Thursday, June 12, 2008

happy birthday angela!!

tonight is the night we get ready for the big garage sale friday and saturday.. however, we are having the roof re-shingled and the siding replaced, so there is junk all over the yard and in the driveway.. not optimal for a yard sale. our place is starting to look like ryans uncles house...

today is angelas birthday and from the looks of LKs blog she has been celebrating it for weeks! well happy birthday lady!!

i had my last physical torture therapy session for the week and i couldn't be more happy.. i am bruised from tuesdays session, and can only imagine how bruised i will be after today.. he taped me up today.. he said i could wear it in the shower and he'll take it off next time i go in.. it's just my heel and the arch of my foot, but it's so tight i feel like i am wearing invisible heels..

i saw this link in my twitter stream this morning... it's fascinating! more police departments should do this..