Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the waiting game

well, we're in a period of hurry up and wait. i took my movie back to the colmar video store and maybe i'm just racialist, but it was still not a very nice area.. after that little jaunt i hadn't wasted enough gas so when i saw a sign for "doylestown" i headed the 9 miles out there. E and i had gone to doylestown on sunday to get some baby crap stuff and it was just the cutest little town.

i can see why E&R would be happy here.. rural PA is very beautiful. it's lushious green, and slightly hilly, and you see a lot of stonework on many of the homes. it's really beautiful! my 2 complaints are the roads are much narrower than i am used to. i can only imagine there are many more accidents here than back in the 'cuse. and secondly, there are a lot of train tracks to be driven over. that makes me nervous...

i just got a text that the epidural is in and we are cleared to go visit.. i have a feeling it will be many more hours though till we get to meet the little one.

something else i have noticed is everyone here has an accent that makes them sound just like my uncle Al. i never realized he had an accent, but now i know, it's regional.