Friday, June 20, 2008

the real reason for the PA trip

the point of our trip to PA was not to see the birth of my newest niece, as she was more than a week early, we went to PA to see the sox play the phillies at citizens bank park. the weekend happened to coincide with fathers day, so EH made us reservations for Maggianos.. our mouths watered for days anticipating all the deliciousness that would soon fill our bellies.. and fill them they did.. because we ordered family style they will bring as many "refills" of the dishes as you want.. E&R have been stock piling food, so E informed us we were going to take home a duplicate of each dish we ordered. it started to get ridiculous.. we ended up take 9 containers to go..

so monday we head into the game wicked early.. we got there at about 4-415.. they wouldn't let us in to the park till 430... we got in and tried to get some balls from the phillies batting practice. we were unsuccessful.. we then tried this cheese steak with salami that EH had heard about. i am glad i split one with her. i was picturing a cheesesteak made with salami instead of steak.. not with steak.. so i was not really that big a fan. why do people love cheesesteaks so much? they are gross and fatty. ugh. hate.

after that we tried to get some autographs during red sox practice.. no luck.. we were right next to hideki okijima too. :( oh well, it was fun. the hooters sang the nat'l anthem.

the sox lost but the fans were not mean to us like the eagles fans were.. maybe it was we were with a super pregnant lady.. people love pregnant ladies.

here are the pics i took..

in other news... there is a new Sakanaya going into the Fayetteville Towne Center. wooot! can't wait for that!