Thursday, June 30, 2005


so the date i was supposed to have tonight can't make it. and already i have a little list of negatives going.... wanna hear it, here it goes...

1. has a dog. a chocolate lab none the less, the worst kind. ick. yuck.
2. when i proposed a few creative places for dinner, he balked, and i quote: "(call me boring, I’m a meat/potatoes guy, most “foreign foods” and anything seafood isn’t on my plate)" - eh, while i understand the seafood thing, never trust someone who isn't open to foreign foods. bland foods=bland personality. i like spice.
3. he cancelled on me. tsk tsk tsk. never do that....

so this guy S. has a strike and a half against him.. we'll see if he tries to set up another time to meet, otherwise, moving on..

in the meantime i've been "chatting" with a new guy we'll call AM. he seems better already. he is supposed to call tonight, but my VM is going to answer cause i'll be at the boston cannons game with blair and KT. i can't wait. i've never been to a cannons game and haven't seen a lacrosse game in years. wooo who.

i don't know if anyone noticed or not, but the tom green blog is finally back. it was down for like 6 days. i was going crazy! hahahahha

LK made corn the other day, it was sooooo good. love sister corn..

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

not so good al.

so we didn't win the booty last night at trivia. we had 6 people and we came in 5th. 5th out of 7. grrrr.

do you know which state's capital shares no letters with the spelling of the state itself? oh yeah, and you have 3 minutes to figure it out.

what about the californian with the license plate that reads "YRUFAT"

how about, who is the only person to have a s'wich named after them in the carnegie deli that is not one of the carnegie family members? Hint... the person is a multi-oscar winner...

starting on the 12th and running for 6 weeks total points are going to be cummulative for a grand prize. woo who!

tomorrow i have a date. but there is a boston cannons game too. :(

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

it's fixed....

the rav4 that luanne hit on our street has a fixed bumper. but i have not heard a peep out of enterprise. i have not even been charged the $11/day extra i was supposed to pay for the truck. wooot! if they wait too long there will be no room on my credit card.

tonight is trivia. we are changing out name to "science fiction gregg", but actually we might need two teams cause there seems to be a lot of interest this week.

this heat is crazy. the mugginess sucks!

i still have not commited to any plans this weekend, i am leaning towards becca and hosses party followed by mikes party.

LK and i went to the grocery store last night. got tons of good stuff for lunches and breakfast.

my car is getting 28.09 miles to the gallon, most of that is highway, but with the AC blaring the entire 8 hour drive, i think that is pretty damn good.

i forgot to write about the latest developments in the BTK case. yesterday was to be the beginning of his jury selection trial. he changed his plea from not guilty to guilty citing that "in the end, the jury would just find him guilty anyways."

in the process of pleading guilty he went through all 10 victims one at a time and described how he killed them. and the papers are reporting all this. it's so exciting! i read on court tv's crime library website that he was writing an autobiography with a woman, but when someone found out, he was restricted from talking to the women who was writing it. shiiiiit. i bet he will eventually get it written. i would buy it..

Thursday, June 23, 2005

going away!

yeah, going on a road trip this weekend to the other 'ville... portville.

yesterday as lk, hope and i watched dancing with the stars, our upstairs neighbors came by and knocked on the back door to chat and say hello. they were drunk.. so we invited them in, it was the girl from the 2nd floor, and the girl from the 3rd floor, and her girlfriend. they gave us a standing invitation to their parties should we ever hear one. they were also struck by lightening on the 3rd floor. their ceiling has burn marks around the drop ceiling metal parts. pretty scary. they have not contacted the landlord either yet. :)

so we got a tour of the other 2 apartments as well. our apt is hands down the nicest. all of them have wood panelling in some way shape or form, but seriously, ours is much nicer and we are way better decorators.

so i found out today that LM got his invitation to JT's wedding earlier this week. i'm taking this to mean that i am not invited. NICE!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

one more new side link.

SB has joined the 21st century and has a blog too!

i added it to the side links..

3rd place! and a bizarro link

so, with JB and pep's help, we pulled a 3rd place last night. pep was on fire! hopefully we can all show up next week and have a repeat performance, or maybe even wina cash prize... we scored 93 points last night compared to a 50ish the week before. sweet!

did anyone else see this story? this has to be made up....

my dad issupposedly getting the new car tomorrow. i hope he drives it out to em's. but he says he's afraid "the drunks" will hit it.. :) haha. i think he means me and LK.

tonight i am going to try to post more stuff on ebay... wooot! maybe even order some pizza. yum...

oh, LK has another blog that she prob won't update. ;) i added it to my list of links..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

taking up way too much time

okay, this game is almost as addicting as the google game..

finally blair and i got them all. i dare you to try to figure them all out. or even half.

gotta love the news

sometimes i wonder if crap like this is made up...

tonight is trivia at the bar. i'm feeling very smart tonight. :) peps and JB are coming tonight too. we have room for one more if anyone out there is smart and wants to join us.

fyi. there is an AIM virus going around, if you get a link to something and the person that IM'd it to you logs off right after they send it don't open it mom and dad!

Monday, June 20, 2005

so many things!

well, so many things have happened since i last posted!

the most impt is i got my car back. and it runs like brand freaking new. i almost think it was worth the 45 days there... the new transmission is sweet. honestly i feel like its a brand new car.

i got my clock to work, the router is still f'ed. but the 100MB hub seems to be working for me, but not LK or her Mac. my desktop is still f'ed too. i am going to see if i can switch the power supply out of the computer i bought for $25 and put it in my desktop... cross your fingers, otherwise i'll be surfing for a new power supply soon, and i might as well get a network card for that $25 piece o' junk while i'm at it so i can have it as a back-up...

the trash people took the 3 monitors we had clogging up our walkway to the backyard, and the upstairs neighbors moved the tire that was chained to the fence and clogging up the walkway. and the really upstairs neighbors took out their trash this week. :) i still need to get a $20 sticker so the trash people will pick up the broken air conditioner, then the house won't look so trashy..

speaking of a/c's, on our way back from the cape yesterday LK picked up the a/c her parents aren't using for our living room, so hopefully next time its insanely hot we will be comfortable.

a bunch of us girls went to the burren and the kells this friday, i'm not much into dancing, but the rest of them tore it up at the kells, it was very entertaining..

saturday was sleep in and head to the cape with LK's family for an overnight "camping" trip. camping in a house. it was fun. the space is very nice. we had 2 fires. i love fire. the pond looked very scummy and cold, but i suspect it will be much more clear and warm in august for the big overnight weekend, i look forward to swimming then. they also had an outdoor shower. i love those!!!

we had many good conversations around the campfire, my favorite was the birth control/diaphram one. i'm always interested in birth control stories. i couldn't help but feel bad for LK's dad. he is so outnumbered and noone lets him forget it! he did take us out to dinner at tomatoes in s'wich which was VERY nice. i also see why LK is so partial to the south shore, her parents cater to her like crazy... i'd prob go home once or twice a week too if i was treated like a celebrity. :)

today was a meeting at work with pizza. woo who. love the pizza.

tonight i am going to try to get some new tires, i think i only really need 3. but dad laughed at the idea of me getting 3, so i'll see abt getting 4. but that's gonna cost like $400. shiiiit. maybe i'll keep the not so bad tire and get a rim from the junkyard on 95 for it and have a full sized spare.

i sold 2 of my 4 items on ebay. so i made $17.77 total. we'll see what it costs to ship, and what the ebay fee is when i'm done. ebay is so fun! i'll have to post more stuff.

Friday, June 17, 2005

working from home

hello, i am working from home today! yay! i am supposed to get my car back. i can't wait.

last night we had a thunderstorm, and i think it fried my router. i couldn't for the life of me get it to work again, and i think my video card finally bit the dust on my desktop.

also the projection clock i have is projecting F:FF, and the bathroom outlet is not working either. damn.

arrested development is such a good show.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

i love lady bugs!

especially when they are in my burger! they are good luck right? even if you eat them?

this was my lunch today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

morbid tuesday link

on top of the stifling heat, the choking humidity and the fake happiness of disney world, here is another reason not to go!

Monday, June 13, 2005

girls weekend poll

hey there, LK and i were discussing a "girls weekend" this weekend after her wicked exciting trip to chicago.

we were tossing around ideas and dates, and i wanted to poll the "audience" and see where you girls would be interested in joining LK and i should we plan a girls trip.

some of the places we threw out there were, Chicago, ireland, vegas, florida (i am not a fan of florida, but i've never been to miami!)

and some of the dates that came up were "feb break" (but i am turning 30 this year at feb break...) or other "off school" times so that hope could come.

so please respond to this post via the "comment" board and maybe we can get a consensus going...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

morbid monday links

what the f is this? people are so awesome!


so this is how the weekend has gone so far.

friday i watched the notebook and part of harry potter, prizoner of azkaban. then i went to bed at aroun 1230. i was supposed to give LK a ride home from the airport at 830. her flight was delayed. she didn't land till 11 something.

saturday i woke up at 1130 and watched the rest of harry potter while i cleaned up a little for the party. jen stopped by and dropped off her poker chips for the party. then LK calls. she had a hair appointment at 1, it was 145, she was on the leverett connector. her car had died. but, luckily some russian/mexican guys helped her get it started again...

so after the hair appt, LK and i went to the groc store and then to the home depot to look for an AC. no ac's under $400. so we went to target. well, apparently the car didn't want to go. it died in the parking lot on the way there. so we had to call AAA. it was 730. we had o be home for our party at 8.

the tow truck guy got there at 820. we had him tow us to our neighborhood so we could unload our groceries, 4 or so part goers were already at the house, waiting outside for us.

i had fun at the party. i didn't drink. the average span of time the party goers stayed was 2 hours. and the average activity was laying down. :) apparently the heat got to everyone.

i played poker, and lost to mike/jen. later jim and his friend katie came over. they were fun. we all headed out to the bar for some excitement.

i've been watching the first season of arrested development. sooo funny, plus i love all the characters in the show. they're all my favorites! highly recommended.

LK just called another tow truck to take her car to weymouth. good times.

i'm gonna need a ride home from work tomorrow.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

good news and bad news

so, i called my body shop again today. the car is in the mechanics department. the new transmission is coming in tomorrow, and the car will be put back together and sent back to the body part by monday afternoon. so after all this i need a new transmission. i think i needed one before this whole thing started, so i'm kinda glad, but it also kinda sucks that i have no ride now that the rental has expired.

speaking of the rental, no mention of the license plate hole in the bumper. woo who!

last night LK and i hung all our wall decorations. i figured out a better way to hang my 3-piece self portrait. i'm using an L-bracket. i don’t know why i never thought of this before....

we are gearing up for our party on saturday. no idea where everyone is going to fit, but it'll be good fun.

i am also getting "the notebook" today hopefully. i heard its very sad.. emily highly recommended it to me. i love sad movies!

Monday, June 06, 2005

moving cubes again!

so.. here at work i am moving cubes again.. this time i am moving out of my big tall cube to a small office with another coworker, then we will be moved back to a smaller shorter cube. :(. i will be sharing one with blair though when we do move back. fun fun!

this weekend was another harpoonfest for the record books. there was a too small shirt, a lost cell phone, a sleepover guest, an abandoned car and red vomit! wooo who! and i left my camera in lees pocket and he took it home with him accidentally. good times. i am thinking at this time i might be retiring from harpoonfests... i have gone to quite a few and while i have enjoyed myself greatly at each one, i think i am getting too old.

i watched the bourne identity and bourne supremacy yesterday. good movies. identity was better then supremacy, but both were pretty good. i also went through a few boxes of crap, and set a couple bins aside for transportation home to syracuse, and have found a bunch of stuff that i think i can sell on e-bay. woo who.

this saturday we are going to have a small party (mainly because apparently 4 days isn't enough notice for people).

my car is still not ready, and won't be ready by wednesday when my rental car is up. i think i might take it somewhere else when it breaks down again.. fantasias is way too slow.

Friday, June 03, 2005

car update

ugh. i heard from my ins agency today. he said that he was just out at the shop and there appears to be clutch damage. so it'll be 3 days before they can get in there and see what the damage is and get him back out there. my rental car ends on tuesday i think. i will have had it for my max of 30 days.

so far the damage is 4, 693.08. of which i will need to pay 360.53.

and i will need to tart catching rides with my favorite roommate. :)

this isn't all bad though, cause i think the clutch needed some attention before this whole accident.

this weekend is harpoonfest. its going to be so much fun. lots of people i know are going. wooot!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


wooo who. finally my comcast email address has been shut off. yay!!! no more spam!

so if you try to write me at the comcast address it won't get thru. write me at my brownshu address. or my work address.

so my "date" last night to watch born into brothels was quashed when i had to work till 730. we switched up the plans and jon-boy took the bus to the bar near my house called ole mcGouns saloon. i met him there a little after 8. the bar is pretty nice. tables, high top tables, food, nice wood furnishings, irish bartender, internet jukebox, 2 high def televisions, coat hooks, food, walking distance to my house... all a girl could ask for..

i decided that i just am not feeling it for jon, and i need to tell him. i think i'll write him an email today. he brought his backpack again last night. and said something abt a change of clothes in his backpack, and i was like, why do you have a change of clothes? you bring a change of clothes with you to work? he's like yeah.... so strange..