Sunday, July 06, 2008

PA visit is a wrap.

so we are back from celebrating the birth of our nation in PA. it was such a relaxing time. i got great sleep and didn't hear the baby crying in the night really at all. we didn't go to a fireworks celebration like we thought we would, it got too late, and pizza and wings sounded better than taking 2 cars in the rain to some field somewhere. carolyn and al came to visit on saturday and carolyn told us stories of her retirement and i got the feeling she doesn't do anything.. this is what i learned. she sends her quilts out to be "finished"... she doesn't pump her own gas, doesn't even know how she says... she doesn't drive more than 50 miles in a month... she DID make some gooood chocolate chip cookies though. (at least she said they she made them)

audrey is so little.. she's funny though how she LOVES to be held. if she is crying, all you really need to do is hold her and she passes right out. we took a million photos of her. i tried to pair them down, but i think there are still about 70 out of 98 photos in this album.. so if you have an aversion to other peoples kids, i'd skip this album...

i came the sad realization that if i want to drink beer, i need to take this special capsule.... :( i think maybe its the carbonation in the beer... whatever it is, i'm sad... i love beer. :(

i can't think off hand the next time i am going to need to drive somewhere for a weekend, and it's such a great feeling! in a couple of weeks i go to seattle though.. i am really looking forward to that.. what i am really really looking forward to is not needing to bring a laptop with me because i have this ipod touch. it's seriously one of my all time favorite gifts... have i mentioned that before?

we are watching the red sox/yankees game.. it was looking good for the sox for a while, but now the wheels look like they are coming off the cart.