Friday, June 06, 2008

smiling more..

teags is in the house for a scant 2 nights. she was already asleep when i got home last night, but this morning she got up bright and early.. apparently when we were watching the movie (you don't mess with the zohan) she was very upset and uncooperative for tota (grammy). she cried hysterically for a couple hours straight cath said. :) i saw her this morning though and she was kind of smiley.. she kind of smirks a little. sometimes she makes an open mouth smile with a kick of her chubby little legs.. she has yet to find her thumb, she does seem to be trying to stick her whole hand in her mouth though. it is encouraging that she appears to be smiling more (when she is not in cath's arms).

it seems festival season is upon us here in the CNY.. this weekend is Taste of Syracuse and the Greek Festival. it is my intention to attend both. tonight i am braving the crowds and heat to check out TOS. sometime this weekend my roommates and i are going to hit up the greek fest. yummm.. the greek people dropped some pastries off here at the station and i had a powdered sugar ball of deliciousness this morning. :)