR, tapes some episodes.. it's not a bad show.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

things are looking up...

well, my two major problems yesterday seem to be having happy endings. after querying the google gods i came up with a solution that allowed me to pop the tape out of the vcr, and here at work there is a dubbing machine that will record the vhs to a dvd... SLI is going to do me a solid. woot!

then at lunch after my "yearly exam" i stopped back at the eye dr and showed them what they did to my glasses yesterday. of course they acted all defensive and started trying to blame me.. but when they looked in my chart they saw that it was less than 2 years and the glasses are still under warranty, so i am having both lenses replaced free of charge. i'm still a little put off thinking that had it not been under warranty they would not have taken any responsibility. grrr..

Monday, June 23, 2008


my glasses (which i really only wear in bed to watch some HGTV before i go to bed) have been getting looser and looser lately.. cath recommended i take them back to the optometrist office and have them tighten them up, so i popped in at lunch and some woman took them into the back and brought them back out to me like 7 minutes later and i tried them on, they felt much tighter, so i thanked her and left.

because i had my contacts in i couldn't tell if anything was wrong... until tonight when i took off my contacts and put them on. my first reaction was is my right contact still in? my second reaction was, maybe there is something smudged on the right lens. i was wrong on both counts...

somehow it looks like they bent the lens, it has a million stress marks in it.. similar to what plastic looks like when it gets bent. i can't believe it. i am going back tomorrow and i better not have to pay for this. i am going to need a new lens i think.


in other bad news.. i was delighted to see a video tape i bought on had arrived before i even got notification that it had been sent out.. i bought a used tape from someone. it is "the last party" a documentary that RDJ did the year clinton was elected. i've seen clips from it online, but have been dying to see the whole thing.

the tape is used and from a rental store.. i was excited to pop it n my vcr and watch a little of it before bed. well... my vcr had other ideas. first it was just blinking "2". so i turned it off and back on.. pressed play, nothing.. off, on.. nothing.. then i thought, maybe it needs to be rewound. that is when the vcr just shut off and i can't get it to turn back on. and the tape is stuck in there. jesus.. what more could go wrong? i was hoping to at least be able to get it out of the machine and maybe take it to work and break their machines. :)


Friday, June 20, 2008

the real reason for the PA trip

the point of our trip to PA was not to see the birth of my newest niece, as she was more than a week early, we went to PA to see the sox play the phillies at citizens bank park. the weekend happened to coincide with fathers day, so EH made us reservations for Maggianos.. our mouths watered for days anticipating all the deliciousness that would soon fill our bellies.. and fill them they did.. because we ordered family style they will bring as many "refills" of the dishes as you want.. E&R have been stock piling food, so E informed us we were going to take home a duplicate of each dish we ordered. it started to get ridiculous.. we ended up take 9 containers to go..

so monday we head into the game wicked early.. we got there at about 4-415.. they wouldn't let us in to the park till 430... we got in and tried to get some balls from the phillies batting practice. we were unsuccessful.. we then tried this cheese steak with salami that EH had heard about. i am glad i split one with her. i was picturing a cheesesteak made with salami instead of steak.. not with steak.. so i was not really that big a fan. why do people love cheesesteaks so much? they are gross and fatty. ugh. hate.

after that we tried to get some autographs during red sox practice.. no luck.. we were right next to hideki okijima too. :( oh well, it was fun. the hooters sang the nat'l anthem.

the sox lost but the fans were not mean to us like the eagles fans were.. maybe it was we were with a super pregnant lady.. people love pregnant ladies.

here are the pics i took..

in other news... there is a new Sakanaya going into the Fayetteville Towne Center. wooot! can't wait for that!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

fantastic public transportation story

this is a fantastic story that i can't help but share.. it comes from an employee of a company in denver that i don't know personally, but i read their blog..

side by side

i guess initially they don't look as different as i thought.. and i must say teags has changed so much since her initial birth photos... so who knows what auds will eventually look like.

finally.. pics!

here are the pics i took of audrey. i didn't have my cord at home last night..

i've also got a red sox album that i will post eventually.. it deserves a post of its own.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

it's a girl!

So baby audrey brown hunt was born at 4:02 pm. She weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20 and 3/4 inches long.

She is bright pink and is perfect in every way! She appears to have reddish blonde hair.

Emily is so relieved and exhausted. She feeding the baby right now.

I'm taking pics but won't be able to upload them till I get home.

we hear crying

its 412. And we hear a baby crying! We were just cursing the dr who was just BSing with the nurses.

I'll give a more official post when I meet her.

waiting more

its 352 and we have not hears from them since 246 when ryan said they were still waiting for the epidural to wear off some so she could feel the pushing. That dr is a liar. If I knew which car was his I would key it.

Good god having a baby takes so damn long.

timestamp test

Testing its 3:09


She's at 10cm, and cleared to push. Dr said shouldn't be more than an hour now. Ryan said to listen for the screams.

8 cm

at last check em was at 8cm the dr is hopeful that she will be able to push soon. I see a chart here with what all the cm looks like. Omg em was right, they should use this material in health class as birth control. I got a pic so you can all see.


alright, i just talked to our man inside.

he said that she had the epidural at 11 and last time they checked she was 5-6cm dilated.

this is proving to be a very lengthy process... i had no idea it took so darned long.

i think mike and i are going to go over and drop off their requested items and prob some lunch, then head out..

the waiting game

well, we're in a period of hurry up and wait. i took my movie back to the colmar video store and maybe i'm just racialist, but it was still not a very nice area.. after that little jaunt i hadn't wasted enough gas so when i saw a sign for "doylestown" i headed the 9 miles out there. E and i had gone to doylestown on sunday to get some baby crap stuff and it was just the cutest little town.

i can see why E&R would be happy here.. rural PA is very beautiful. it's lushious green, and slightly hilly, and you see a lot of stonework on many of the homes. it's really beautiful! my 2 complaints are the roads are much narrower than i am used to. i can only imagine there are many more accidents here than back in the 'cuse. and secondly, there are a lot of train tracks to be driven over. that makes me nervous...

i just got a text that the epidural is in and we are cleared to go visit.. i have a feeling it will be many more hours though till we get to meet the little one.

something else i have noticed is everyone here has an accent that makes them sound just like my uncle Al. i never realized he had an accent, but now i know, it's regional.

no real news yet...

nothing happened overnight, even though i think i stayed awake all night waiting for a call. :(

the dr checked her at 8ish this morning and she is 4cm dilated. he promptly broke her water.. this is supposed to speed things along.. however if her contractions don't pick up they will induce her.. there is no real timetable.. but i have a feeling it will be a LONG time before she gives birth. so long in fact that we won't be here. :(

i'm thinking that we'll stick it out till noon and reassess the situation at that time.


its nearing 1230am, I am going to bed. I got word at nearly 11 that the dr was going to let them wait it out till morning and told them to try to get some sleep. I will get a call if anything goes down over night.

I just drove a half an hour into the hood to rent Chaplin at the closest Hollywood Video. It was a pretty decent movie. I dread driving back to return it though. I am beat... I have feeling tomorrow is going to come so fast. RHs parents and their dog got into town about 10pm tonight we are all waiting for the call. I really wish I had my camera cord with me so I could upload some of these pictures... They are prob going to have to wait till tomorrow when I get back to the cuse.

Alright, more tomorrow. Oh, and the celtics won I heard. Holy crap!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Staring, judging

EH and RHs friends shane and tammy just showed up with their kids. They were visiting others in Philly. I left the now crowded room so I could blog a little. This iPod touch is one of the handiest gifts I've ever received, second only to my noise cancelling headphones.

When I was leaving the contractions seemed to be coming faster, though not extremely regularly yet.

The hunts are leaving tonight instead of tomorrow. I think they are antsy.

We've each made a prediction as to when baby hunt will be born. Em thinks 4am, Ryan thinks 230am and I think 8am. Cathy thinks before midnight.

the babywatch countdown begins

i have had to break my internet strike due to my dream coming true, and EHs going into labor this morning... had she gone sometime after we left i might have had a chance at making it, but i am sure everyone will appreciate the updates, so i am breaking the morotorium..

so this morning about 4am she started having regular contractions.. they went into the hospital at about 9am.. it's 311 now and as of her last internal she had dilated another centimeter. her contractions are a little under 7 minutes apart. she's walking all over the halls and enjoying the mesh (cheesecloth-like) underwares they have given her to wear. they look like little hotpants or a dishrag..

we went to the game last night and were so close to hideki okijima warming up. we were going to ask ihm to sign emilys belly, but he went down the line the other way..

the sox lost, in case you didn't see.. the phillies fans were much better/tamer than the eagles fans, thank god..

i'll update more as it happens...

Friday, June 13, 2008

two girls and a guy

i saw this movie last night.. it is written/directed by james toback.. and he seems really OFF from what i've seen of his work.. RDJ is in it (surprise) and so is heather graham..the movie basically all takes place in a loft apt in NYC between 3 characters.. the girl that is not heather graham is totally a bad actress. her dialog is not only stupid, it's delivered horribly.. RDJ on the other hand is great. he really sells the part. this movie apparently got an NC-17 rating 13 times before it got an R. so, as you can imagine, the "love" scene i pretty explicit.. i think that it is one of the hottest love scenes i've seen in a movie.. i found it on you tube.. it's here in case you want to see for yourself...

RDJ looks at least 20lbs heavier than i've seen him in this movie. which almost doesn't make sense as at the time in his life that he was shooting this film he was getting arrested for heroin and cocaine possession, mistakenly breaking into a neighbors house...aren't drug addicts skinny?

i listened to the director/RDJ and the annoying girls commentary and it's funny how delusional the director is. there are crazy audio issues with the film, and the acting on the part of that one girl is horrible, but you would have thought this was an academy award winning film..

if you are bored and love RDJ i would imagine you'd like this movie.

i'm running home to eat sushi and check out the progress of the yard sale.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

happy birthday angela!!

tonight is the night we get ready for the big garage sale friday and saturday.. however, we are having the roof re-shingled and the siding replaced, so there is junk all over the yard and in the driveway.. not optimal for a yard sale. our place is starting to look like ryans uncles house...

today is angelas birthday and from the looks of LKs blog she has been celebrating it for weeks! well happy birthday lady!!

i had my last physical torture therapy session for the week and i couldn't be more happy.. i am bruised from tuesdays session, and can only imagine how bruised i will be after today.. he taped me up today.. he said i could wear it in the shower and he'll take it off next time i go in.. it's just my heel and the arch of my foot, but it's so tight i feel like i am wearing invisible heels..

i saw this link in my twitter stream this morning... it's fascinating! more police departments should do this..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a movie, a book and this weekend.

i watched "good night and good luck" last night. i didn't really expect to like it because it was 2 of my not favorite things. 1. it is mostly about politics, of which i am embarassingly ignorant. and 2. it was in black and white.. boooorrrrrring..

however, i did not hate this movie. it was a story centered around a guy called edward r murrow, whom i've come to recognize as a revered broadcaster (each year they give out Murrow awards in my line of work and it's an honor...or so they tell me.. who doesn't like to win awards?) and a junior (?) senator named mccarthy.. the story was very dry and peppered with real footage from this scandal in the early 50's... so it was kind of on the boring side, but most of the scenes take place in the CBS newsroom and it was so interesting to see little glimpses as to how they did television back then. they did all their footage on FILM, and smoked in the studio, and wrote scripts on posterboard. i liked how they showed how casual everyone is and laughing when they were not on air, but then they were deadly serious when they were on air.. very true to form... RDJ was in this one too, very minimally.. i would recommend this movie if you are in the broadcasting business..

i started a new book last night so i don't fall out of the habit of reading... i started Idiot, the johnny damon story.. it's a little hard to read his praise of the red sox organization knowing that he goes to the yankees... but the first chapter starts with the game where he collided with damian jackson.. i had forgotten that it took place in the ALDS and the infamous pedro/zimmer fight was a little over a week after that.. it brought me right back to that time... i was completely submerged in the sox that season and remember how intense that time was... ahhhh, memories...

speaking of red sox, i am going to visit the hunts and their killer dogs this weekend and we are going out to dinner for fathers day and to see the sox play the phillies.. i am hoping the baseball fans aren't as big a-holes as their football fans were, but i'll be prepared for the worst... i hope that red sox nation is there in full force for support.. :) i also kind of secretly hope EH goes into labor.. how exciting would that be? they'd have to name her jacoby if that happened. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

more red bull please!

as i turned out my light at 1:10am this morning after stowing away my finished copy of A Million Little Pieces i spied my cell phone and thought, "ugh, getting a call tonight would suck..." and of course since i thought it it came true... at 3:45 my phone sung "hello moto!"... so i dragged my exhausted ass downstairs, grabbed my work computer, got half way up the stairs and realized that because i hadn't shut it down properly the battery was drained and i had to go back and get my cord.. i dragged this stuff upstairs into the comfort of my air conditioned bedroom.. i go through all the steps i need to to login remotely to the server i need to restart and in my sleepiness i shut down the server instead of restarting it. i call the station and ask if i can talk to someone that will go and physically turn on the machine for me.. no luck.. i am not 100% sure where the server is, nor does the person on the other end of the line.. it's apparent to me that i am going to need to get dressed, and drive to the station. it's 4am. i get to the station and am not sure where the server is.. it's not marked, i check 3 different racks in 3 different rooms.. make a phone call, make a 2nd phone call.. neither person answers... I'm about to make a 3rd call when i see the server, thank god.. it takes forever to reboot.. finally at 440 i can go back home and try to go back to bed. of course sleep doesn't come till about 530-6. then the alarm goes off at 730. :(

this mornings PT session was more painful than its been so far, i think it is because i went in there in pain.. i have been wearing flip flops or no shoes at all for a few days in a row now.. i've also been slacking on my exercises and i'm paying for it.. i got 3 different scraping tools today.. the last one feeling as hard and sharp as a letter opener. i felt like he was carving my foot out of clay.. :( i did get 8 minutes worth of laser though. it didn't hurt at all and i am not really sure what it's going to do. he said it will change the cell properties in my foot (i think). or something like that. he said that i should wear birkenstocks in the summer and on thursday he is going to show me how to wrap my foot so i can wear sandals... i'm looking forward to it.

it will be a miracle if i can make it through today without nodding off. i'm a zombie. A Million Little Pieces was such a great book.. i loved it... i would love to see it made into a movie. wikipedia says he has another book that starts where this one left off.. i'm so reading that one. what should i read next? the rest of harry potter 5, the johnny damon book, or the principles of success? i'm leaning towards johnny damon...

Monday, June 09, 2008

long weekend..

this movie seemed longer than it actually was. maybe it's because i did so many things, or maybe it was because i watched 5 movies on DVD.. in any case, i felt like the weekend went on forever.

first up was Taste of Syracuse friday night. KW and i went and despite the heat had a great time. there were a lot of people there. i wonder where all these people hide the rest of the year. i didn't think that many people even lived in syracuse. we tried all kids of food. i even had ribs for the first time.. they were DELICIOUS! i might even try them again sometime. :)

then i picked the drunkys up from their wedding in E. Syracuse. i went to bed relatively early on fri night. so i could read more of my book (more on that later).. Here are pics of the most serious baby alive.... baby haters be warned its 17-18 pics of teags...

saturday S&JH left early so they could make it to their 2nd wedding of the weekend. this allowed for plenty of movie watching.. i watched "Less Than Zero" while cath interneted and talked on the phone.. we went through the basement that afternoon scrounging around for items to hock at the upcoming garage sale. it's so freeing and exciting to designate items for sale or trash! i must admit it's one of my guilty pleasures.

the rest of that day i watched 2 more movies, "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" and "Restoration". i accomplished some of the "low hanging fruit" of tasks on my list of things to do. i am getting down to the more advantageous items.

sunday involved picking up after tearing the house apart for garage sale treasures, and going to the "greek festival". the food this year was the best i ever remember it. their gyros melt in your mouth, the meat is shaved so thin, and it seems like the pitas are slightly fried. oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! of course no greek festival is complete without a trip to the dessert room. i opted for the honey balls this year. i wish there was some place i could get these year round. once a year is just not enough! mike and cath got a sampler pack of baklava.. and that was insaney good too..

our stop at the greek festival was pretty short, so i had time to grocery shop and watch 2 more movies. "zodiac" and "cassandras dream".

even though it doesn't seem like much i must have crossed 5 or 6 things off my list. sweet!

quick movie reviews...

Less Than Zero
this is a very early RDJ movie.. it has andrew mccarthy (what happened to that guy?) and an ethnic looking girl that looks like the flashdance girl. RDJ is a co-main character and has a drug problem. it's so crazy '80s that it was comical. the acting was pretty horrible.. the clothes and hairstyles were worse. there is a scene where RDJ is giving someone a BJ to pay off drug debt though. if you haven't seen this movie, don't bother.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
this is a more recent RDJ movie.. but really, it's more of a Shia LeBeouf movie.. the two of them play the same character, old and young Dito.. it wasn't bad, but it wasn't awesome. shia lebeouf was decent in it..

this movie was not good. it was crazy long and seemed to be 2-3 separate movies all strung together. the cover of the DVD promotes it as a RDJ and meg ryan movie.. couldn't have been farther from the truth. MR was in it for about 30 minutes. and it was almost the last 30 minutes. hugh grant was advertised on the cover as well and he was in it for about 5 minutes. big time sucked.

i'm a big fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and to have two pieces of eye candy in the same movie was exciting.. until the story started dragging on and on and on.. i hated that the subtitles were so hard to read and extremely hard to follow.. they were always titled, "3 hours later", "2 weeks later", "one month later".. later than what?? the first killing!?, the last time they posted the date/time!?, since this god-awful movie started!? totally distracting and confusing.. and RDJs character pretty much drops out of the movie half way through. JGs character is kind of annoying.. chloe sveigny is in it and i can't disassociate her from that movie "the brown bunny"... if you know anything about that movie you will know why i can't get her character out of my head. i don't really like her either i've decided... "kids" was a movie that i think will stay with me forever, but i saw her in too many episodes of "big love" and i really don't care for that show.. has anyone seen this movie? what was the point of the scene where JG goes to the film guys house and into his basement? also something that i hated about this movie was after almost 3 hours you still don't know who the zodiac killer is. wtf!!! i guess i didn't realize how much i disliked this movie till just now. *deep breaths, deep breaths*...

Cassandras Dream
i ran out of RDJ movies to rent from the blockbuster cause i figured that the 7 i wrote down before i left on friday would be enough.. but of course blockbuster didn't have "the last party", "Friends & Lovers", "Two Girls and a Guy", The singing detective" or "Chaplin".. what!? wasn't that an oscar nominated film? they did have "joe vs the Volcano" though... insane... well, cassandras dream is a woody allen film with ewan mcgregor and colin farrell. sounds good on paper right? wrong. it was horrible.. CF had a terrible british accent, EM's character was dumb.. the movie is 2 hours i'll never get back. i should have watched "good night, and good luck"....

so... if any of those movies are on your queue, save yourself the trouble.. watch something else.. like LOST..

wow, i sound so angry... :) in good news, i am more than 3/4 of the way through "A Million Little Pieces". i was up till after 1am last night reading that book, i can't put it down at night. you prob already know but it's about addiction, he's the guy that was on Oprah that lied... blah blah blah.. i don't even care that it might not be true, it's damn good. i looked online and see that he has 2 more books, i will defintely be adding them to my list of books to read.

Friday, June 06, 2008

smiling more..

teags is in the house for a scant 2 nights. she was already asleep when i got home last night, but this morning she got up bright and early.. apparently when we were watching the movie (you don't mess with the zohan) she was very upset and uncooperative for tota (grammy). she cried hysterically for a couple hours straight cath said. :) i saw her this morning though and she was kind of smiley.. she kind of smirks a little. sometimes she makes an open mouth smile with a kick of her chubby little legs.. she has yet to find her thumb, she does seem to be trying to stick her whole hand in her mouth though. it is encouraging that she appears to be smiling more (when she is not in cath's arms).

it seems festival season is upon us here in the CNY.. this weekend is Taste of Syracuse and the Greek Festival. it is my intention to attend both. tonight i am braving the crowds and heat to check out TOS. sometime this weekend my roommates and i are going to hit up the greek fest. yummm.. the greek people dropped some pastries off here at the station and i had a powdered sugar ball of deliciousness this morning. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

*i think it's working*

today i had my 3rd visit with Mike the PT. the co-pays also caught up with me.. i had to pay $105. :( but.... i think that it is working.. i am not 100%, but i am feeling much less stress and pain in daily walking.. i think the stretching is helping too. i'm very encouraged.

today netflix is sending me "less than zero".. i can't wait to watch it... but i don't think i can watch it and get it back in time to receive another one this week, so i might need to make a run to blockbuster to supplement my RDJ obsession this weekend. EH is doubting my self control this weekend. i'll show her!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i'm on day 3..

so far the hardest time i have in my no-computer daily routine is in the morning before work.. i usually wake up any time between 730 and 8, take a shower, dress and make my way down to my computer mostly to see if anyone blogged between the time i went to bed and the morning, get a leg up on what kinds of problems might i encounter when i arrive at work in an hour, and check what major catastrophes happened in the world. then i throw together my lunch at 840 and run out the door.

i might rethink my wake time because i feel like i am wasting my time milling around my house. or i might just continue to come into work early, like i've done the last two days.

in case anyone is interested "the hammer" is being released june 26th (which seems odd, cause dvds come out on tuesdays.... hmmmm, correction.. i checked and it comes out on the 24th, tuesday.).. i bought a pre-sale copy thru amazon.. :)

i also placed my seattle/red sox tickets on ebay. i set the beginning price at what i wanted for them, so hopefully i won't get screwed like last time. cross your fingers.

this weekend here is "the taste of syracuse"... i have never been, but am very excited to go.. cath just reminded me that it is also the greek festival. woot!!! i'm thinking i'lll be busy this weekend.

Monday, June 02, 2008

day 1, success....


well, i'm proud to report that yesterday was a success as far as no at home computing.. i arrived home from jens and ate dinner, unpacked.. watched FUR, organized...

i was sick all weekend.. friday straight thru sunday.. i am not as nasally challenged right now, but i have been left with a juicy cough. fantastic!!

this morning i had my 2nd PT appt, of which they did not charge me again.. and it didn't hurt again, but afterwards (as in right now) it aches something awful. it's making me want to do my stretches for hours on end... maybe that is the point.

if i can easily get my pics off my camera onto this computer i will do so.. for your viewing enjoyment.


alright, here they are... in all their glory.. not many pics, cause i was very under the weather.. and for the record, JBP doesn't see many movies down on the cape, so don't ask! ;) j/k, love ya jenny B!