Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i'm on day 3..

so far the hardest time i have in my no-computer daily routine is in the morning before work.. i usually wake up any time between 730 and 8, take a shower, dress and make my way down to my computer mostly to see if anyone blogged between the time i went to bed and the morning, get a leg up on what kinds of problems might i encounter when i arrive at work in an hour, and check what major catastrophes happened in the world. then i throw together my lunch at 840 and run out the door.

i might rethink my wake time because i feel like i am wasting my time milling around my house. or i might just continue to come into work early, like i've done the last two days.

in case anyone is interested "the hammer" is being released june 26th (which seems odd, cause dvds come out on tuesdays.... hmmmm, correction.. i checked and it comes out on the 24th, tuesday.).. i bought a pre-sale copy thru amazon.. :)

i also placed my seattle/red sox tickets on ebay. i set the beginning price at what i wanted for them, so hopefully i won't get screwed like last time. cross your fingers.

this weekend here is "the taste of syracuse"... i have never been, but am very excited to go.. cath just reminded me that it is also the greek festival. woot!!! i'm thinking i'lll be busy this weekend.