Monday, June 02, 2008

day 1, success....


well, i'm proud to report that yesterday was a success as far as no at home computing.. i arrived home from jens and ate dinner, unpacked.. watched FUR, organized...

i was sick all weekend.. friday straight thru sunday.. i am not as nasally challenged right now, but i have been left with a juicy cough. fantastic!!

this morning i had my 2nd PT appt, of which they did not charge me again.. and it didn't hurt again, but afterwards (as in right now) it aches something awful. it's making me want to do my stretches for hours on end... maybe that is the point.

if i can easily get my pics off my camera onto this computer i will do so.. for your viewing enjoyment.


alright, here they are... in all their glory.. not many pics, cause i was very under the weather.. and for the record, JBP doesn't see many movies down on the cape, so don't ask! ;) j/k, love ya jenny B!