Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a movie, a book and this weekend.

i watched "good night and good luck" last night. i didn't really expect to like it because it was 2 of my not favorite things. 1. it is mostly about politics, of which i am embarassingly ignorant. and 2. it was in black and white.. boooorrrrrring..

however, i did not hate this movie. it was a story centered around a guy called edward r murrow, whom i've come to recognize as a revered broadcaster (each year they give out Murrow awards in my line of work and it's an honor...or so they tell me.. who doesn't like to win awards?) and a junior (?) senator named mccarthy.. the story was very dry and peppered with real footage from this scandal in the early 50's... so it was kind of on the boring side, but most of the scenes take place in the CBS newsroom and it was so interesting to see little glimpses as to how they did television back then. they did all their footage on FILM, and smoked in the studio, and wrote scripts on posterboard. i liked how they showed how casual everyone is and laughing when they were not on air, but then they were deadly serious when they were on air.. very true to form... RDJ was in this one too, very minimally.. i would recommend this movie if you are in the broadcasting business..

i started a new book last night so i don't fall out of the habit of reading... i started Idiot, the johnny damon story.. it's a little hard to read his praise of the red sox organization knowing that he goes to the yankees... but the first chapter starts with the game where he collided with damian jackson.. i had forgotten that it took place in the ALDS and the infamous pedro/zimmer fight was a little over a week after that.. it brought me right back to that time... i was completely submerged in the sox that season and remember how intense that time was... ahhhh, memories...

speaking of red sox, i am going to visit the hunts and their killer dogs this weekend and we are going out to dinner for fathers day and to see the sox play the phillies.. i am hoping the baseball fans aren't as big a-holes as their football fans were, but i'll be prepared for the worst... i hope that red sox nation is there in full force for support.. :) i also kind of secretly hope EH goes into labor.. how exciting would that be? they'd have to name her jacoby if that happened. :)