Tuesday, June 10, 2008

more red bull please!

as i turned out my light at 1:10am this morning after stowing away my finished copy of A Million Little Pieces i spied my cell phone and thought, "ugh, getting a call tonight would suck..." and of course since i thought it it came true... at 3:45 my phone sung "hello moto!"... so i dragged my exhausted ass downstairs, grabbed my work computer, got half way up the stairs and realized that because i hadn't shut it down properly the battery was drained and i had to go back and get my cord.. i dragged this stuff upstairs into the comfort of my air conditioned bedroom.. i go through all the steps i need to to login remotely to the server i need to restart and in my sleepiness i shut down the server instead of restarting it. i call the station and ask if i can talk to someone that will go and physically turn on the machine for me.. no luck.. i am not 100% sure where the server is, nor does the person on the other end of the line.. it's apparent to me that i am going to need to get dressed, and drive to the station. it's 4am. i get to the station and am not sure where the server is.. it's not marked, i check 3 different racks in 3 different rooms.. make a phone call, make a 2nd phone call.. neither person answers... I'm about to make a 3rd call when i see the server, thank god.. it takes forever to reboot.. finally at 440 i can go back home and try to go back to bed. of course sleep doesn't come till about 530-6. then the alarm goes off at 730. :(

this mornings PT session was more painful than its been so far, i think it is because i went in there in pain.. i have been wearing flip flops or no shoes at all for a few days in a row now.. i've also been slacking on my exercises and i'm paying for it.. i got 3 different scraping tools today.. the last one feeling as hard and sharp as a letter opener. i felt like he was carving my foot out of clay.. :( i did get 8 minutes worth of laser though. it didn't hurt at all and i am not really sure what it's going to do. he said it will change the cell properties in my foot (i think). or something like that. he said that i should wear birkenstocks in the summer and on thursday he is going to show me how to wrap my foot so i can wear sandals... i'm looking forward to it.

it will be a miracle if i can make it through today without nodding off. i'm a zombie. A Million Little Pieces was such a great book.. i loved it... i would love to see it made into a movie. wikipedia says he has another book that starts where this one left off.. i'm so reading that one. what should i read next? the rest of harry potter 5, the johnny damon book, or the principles of success? i'm leaning towards johnny damon...