Thursday, July 31, 2008

finally. august is less than 24 hours away.

is it just me or has july seemed eternally long? i've been wanting to change my calendar for at least 7 work days now.

this weekend is shaping up... i have plans for sat during the day, and sat during the night. then sunday i will drive down and celebrate my dads 60th b-day at the campground where everyone has gathered for the week.

this next week will be glorious!! i will have the house to myself... roommate free for 6-7 days! ahhhhh. the joy! i can't wait.

we have this group that goes door to door soliciting money called NYPIRG. cath gave them money one year so they have her number and come each summer without fail. cath has been dodging this cute hippy kid that keeps coming to the door for years now. yesterday it was especially bad. i was at my desk, like usual... and saw a kid on a bike in a purple shirt across the street and didn't put two and two together till he knocked on the door and the dogs went nuts. this was also caths cue to JUMP up off the couch (in plain sight of this guy mind you) and scream to me from the living room "I'm not here!". so i had to go to the door and tell him that cath was not interested.. if anyone wonders where i get the "door knocking/bell ringing phobia" take this as exhibit A. i wish i had it on tape though. it was high comedy, i've never seen cath move so fast... i don't know why she wouldn't just tell this kid she wasn't interested herself.

right before bed i saw that jason mulgrew has ended his blog silence and posted like 6 entries. this is the one that i found most amusing.. i'm delighted he's back. i love his writing.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

upcoming movies to see

pineapple express opens next wednesday the 6th
looking forward to this.. i like seth rogan. and.. of course, bill hader is in it too. god i'm looking forward to SNL starting up again.

step brother already open
i am not sure this is worth seeing.. but it would be worth sneaking into from another movie i want to see afterwards. :)

tropic thunder opens wednesday the 13th
for obvious reasons.. but ben stiller overacts and it annoys me...i hope that doesn't ruin it for me.

PE and TT both say they are released on a wednesday... i wonder if that is when they will actually be in theaters, or if that is the "premiere" date...

if anyone would like to see these movies with me, float an email my way.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

fun fun times.

this weekend i had two visitors from MA. it was a great time. we got the party started right away at a couple of local east syracuse places. it was nice having some new people take some of the heat off my wearing a red sox shirt.

we went to a beach on lake ontario, witnessed some crazy rain storms, drank a LOT, danced a little, watched a little music, played a litle darts, drank more and ate some bagels. not necessarily in that order.

here are the photos.

the ladies...


Thursday, July 24, 2008

i put a call out to the universe. :)

for a while now i have felt very in flux.. to a point i still do.. but since i've really admitted to myself and the blog that i am confused and need some help i have been getting subtle cues from the universe.

first i stumbled upon the psychic podcast by steve and erin pavlina.. when i made a decision to give seeing a psychic a try, a local psychic just so happened to be at the station and offering discounted reading passes..

then i talked and emailed with some of my more spiritual blog readers and decided to give the "god" route a try..

i've been putting all kinds of requests out to the universe and am feeling like i am seeing some returns... it's all very quick, and exciting...

but i also went ahead and made that psychic appointment. it was today. she told me all sorts of things, here are the highlights..

the first thing she said was that in the next few days i would be much like a child banging on a piano.. i will have some news to deliver, but noone will want to hear it and i should use this advice as a warning, and try to think of a better way to deliver it..

she also sensed that i was in a tough transition period, and that it was hard, but i should stick it out and it will pay off in mid to late august. august also happens to be my half birthday. she said to avoid making decisions right now because they would be made in emotion, and decisions made in emotion are not generally sound.

she said she also sees change coming for me in october.

she sees job change first, followed by address change and then romance, romance maybe next year.

however she said there are 2 romances that might happen by the end of the year, and both men will be at a settling down point. (i'm skeptical of this...)

she thinks i should be able to have children well into my 40s, but she sees me having 2 children before i leave my 30s, one might not necessarily be mine, but my future husbands. she thinks they will be very close in age, but not twins. she thinks that once i do meet someone that marriage and children will come rather quickly, and i should get ahead of myself and put the cart before the horse.. (i wonder if she was suggesting that i might get pregnant first?)

she said i am an old soul and have many many soul mates out there, and soul mates are not just romantic.. family and good friends are usually soul mates.. she said i am also very motherly, a born leader and teacher. oh she also said that i would be very good at owning/taking care of pets.. (i almost laughed out loud at this..)

she said that the pain in my foot could be left over from previous lives, and many times, injuries are sent to us as a way to get our attention and that typically when we have learned the lesson that needs to be learned the pain goes away. she sited 2 past lives where i've injured my foot..

when i asked her if i will be moving back to MA she said that she doesn't see me back in MA. and she thinks i might be 2nd guessing leaving and thinking about returning because i'm in a painful transition and my time in MA was comfortable, and if i did move back there i would quickly be reminded why i wanted to leave in the first place. she did say however that i should not rule out moving and she was seeing more like NJ, or NC, somewhere coastal.

she said if i wanted to make a physical change that it would be well received, she sited hair color change and that would also compliment my transition into the new me.

she thinks by this time next year she will not recognize me if i came back to visit her, i will have changed into the new me.

she also wanted to know if i had any vacation plans for the near future because vacationing at times of transition help us expidite change..

so.. stay tuned. i'm on my way... lol :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

vacation recap

so i am back from my jaunt to the west coast. it was much needed and terribly relaxing and fun. the kellys are the most gracious hosts and their accommodations were top notch. my bedroom was en suite, and there were chocolates on my pillow!

i only took an outdoor photo of their new house because they are in the process of moving in and most everything is in boxes.

my experience with first class was pretty great. the trip west was at night, so i had a vodka cranberry and a glass of wine. i think anything more would have made me fall asleep. they came around with trays of snacks and we got a hot or cold meal, and hot towels, and our own bathroom..and of course bigger leather seats. that was really the best part.

on the way home i had a warm or cold breakfast, and i skipped the alcohol. looking back i should have had a bloody mary.

upon landing in philidelphia i was met by E&AH waiting to whisk me away to dinner during my 2+ hour layover, it was such a surprise.

i took so many photos they really tell the story..

here are the photos from the 2nd day.. we went on a boat tour of the harbor, back to pikes market, and out to dinner at the impromptu wine bar.

here are the photos from the 3rd day.. this was the ballpark mostly.

i am really surprised and delighted that with all the walking i did this weekend i am having very little ill effects from my heel. bonus!!!


here are the 1st 150 or so pictures..

i have many more to post, hopefully i will get to them tonight.

Monday, July 21, 2008

quick random thoughts from the road

I know I just posted but I had to write once more. I am currently on a park and ride from Redmond, WA to the stadium and this bus has wifi. WTF! This is my kind of town! Now if it just had plugs and iPod chargers ( fat chance out here in microsoft country).

I must say I have never felt so much like the fattest girl alive than I do out here. These people are crazy fit. There is so much exercising going on its sickening. :) ive seen more than one person walking around with a backpack that has a hydration system. Just walking around town, like its normal. They have bike lanes that you can take all the way from Redmond to Seattle. That's at least 30 minutes by car!

:) but seriously, its great out here and just what my soul needed!

reporting live from Seattle

I'm in Duvall right now on a bench outside a coffee shop waiting for stacey to finish her PT appointment. Seattle is everything I dreamt it would be and more. Its absolutely gorgeous. There is green all around and water by the lake fulls.

S&Js house is adorable and so nice. My first day here we stopped for a tour of some if the microsoft buildings on our way into town, very interesting place, I was thrilled to have been able to have seen it. I took some souvenirs, you'll see them in the photos.

We went to see the dark knight and I don't know about you guys but it was crazy packed, and it wasn't even opening night. I liked the movie but thought it was insanely dark and even frightening at times. Heath was as good as everyone was saying though I thought. I'm still liking iron man more though.

Yesterday we did a harbor cruise and i took millions of pics. I think I have somewhere in the 300s of pics by now.

I haven't seen as many red sox fans here as I imagined I would. Weve seen a handful buy usually these away virore are just dripping with red sox nation.

We've been to pikes market a couple of times now and its so cute and bustling and has incredible opportunities for gorgeous pictures. Ive copied the GFG and taken some nice produce pictures.

Speaking of GFG we went to the impromptu cafe yesterday for dinner and our stomachs and tastebuds were delighted. The food was spectacular. We both got the beef medallions, it came with creamy polenta. We also shared a cheese plate. So delicious.

When stacey is done with her appt we are going to head into Seattle again and go to the stadium. I am interested in seeing what kinds of exotic ballpark food safeco will have. I talked to Cath today and she told me the sox were just swept by the angels. What what what! I hope they font lose to the last place mariners today.

Friday, July 18, 2008

emily is 30!

breaking news! emily turns 30 today..

in honor of that i threw together a few pictures of her through the years..

happy birthday emily..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

whoa. lots going on!

this morning i finally sent my dvd jacket out to the Aceman so that he could sign it for me. :) i will be delighted when it arrives back in my mailbox. i hope he calls me babydoll. :)

i need to call SK to chat about this friday! i am planning on only taking a carryon so i don't lose my luggage.. i'm overdue to lose my luggage, so i am not taking any chances.

cath just emailed me to say that the neighbor who is having retaining wall work done in her backyard just had the digger her construction people have parked on the lawn sink into her septic system. ruh row.. of course mike didn't get any pictures. wtf..

i'm making an appt to meet with the psychic next week. yay!

Monday, July 14, 2008

trip down memory lane... the photo edition

okay, here are all the photos i could find that matched up with my last stories... and a few more, just cause i couldn't resist. ;)

this is "smashings". we made out. a couple of times.

i couldn't find any pics from the smashing pumpkins concert.. i must not have taken any..

i used to shave my head up to my temples.. and dye it all kinds of colors.. i used to have a sign on our dorm room door offering free head shavings.. wFischer took me up one time.. i don't think he ever came back.

wfischer and his partial haircut

this is the only pic i could find of my tongue piercing.. i know, not a flattering picture..

alright, these next photos i couldn't help but scan.

this is sean.. he is the one that started calling me brown shoes in college and it eventually led to my handle, brownshu. i feel like i have answered this questions a million times. here is a face to the story.

i love this pic. i took it on april 20th of '96 on the 9th floor of onondaga.. which i believe was livingstons last year.. this was the year i tried my damnest to get her to pull the fire alarm... what were they going to do? expel her?! she never pulled the alarm. :(

i love this picture... it was taken in july of '94.

i looked through all my photo albums for these pics... i really should scan all my photos and have them electronically.. there are so many good ones.

if anyone has any requests, send them my way.. i will be glad to post more pics.. i think maybe i will do a MV pre-wedding edition. :) she was a kissing bandit!

oh smashing pumpkins, how i love thee...

i know this is completely random, and i probably should say "billy corgan" how i love thee, but anyway..

this morning i was listening to TACS per usual when Teresa brought up courtney loves recent blog entry calling out billy corgan.. that set me off on a BC/SP tangent.. i have so many great memories tied into SP songs.. one of the first boys i kissed in college we had nicknamed "smashing" because of his similarity to billy corgan, that hookup ironically became the catalyst for a YEARS long feud between me and Bree.. the details of which i won't get into, but looking back now it was so silly..

the 2nd best concerts i've ever been to, (and i've actually been to MANY concerts now that i think of it) was SP's syracuse stop on the "melon collie and infinite sadness" tour.. SBH and i went and got our dance on.. after the concert we followed the tour bus up to the Sheraton where the band was staying and watched billy and his wife check in, tee heeing from the doors to the lobby with all the other fan boys and girls.. :) it was very exciting.. i couldn't have been older than 19 and SB was prob 15 at the time... great times.. i remember wanting a long sleeved ZERO t-shirt so badly.. i remember also thinking that it would be a good idea to tattoo a spider into my scalp about an inch above my ear.. i was shaving half of my head at the time to offset the thickness of my mane. good thing that tattoo inkling passed me by. :) i believe this was about the same time that SB and i pierced our tongues in a high school classmates bedroom.. he was a piercing apprentice... our tongues were so infected by the time my parents came home from that holiday weekend that we could not speak normally and cath knew right away that we had pierced our tongues.. i thought she was going to kill us.. luckily she just yelled at us and marched us out to "tell your father what you did"... luckily he just said "good!".... i had that piercing about 10 years... sometimes i wish i still did.. somedays i am almost motivated to re-pierce it.. i still have the hardware..

maybe i will look up in my photo albums and see if i can find some of my pictures of these events... and scan/post them...

that concludes my trip down memory lane. as you were!

rochester weekend..

we went to rochester this weekend to see S&Js new place in webster, and of course to see baby teags. i am happy to report she is smiling and even laughing a little.. she is still very quiet and content though.

we were able to witness a cereal feeding and i took a little video.. check that out below..

their apt is much bigger than i thought it was going to be. it's cute.. i included some pics in this album

this weekend involved the phone quite a bit for me.. i spoke to LK and HEKD in 3 separate phone calls.. and i am not joking, those three calls must have totalled 6-7 hours. :) whoa.. then i was "called" about 3 times this weekend alone for work. good thing i was around.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

flying "first class" up in the sky!

so i finally did what i have been intending to do since january.. i used 30K of my 54K frequent flyer miles (that i can't seem to use ever) to upgrade 2 legs of my flights of my seattle trip to first class. the guy excitedly claimed that i got the last 1st class seat on each of the longer legs... i'm so glad i didn't wait till i checked in to try to upgrade.

i've never flown first class.. but i love to hear adam carolla complain about it on his radio show.. my favorite story being the time he and dr drew were going to be on the jenny jones show and they promised him a first class ticket, but when he got there it was a coach seat, so he turned around to leave the airport. :) looove..


i received an email yesterday announcing the re-opening of the movie theater near my house this friday.. it's been recently done over to have 9 or 10 stadium seating theaters.. the gimmick they are using to get people to check it out is they are giving away free popcorn this whole weekend. so, i think that i will be seeing Hellboy. unless someone can confirm to me that james mcavoy speaks with an accent in Wanted.

thank you all for your suggestions about seeing a psychic.. the woman i want to meet with is very expensive (like 3-4 hundred dollars a session). there, so conveniently, is a woman coming on a show here at the station tomorrow and offering a deal where 2 people can have a 15 minute session for $25. so i think i will go that route first.. while she is not my first choice, she's more in my price range. i also plan to talk to MK tonight who sounds to be a psychic junkie. :) lol...

i will be having a visitor in a couple of weeks. woot! KT is coming out to see me and hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to go to the beach that is only accessible by boat.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

treading water....

sadly, i have that dreaded feeling like i am treading water again. :( i wish i knew what direction to go to in my life.. i thought that being "back home" was where i needed to be and that i would feel like i belonged when i got home.. and while it did feel okay at first, i am losing that feeling. :(

recently steve pavlina and his wife erin had a podcast about her line of work (psychic).. it's a very lengthy podcast (90minutes) and i am starting to think that maybe i would benefit from scheduling a reading with her. i am sure that there are skeptics among my readers, and that is fine.. i've never had a reading of any sorts and might even consider myself somewhat skeptical myself.

but i want to know if anyone has seen a psychic and if so, how did it work for you?

i also am thinking that if i do this, i will want to record the 30 minute session, does anyone have any ideas about how i could record a 30 min phone call?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

nothing to do....

it's tuesday and so far i have no plans for this weekend really.. there is a beerfest this weekend, but KW will be out of town, i can't think off hand of anyone else that would want to attend that with me (read: anyone reading this that wants to go contact me). i was thinking about how i haven't seen a movie in the theater since "you don't mess with the zohan"... i'm way overdue, but there are not that many movies out there that are compelling me to go... this weekend Hellboy II comes out. i would see that i guess.. i've been hearing good things about Wall-E.... and i do like that james mcavoy... so i guess i could go see Wanted, but i really don't like angelina jolie... if james mcavoy doesn't speak in his scottish accent, the anti-angelina factor outweighs the mcavoy factor.. such a quandry...

what would you do?

the dark knight comes out the day i go to seattle.... maybe S&J will want to see it. :)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

PA visit is a wrap.

so we are back from celebrating the birth of our nation in PA. it was such a relaxing time. i got great sleep and didn't hear the baby crying in the night really at all. we didn't go to a fireworks celebration like we thought we would, it got too late, and pizza and wings sounded better than taking 2 cars in the rain to some field somewhere. carolyn and al came to visit on saturday and carolyn told us stories of her retirement and i got the feeling she doesn't do anything.. this is what i learned. she sends her quilts out to be "finished"... she doesn't pump her own gas, doesn't even know how she says... she doesn't drive more than 50 miles in a month... she DID make some gooood chocolate chip cookies though. (at least she said they she made them)

audrey is so little.. she's funny though how she LOVES to be held. if she is crying, all you really need to do is hold her and she passes right out. we took a million photos of her. i tried to pair them down, but i think there are still about 70 out of 98 photos in this album.. so if you have an aversion to other peoples kids, i'd skip this album...

i came the sad realization that if i want to drink beer, i need to take this special capsule.... :( i think maybe its the carbonation in the beer... whatever it is, i'm sad... i love beer. :(

i can't think off hand the next time i am going to need to drive somewhere for a weekend, and it's such a great feeling! in a couple of weeks i go to seattle though.. i am really looking forward to that.. what i am really really looking forward to is not needing to bring a laptop with me because i have this ipod touch. it's seriously one of my all time favorite gifts... have i mentioned that before?

we are watching the red sox/yankees game.. it was looking good for the sox for a while, but now the wheels look like they are coming off the cart.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

caguarna visits

aunt Carolyn and Al came to see the baby today. Carolyn brought chocolate chip cookies that are very delicious. I learned that she sends her quilts away to be "finished". Hmmph I thought they were handmade... I have a feeling they are "hand" ordered from china.

Miraculously we are getting the red sox/Yankees game on fox. One of the first games I have seen all year.

Friday, July 04, 2008

playlist you don't want to listen to with your dad

i think my ipod was playing these suggestive songs on purpose on my 4 hour trip down to E&Rs house thursday night. Normally i wouldn't mind, but i was traveling with just my dad. either i have a highly sexual "favorite" playlist, or my ipod was f'ing with me..

here are some songs you might think twice about playing when you are trapped in a car for 4 hours with your dad..

1. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy (big and rich).. sample lyrics ..."I'm a thorough-bred that's what she said in the back of my truck bed....And I was going, just about as far as she'd let me go."

2. Kiss - (prince)... sample lyrics... "U don't have 2 be beautiful 2 turn me on
I just need your body, baby, from dusk till dawn"

3. Private Dancer (tina turner)... sample lyrics... "Ill do what you want me to do Im your private dancer A dancer money"

4. Adam Carolla breaking down some of Gary Pucketts songs, Young Girl and Lady Willpower. sample lyrics... "Beneath your perfume and make-up You're just a baby in disguise And though you know That it is wrong to be Alone with me That come on look is in your eyes" and "I know you want to see me but you're afraid
Of what I might have on my mind". i don't really think gary puckett songs are appropriate to listen to in the company of anyone really if you really listen to what he is saying.

5. Faith - (george michael)... sample lyrics "Well I guess it would be nice If I could touch your body I know not everybody Has got a body like you"

Thursday, July 03, 2008

free pizza..

what a pleasant surprise, this morning i had a message touting free pizza and salad for lunch today. :) i am afraid that this is going to be in place of "leave early". :( not looking good on that front.

trivia was no so good yesterday.. we lost. the last question was incredibly hard. we got 3/10 right. oh well, it was fun to see the Ws again. and bon jovi recognized us... :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

trivia, siding, in dreams and the last party

trivia is ON tomorrow.. me and mike and KW and her roommates are going to go. we haven't been in a million years. i've spent a bunch of time tonight loading up the ipod with pics of the babies to show the Ws.

all this month my roommates have been having their roof and the left side of their house reshingled. it seems as though they work like 1 day on 8 days off. its the slowest process i've ever witnessed.. but today when i came home i saw that they too all the shingles off, and are starting to reshingle. here are the pics.. it looks as though there was a window or maybe a door that has been shingled over... and they shingled over old siding... very interesting.

i saw "in dreams" tonight.. an RDJ movie. sucked!!!!! don't go see it. it was supposed ot be a horror story, but please! it mainly featured annette benning. she was horrible.. and RDJ was in it for about 20 minutes at the end, and this is the first movie i've seen where i really didn't enjoy his acting.

on the other hand, i saw "the last party" yesterday. that was worth seeing.. lots of personal stories interjected in RDJs documentary about the DNC and RNC and the election that made bill clinton president.