Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the babywatch countdown begins

i have had to break my internet strike due to my dream coming true, and EHs going into labor this morning... had she gone sometime after we left i might have had a chance at making it, but i am sure everyone will appreciate the updates, so i am breaking the morotorium..

so this morning about 4am she started having regular contractions.. they went into the hospital at about 9am.. it's 311 now and as of her last internal she had dilated another centimeter. her contractions are a little under 7 minutes apart. she's walking all over the halls and enjoying the mesh (cheesecloth-like) underwares they have given her to wear. they look like little hotpants or a dishrag..

we went to the game last night and were so close to hideki okijima warming up. we were going to ask ihm to sign emilys belly, but he went down the line the other way..

the sox lost, in case you didn't see.. the phillies fans were much better/tamer than the eagles fans, thank god..

i'll update more as it happens...