Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Hoper!

today HEK-D turns another year older... i am remiss that i won't be able to celebrate with everyone tonight! have fun for me!!

this weekend will be another fun filled trip to MA i am sure. tomorrow i'm having lunch with the ladies at NYAJs (haven't been there in what feels like a million years), then some of us are heading to L&TMs annual summer party. i don't remember the last time i went to one of these. i hope the weather holds out, i can't wait to sit by the campfire. i was talking to a coworker today about going out there and they remarked, "you have such an exciting life outside of work". i do, don't i? i don't know if that is for good or bad, cause this little party will set me about $80 back in just petro.. but oh well. you can't put a pricetag on good times. :)

i finally got my copy of that VHS tape on DVD today.. SLI called me in the middle of recording it and asked me what kind of movie it was, because he went to check on it in the middle of taping and said there was a naked woman on the TV.. oooops... it's a documentary about the 1993 elections and i have little to no idea about the contents.. but then i started to wonder if maybe i bought a tape that is not what it says it is.. i got it from someone online, so it really could be anything..