Monday, June 30, 2008

14 hours of sleep. - pics added

you know you've had fun when you go to sleep at 530pm and wake up the following morning at 730am. i have a feeling that my lack of sleep friday and saturday nights contributes to that need for rest though.

friday night i was envisioning a relaxing evening watching "the last party" and "in dreams"... that was until i got a last minute text from KW and an offer to hit the town. :) who can pass on dinner and drinks on a friday night? i'm so glad i did too. we ate at pastabilities.. and both had their "blue berry chicken". it was pretty awesome, goat cheese stuffed chicken breast wrapped with bacon ontop of a blueberry sauce, it was accompanied by a pile of zucchini, asparagus and braised leeks. it also came with crispy polenta. sooo delicious.

so after 5 glasses of wine and a few pints of water i was arriving home at about 1230.

530 am came really early the next morning. i packed, showered and hit the road by 7am. lunch with the ladies at not your average joes was as great as i remembered.... their bread and oil is unmatched. :)

then JBP, HEKD and i went to a party in chelmsford. it was nice to catch up with people i don't see very often.. much more wine was drunk and morning came too fast again.

there are 3 things i appreciate on a long car drive after much drinking. 1. mcdonalds french fries... is there anything that those greasy fries can't fix? 2. cruise control. set it and forget it! that allows me to pour my concentration into not swerving into other lanes. and 3. the rumble strip.. it's like a rolling alarm clock. looove.

if anyone that saw me this weekend can explain to me why i feel like have bruises on my cheekbones i'd love to hear it.

here are the pics