Friday, June 13, 2008

two girls and a guy

i saw this movie last night.. it is written/directed by james toback.. and he seems really OFF from what i've seen of his work.. RDJ is in it (surprise) and so is heather graham..the movie basically all takes place in a loft apt in NYC between 3 characters.. the girl that is not heather graham is totally a bad actress. her dialog is not only stupid, it's delivered horribly.. RDJ on the other hand is great. he really sells the part. this movie apparently got an NC-17 rating 13 times before it got an R. so, as you can imagine, the "love" scene i pretty explicit.. i think that it is one of the hottest love scenes i've seen in a movie.. i found it on you tube.. it's here in case you want to see for yourself...

RDJ looks at least 20lbs heavier than i've seen him in this movie. which almost doesn't make sense as at the time in his life that he was shooting this film he was getting arrested for heroin and cocaine possession, mistakenly breaking into a neighbors house...aren't drug addicts skinny?

i listened to the director/RDJ and the annoying girls commentary and it's funny how delusional the director is. there are crazy audio issues with the film, and the acting on the part of that one girl is horrible, but you would have thought this was an academy award winning film..

if you are bored and love RDJ i would imagine you'd like this movie.

i'm running home to eat sushi and check out the progress of the yard sale.